WOW 6 months of planning one of THE BEST company Christmas parties we’ve ever thrown

Thank you very much to all our employees, subcontractors, customers, and friends, who joined us on Saturday. What an AMAZING night

I couldn’t have done all of this without Tiffany Powell!!

We really appreciate you Tiffany, thank you very much.

D’s Flowers & Events for all the beautiful and custom decorations. I know I’m a pain in the butt, but we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to Sambrazilian for providing us with the most beautiful and sweetest Vegas Show Girls

We had the honor of having The Andy Sutton Band once again. I swear, you guys keep hitting it out of the ball park. Thank you for my very own Frank Sinatra

Thank you to Casino Party Planners for bringing Vegas to Tinley Park. What a great time!

Thank you to Raphael Entertainment for providing us with aerialists, a magician & our very own juggler

Thank you Clint Paraday for hooking us up with a 1963 Impala low rider for everyone to appreciate.

Lastly, Mary at The Odyssey for helping us throw THE BEST Christmas party ever!! Chef Josh did such a wonderful job on the food and signature cocktails.

Thank you Adam Narug for making sure everything went smoothly.

Congratulations to all our winners, I hope you enjoy your gift certificates, and prizes!

Thank you for bringing my vision to life.

…….until next year’s Christmas party!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everybody knows this, Christmas time each year is always the best. One of the best things to do is getting festive by decorating your house and a Christmas tree! There are so many ways you can decorate, and there’s no right or wrong way, which is even better. We put together our favorite decorated Christmas trees to give others some inspiration when it’s time to decorate yours! Happy Holidays!!

Everybody knows the Grinch, what better way to celebrate Christmas than incorporating him into your Christmas tree? Maybe he’ll help your heart grow 3 sizes too!

Want to stick to a theme when it comes to decorating the tree? Red, silver and white are all aesthetically pleasing! Candy cane colors all over the tree, it’s definitely festive!

One of the newer trends is to decorate your Christmas tree with RIBBONS!! This type of trend is so cute and versatile. You can add patterns like the polka dots, the plaid, or just colored ribbons and pack the tree full of it. It always makes the tree look super decorated and cute.

Not wanting to jam pack your tree with decorations? You don’t need a ton of decorations to make your Christmas tree look good, simple ornaments also stand out when you have a color scheme for the tree. Simple, yet very elegant looking.

Black is making it’s way back to Christmas! More recent trends include black decoration for Christmas, and it’s super cute! With this color schemed tree, the black POPS and makes the other colors POP too!!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Whether you get snow or not, make the Christmas tree white! Not all trees have to be green to be beautiful. This white tree included pops of gold ornaments, and looks stunning!

Are you trying to stay minimalist? This is a perfect example of how to stay minimalist and simple, and let the tree stick out with the ornaments. This tree proves you don’t need all the fancy decorations to have a beautiful tree.

Another beautiful tree covered in ribbons!

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your tree. Feel free to branch out and do what you want, it’s your choice!!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell


Let’s face it, drains can get clogged from time to time. Anything from hair to loose jewelry, or even just a build-up of grime can cause clogs to a drain, and add yet another task to your already long list of things to do. Many of us turn to the quick and cheap solution – Chemical Drain Cleaners.

What Exactly Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

These liquid drain cleaners can be found at almost all home improvement stores, super markets, and a variety of other places. Either chemical-based, consisting of harmful acids, or enzyme-based, made up of fighting bacteria, these cleaners are dangerous and destructive. Next time you reach for a bottle of the stuff advertised as “Quick and Powerful for the Worst Clogs,” be mindful of the potential damage you could be causing. 

So, do plumbers recommend using Chemical Drain Cleaners?

The short answer… Definitely not! If you’re reading this it’s most likely that you’re experiencing a blockage in your shower, sink, or tub drain. Instead of grabbing the nearest bottle of chemical cleaner, call your local plumber instead. It’s the smart thing to do, trust us. Attempting to fix your drain will only make matters worse rather than fixing the problem. Chemical cleaners aren’t strong enough to clear the toughest clogs, and usually only get to a portion of whatever is causing the clog. To add to their inefficiency of unclearing pipes, they also tend to destroy everything they come in contact with. Chemical cleaners are made up of strong acids and bases that, when ran through your drain, can damage the material of the piping itself, eventually causing major leaks, and major repairs costing you precious time and money. 

