If there was ever a good time to invest in a parcel dropbox, it is now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the need for a sharper focus on health and safety. Social distancing and avoidance of crowded public places are critical steps.  

Imagine a mother having to go with the kids to pick a parcel at the post office drop box. With more than one child in tow, it can be difficult to contain them. How will she, for instance, keep them from touching surfaces. 

Maintaining the six feet distance will be another challenge. Such exposure can lead to the whole family contracting the dreaded disease.  

A home delivery parcel dropbox has so many advantages. The most obvious is the convenience of contactless deliveries. You can adhere to the social distancing calls but continue to shop as usual. 

But, do take note of how to handle home deliveries to avoid getting the virus. You should, for instance, let the package sit for up to 24 hours before touching it. Remove outer packaging and dispose of them. And, wash your hands thoroughly after touching the items.  

Investing in a secure lockable parcel delivery box ensures safety for your items. It does not matter whether anyone is home or not when the courier comes around. Once the item is in the delivery box, only you can access it using the lockbox key or combination.  

There is no shortage of parcel drop box suppliers or vendors. It can get rather confusing in choosing one. But, there are some considerations you must have in mind. So what are they?  


The first consideration when choosing the right parcel dropbox is by looking at the security features. As we mentioned, there are many delivery box options available.  

But, a strong selling point or differentiator is how they secure or assure the safety of your deliveries. At the very minimum, you want a lockable delivery box.  

Look for the type that uses the cantilever system. Once the item is in the parcel box, there is no way to get it out. The neighborhood burglar will have no luck using the entryway to access your purchases.   

Another key security feature is the material that makes up the body of the parcel drop box. You want sturdy, durable, and hard to breach. Do your part in making the burglars work a little bit harder. Heavy metal delivery boxes are a good option.  


Since the delivery box stays outside it is prone to the effects of the elements. Metal rusts, depending on the moisture levels. Wood will rot due to the same reason. 

Delivery box manufacturers apply anti-weather material to weatherproof the boxes. Ensure critical parts like seals have the relevant protection. You want to avoid having to replace the box within a short period.  


Do take note of how easy it is to install the parcel dropbox. Some are pretty simple, and with a few tools, you can have them mounted. Carefully read the instruction manuals to avoid any mistakes.  

If you think it will be a challenge, ask for expert help. The vendors or manufacturers should have no problem availing someone from their team to help you.  
Improper installation can reduce the safety of the delivery box. If, for example, you do not securely mount it, the thief can carry the box. 


There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to parcel delivery boxes. You are in the best position to determine what will work well for you.  

Look at what you typically buy as a guideline. If you stick to smaller purchases, there is no need for a large parcel dropbox.  

Heavy parcel delivery boxes work well for multiple packages. They are also fantastic if you share the home with others who receive items.   


You can place the parcel drop box almost anywhere outside of the home. Some favorite spots include driveways, front porch, garden, or gate posts. That means it is visible to anyone who visits. 

So, do look for an attractive design to add to the beauty of your outdoor space. There are many variations of colors and designs.  

Apply some creativity with a simple DIY painting job. It allows you to blend in the delivery box with your existing outdoor decor.  

You also have options with mounting or installation. You can go for those that you place on the wall, above the ground. Such are ideal for smaller parcels. 

The other option is the floor-mounted parcel delivery boxes. They can accommodate larger packages, and give more flexibility with placement. 

You could have it in the driveway, garden, or anywhere you choose. This is unlike wall-mounted options that require, well, a wall. But, again it comes down to your preference.  


Look out for available lockbox technologies.  Smart lockboxes, for instance, are becoming quite popular. Such will send notifications once the delivery man scans the barcode. 

You can set it up to send the alert to your mobile or other internet or Bluetooth-connected devices. Such allow for Integration with smart home technologies. You can lock, unlock or share access to the box using virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. 

They also allow for custom configurations depending on what you need. Other features include live streaming videos, sound recording, and motion sensors. This helps improve the safety of your deliveries.  


Enhance your safety during this pandemic period with a home delivery parcel dropbox. You avoid unnecessary exposure by having to make trips to the designated drop-off points. 

The right parcel delivery box comes down to what you need and your preference. But, do check out the security features the manufacturers offer.

Also, pay attention to the material of the parcel delivery box. It should be strong, durable, and weatherproof. Determine the best size depending on what you typically buy.  

Think about the installation as well. Do you want to mount it or have it on the floor? Whichever you choose should be convenient for you and the delivery. It should also be secure enough to make it hard for the local burglar to make away with the whole box

Guest Contributor: Daniel Martin

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