Alright, what should I do to unclog my drain then?

Your best bet is to contact your local plumber. Plumbers deal with clogs on a daily basis. They have valuable experience and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem. A plumber will also use the latest tools and techniques to ensure the integrity of your home piping system while making sure your clog is gone. 

Here Are Some Alternative Ways to Clear Your Drain

Chemical drain cleaners don’t work very well like you think they should. They’re not only toxic, to your pipes, but also to the environment. When contacting a plumber to clear your next drain, here is a list compiled from Logan Plumbing Co. of some common tools you might expect them to use as an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners:

–        Drain Snakes – Also known as an “auger,” a drain snake works by dislodges and pushes the clog through the pipe. It works best on any kitchen, bathroom, or floor drains.

–        Plungers – If you’ve had any sort of clog, you’re familiar with a plunger. Plumbers use a wide variety of plungers for every size, type, and configuration of drain. If you’re unsure you have the right plunger at home, it’s best to contact a plumber who knows the right plunger for the job. 

–        Water or Gas-Powered Cleaners – Cleaners such as these are usually costly equipment that most plumbers own to ensure the clearing of any clog. The term hydro-jetting refers to blasting water through pipes using these machines to unclog your drain. 

Now You Know

Hopefully by now you understand that chemical cleaners are frowned upon by professionals in the plumbing industry. Although they may seem like cheap and quick solutions, they can cause some serious problems in the long run, not to mention they are harmful to the health of you, your family, and the environment. Save yourself time, money, and stress, by skipping the store-bought cleaners and getting help from an expert plumber. 

Contact A Plumber

If you’re still skeptical, read more here about how chemical cleaners can damage your drains. Our years of industry experience mean we’ve seen and treated all sorts of clogged drains and know the best solutions for you! 

 Guest Contributor: Alec Bolingbroke


It’s safe to say that heating and air conditioning systems need modernization, restoration, and overhauling over time. You may even find yourself wanting a brand-new system as the years go by. Heating and cooling systems can be very complex. Installations consistently require working with drains, water lines, sheet metal and open flames inside your home. HVAC technicians require skills in a variety of fields such as carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, and metalwork. It’s crucial to find the right HVAC expert, and luckily, it’s not as complex to find them. It’s easy to have a great experience when installing a new heating and cooling system when you know what to look for in a reputable HVAC company. Here is a list of things to be mindful of when choosing the next HVAC company to do your job right the first time. 

First, look for an experienced company. Any skill, especially HVAC repair in your specific area, can take years of experience to learn and master. Understand what resources and expertise are required to get the job done right the first time. It may be good to ask questions such as “How long has this company been in business?” or “How is this company keeping up with the changing technology and products?” It is also important to look for state licenses, certifications and training.

Second, read the reviews! There’s a saying that the customer never lies. This holds true in the HVAC industry, and many other places as well. It’s easy to browse the company’s website or Yelp listing to see what previous customers are saying. Feedback like this can usually give you an honest idea of what it’s like working with the company, and how the overall experience is. Look for a variety of details including reliability, quality of work, and pricing when reading reviews, feedback, and criticism of the company you are researching. Look here for an example of a highly reviewed HVAC company.

Next, listen to friends, family, and neighbors. There’s a reason these people are in your circle, and most likely it is because you trust them. Talk to those you trust about your HVAC project, including what you want to do, what you’re willing to spend, and how much quickly you need it done. Chances are they have past experiences similar to yours and are willing to help. Most companies grow their clientele by word of mouth and oftentimes, and friends or family are usually most honest with their criticisms about local HVAC companies.

Lastly, remember that you pay for what you get. It’s important to look beyond the pricing when evaluating a HVAC company. Cheap pricing is not always the best indicator when choosing a reputable company to work with. Find a good balance between fair prices and a reliable company who can do your heating and cooling job. Companies may cut corners when it comes to installations and repairs, resulting in a steep cost for the long run. 

Hold your HVAC contractor to the highest standards. Keep this list handy in your search and make sure to ask the right questions when considering who gets your hard-earned money for working on your home heating and cooling systems. By following this guide to finding the best HVAC company in your area, you’ll be sure to not only have a comfortably heated and cooled home, but also peace of mind that no steps were missed in the installation, refurbishment, or revamping of your home. 

Be sure to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have with your next home heating and cooling project!

Guest Contributor: Alec Bolingbroke


As for an adult person, owning and managing property is an essential part of your existence. Taking care of your own house, ensuring that your accommodations are in proper condition, is the responsibility of every homeowner. From time to time, every piece of property needs to be remodeled, amended, or otherwise improved.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your home. Unless you’re a skilled and seasoned builder, plumber, electrician, and designer yourself, you will likely need a third-party contractor to conduct some technical improvements and renovations for you. Inevitably, you will want to put in place an agreement between you and the contractor – a home improvement contract. This document will ensure you get the agreed services done properly and timely. Today, we will discuss how you can write such a document.


If you intend to improve your home, it is essential you know how to write a home improvement contract. Below are some pointers to follow.


When creating a new home improvement contract, it will be helpful to have a sample agreement to look at. There are several contract templates and examples on the internet. Using such documents will save you a lot of time and energy. All you need to do is extract sections of the agreement that apply to your case. Also, be sure to include the contractor’s standards as well. TrustMyPaper is an option you can opt for to get a decent contract or any other content written. Online writing services like these can help you create professional-looking pieces of comprehensive writing for any occasion.


Your contract must contain sections for your information and that of the contractor. Therefore, you will want to capture the names, addresses, and contact information of the people involved. In addition, the person responsible for making changes to the specifications of the agreement must be identified. 

You will also want to include the responsibilities of each party. Doing this specifies who is responsible for handling security and clean-up of the site. For example, as the homeowner, it is your responsibility to secure all your personal items. On the other hand, the contractor is responsible for clearing the site of debris and ensuring safety. You will want to capture all these responsibilities and more in the agreement to prevent future problems.


The home improvement agreement you are creating must contain the property’s full address. Having this information is extremely essential. Therefore, you will want to include the house number, street name, and zip code. In some cases, you will want the GPS coordinates included. Doing this makes finding the house easy for delivery services and subcontractors.


A home improvement contract should explicitly state who is responsible for handling work permits. Doing this is crucial as many home renovation projects will require permits to continue. Therefore, you must identify the party responsible for applying and paying for permits.


A home improvement agreement should capture the scope of the work to be done. Therefore, this contract should contain detailed processes of the work. Additionally, it should give a timeframe for the completion of each activity. It is also essential that only licensed contractors and subcontractors participate in the contract. Doing this is essential as you will only want a licensed plumber to work in your home.


All valid contracts must have a clause that allows for cancellation. In most states, three days is the standard cancellation period for a home improvement contract. This clause lets you get a refund of the money you have paid to the contractor in the event you change your mind or if there is any force majeure. However, note that the cancellation clause is not valid on emergency repairs. Therefore, plumbers and electricians do not have to refund the money you pay to them in advance.


Another essential component of a home improvement contract is a rescind clause. A rescind clause basically allows you to cancel a contract when the contractor is not complying with the terms of the agreement. Within this clause, you will need to specify all the reasons that can lead to the cancellation of the contract. Additionally, the clause will highlight the procedure for rescinding the agreement. Before you rescind a contract, you will need to write a complaint to the contractor. After allowing sufficient time for compliance, you can activate the rescind clause.


You must include the agreed payment terms within a home improvement contract. In most cases, the payment terms specify a breakdown of labor including, profit. Additionally, you will want to state the terms of the payment, including down payment and retention. Also, you will want to capture the agreed retention period. In some states, a minimum down payment is necessary. Therefore, this minimum amount must be stated on the contract. It is also essential to capture the procedure of processing change orders when they occur.

The process of home improvement can be hard on a family, financially and otherwise. If a student lives in a home that is undergoing renovations, they may need to help out or be distracted from their studies and suffer a drop in grades through no fault of their own. You can mitigate this if you hire an essay writer – it is one way to keep up with studies during an ongoing home improvement. This way, there will be one less stressful thing on your to-do list!


Having the list of suppliers and subcontractors written in a contract protects you from problems. It helps protect you when the contractor refuses to pay third parties. It also helps you to know the people that have access to your home.


You should include the law to be used in case of litigation within the agreement if such a case happened during your home renovations. Doing this makes resolution easy. In addition, you should include all warranties and guarantees given by the contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers. Likewise, all-important milestone dates should be clearly written.


When writing a home improvement contract, you must include some essential information, fields, and clauses. Putting these items in the agreement helps protect you and the contractor alike. In the event of a disagreement, a well-written home improvement contract ensures fast and litigation-free resolution.

Guest Contributor: Donald Fomby


When a parent, unfortunately, passes away, many will often leave their home and property to their children. If they have more than one child, each child will be given a percentage of the estate and property.

But how can one property or home be split up amongst multiple people? Ultimately, the choice that many siblings take is to put up the inherited property for sale. However, before you go ahead and do this, it’s a good idea to make a couple of important considerations. These can help ensure the entire process goes smoothly, and help you see if it is even the right choice for you.

Keep reading to learn about some important considerations to make before selling an inherited property with your siblings.


One common option siblings will take is that one person will take possession of the home, and buy the others out. Three or four adults, who may have families of their own, all can’t live under the same roof.

This idea will allow one person to own the house solely and do what they want with it, while the other siblings are simply paid out in cash. If they don’t have enough cash or liquid assets, a home equity loan or some other type of financing could be taken out. 

Of course, be sure the amount is fair, and no one is being taken advantage of here. It is a good idea to get multiple valuations done on the home, to keep everyone happy and make sure the arrangement is fair for everyone.


Another common choice is to simply sell the home on the open market, and split the amount it sells for. This gives everyone fair value, and no one has to worry about upkeep or moving into a new home if they don’t want to.

Take time to find a way around disagreements, as they can often ruin a deal and hold back any significant progress being made. Ensure you can all agree on how much you want to get for it, and how much everyone is comfortable moving off of that number. If you don’t do this, disagreements and miscommunications will surely arise, and these have the potential to ruin a relationship.


While selling the property is an option, you also need to entertain the idea of keeping it. You could treat it as a vacation home for all of you to split, or can allow other family members to live or spend time there.

But in addition to living in it, you could also make some updates and rent it out to the public. Depending on where it is and its condition, it could fetch thousands of dollars every year, which you and your siblings could split. Of course, be sure to designate one of you to be the landlord or manager, so hire someone to do the job.

The space could even be rented out as a vacation rental if it is located in a place where people frequently travel to. Of course, if you are going to set it up as a vacation rental, there are some expert tips to check out to give yourself the best chance of success.


Before you do anything official, it is a good idea to craft a formal agreement. This will establish the plan you are going to take, and all the rules that need to be abided by. Whether you keep it, sell it or perform a buyout, a formal agreement is always a good idea.

This will prevent anyone from changing their mind, lying about things, or incorrectly remembering the terms of the agreement. Decide who is responsible for what costs, and the various other terms. Creating this can take some time, and you may want an expert or lawyer to assist, but it is very important to ensure no arguments take place and everyone is content with the outcome.

In conclusion, be sure to consider these four things before selling an inherited property with your siblings.

Guest Contributor: Ashley Lipman


You can’t complete any job without the right tools but which ones are essential? While every activity requires a certain tool, you don’t need every product in the store to start working on projects. A good method is to match the tool to the work at hand and gradually build up your toolkit. This list will provide you with a great jumping-off point to the ultimate home renovation equipment set.


Every home has a measuring tape but when it comes to renovations, your normal measuring tape will not suffice. You’ll need a tape with a working tang, firm stand-out, locking mechanism, and suitable bell hook. It should also be strong enough to withstand a fall from a great height. It will be your go-to remodeling companion, assisting you in measuring your floor for new tiles. A measuring tape is also helpful for decoration purposes since you need to know your wall lengths to establish what size of prints will look best in your room.


According to professional renovators, tool carriers such as belts, clips, and bags can help you keep your tools at hand as you work. Nobody likes to hassle with climbing up and down the ladder every time they need to put a tool down. If your renovation is small in scale, an apron will suffice for the tiny items you need such as sponges, nails, screws, and tape. However, if you plan on remodeling the entire room or your house, a professional tool belt is a must-have. Look into buying one which can hold everything you might need, including a hammer, screws, pliers, knife, and your measuring tape.


First, you should be mindful about protecting your eyes. Whenever you use a tool that might generate some flying debris, safety eyewear should be a part of your look. Protecting your lungs is also important. Dust masks, in addition to sufficient ventilation, will keep your lungs safe. When dealing with chemicals found in many paints and solvents, make sure to use a respirator with all the appropriate filters. Strong yet comfortable safety boots are crucial to keeping your feet and ankles protected from possible injuries. When it comes to hearing protection, earplugs are the least expensive option.


Because you’ll be renovating your living space on your own, you’ll need a ladder to get close and personal with the ceilings. The many different varieties of ladders can make it difficult to pick one but identifying your requirements and your storage capacity can help you narrow down your options. They should be small enough to be easily stored while being big enough to provide an adequate working area. You should also bear in mind that some ladders come with a space on which you can attach your tools, making a day-long wall painting job much more comfortable.


If you have a relatively small renovation planned, you’ll be set with a basic toolset containing screwdrivers and a cordless drill. On the other hand, larger remodeling endeavors may require some power tools such as specialized saws, a nailer, and a sander. Adequate electrical tools will save you both time and money during your makeover; however, remember to research which exact power tools you’ll need for the type of remodeling you’re attempting to do. For example, there’s no need for buying or renting out a table saw if you don’t have to cut a lot of wood.

Remodeling your home on your own can be a challenging job but having key equipment and tools will make your renovation much easier. From tiny additions to your kit such as the measuring tape to bigger electrical tools, it’s important to have it all at your disposal. While working, it’s essential to be safe too, so remember to buy the much-needed safety items.

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith


When it comes to having the right drainage around your home, you need to make sure you are choosing the right one. There are many options out there and it will depend on what fits your home the best, what will provide the best value, and which one you like. 

There are several types of drainage choices and you may need to work with a professional to help get this done. Some of the different systems that you can consider for your home includes:



A French drain is another name that you may hear for a perimeter and a foundation drain. This drain is known by its inventor, Henry French, who worked hard to popularize this method during the 1800s. 

This type of drain is going to be a type of plastic pipe that is perforated and buried under the ground. It is able to effectively collect and relocate the water to make sure that it does not sit near the home and cause any kind of damage that you may see around other homes. 



 Another option that you can use for your home is a footing drain. This is going to be a type of drainage system for the outside of your home that is placed outside the wall of the foundation. These footing drains will exist both in residential and commercial buildings. 

The drain that is used here is going to be covered up so that no one is able to see it, but the covering is done with gravel. This allows the water to seep right into the tile. Then this drain will work to divert all of the water and put it into a basin, which will then be pumped into the storm drain as well. 



The water that comes from your roof is sometimes going to cause the most damage to your home, especially if it is not drained out well. You need to have the right gutter drainage system in place to make sure the water is diverted away from the home, ensuring that you are not going to get damage to the foundation of your home. 

Having a good downspout or gutter system in place is going to help make sure that all of the water that is draining off the roof will move somewhere else, away from the walls of your home. You and a professional will need to determine exactly how far these are going to go from the home. 

When choosing a downspout drain, you will need to get it to extend away from the walls. It is preferable if it is able to go to a storm sewer or a water catch basin. If this is not possible because of where your home is located, you will be able to place the downspout as far away from the home as possible to avoid any problems. 



The next thing that you can try to help with the drainage around your home is a grading drainage. This is going to be a really simple technique, which is why so many professionals will recommend it to their homeowners to keep things safe. 

The grading technique is going to involve reworking the grading around the home, creating a slope that will go away from your home. This is going to use gravity to your advantage so that the water will go down the slope and not sit near the home. And the landscaping will look natural when it is done. 

This is going to require a little bit of new landscaping around the home to get it done. If you already have some slopes in your home, that can help, as long as they do not slope towards the home. This can cause some of its own problems and a professional will be able to help you out. There may be some work to get done on the yard, but this is a simple way to help. 

A contractor will be able to come to your home and take a look to see whether this is possible. Depending on the yard, they may be able to add in the slopes and that is all the work that needs to get done. Other times they may need to combine it with some of the other choices above to make sure you get the best drainage system possible. 



A driveway drain makes a lot of sense for many homeowners. These will help to collect the water that is near your home and force it away. Often these will go near the street when it collects the water, allowing it to go to the drains in the street and not collect near your home any longer. It can all just drain as far from your home as possible to keep the home safe. 

These are a great option and will often use some of the sloping that is already found in your driveway. Putting one in yourself can be hard and most homeowners may not know how to do it properly or where to put all of the components. Having a contractor help you figure out where to put everything and how to get it installed will help make this easier. 

Installing one is simple and things are even easier if you already have a bit of a hill in your yard away from the home. Choose a driveway drain that is high-quality and meant to last and consider having a professional put the drain in to make sure that it is placed properly and will last a long time. 



Each home is different and unique and you need to choose the right drainage system that is going to work for your needs. With the help of some of the suggestions above, you will be able to take care of your home and make sure that you never have standing water around your home, causing all that destruction, again. 

Guest Contributor: Gabe Nelson


Your home’s plumbing system is one of the most important, yet unappreciated, aspects of your home. It keeps your water running and allows you to wash dishes, wash your hands, have a shower and flush toilets, all without issues (in most cases).

However, you need to ensure that you have good plumbers work on your plumbing. Subpar plumbing can lead to a ton of different problems in your home, ones which no one wants to deal with. This article is going to take a closer look at the importance of good plumbing in your home.


While the cost of quality plumbing work can vary, it is generally worth it to pay for quality work right from the start. Find a plumber who is experienced and does high-quality work, and comes well-reviewed. If you try to go with the cheapest option and base your decision solely on price, you often get what you pay for.

This means the work may be subpar and things like leaks or other issues could materialize. As you could imagine, having these repaired again will be much more expensive overall than if you simply just paid for quality work from the beginning.


Good quality plumbing can also help prevent a disaster from occurring. If plumbing was installed poorly or small issues weren’t dealt with, major problems like leaks or burst pipes can occur. Cleaning up water damage does not come cheap in most cases, so the last thing you want is for a water-related disaster to occur in or around your home.

If you notice any plumbing-related issue, it’s a good idea to reach out to an experienced and qualified professional to come help. The quicker you deal with a minor leak or the presence of water where it shouldn’t be, the better. If you can’t actually see the water, things like mold, warped walls and ceilings, and discoloration, it can be a sign of a leak.


Good plumbing in your home can also make sure that all of the water you use is both clean and safe. If your plumbing is poor, things like cross-contamination can occur. This is when wastewater can be mixed in with the water you use, which is obviously not something that anyone wants.

This can introduce major health risks, and also be expensive to fix. By working with a good plumber or team, they can ensure there are gaps or barriers in place to keep everything separate and safe.

Simply put, having a quality plumbing system in your home can give you peace of mind that the water you drink and use in your cooking is clean, safe, and free from potential contaminants.

As you can see, it is incredibly important to have good plumbing in your home for a number of reasons. It is something that many of us may not think about, but we should.

Guest Contributor: Arslan Hassan


When transferring to a new apartment, house, or establishment, you will often encounter exposed radiators or plumbing lines. It is easier and less costly to incorporate them into your interior design instead of knocking them down and reconstructing your walls to cover these exposed pipes. But first, you need to check out the quality of the lines if they require repairs or replacements.

After the initial inspection, then it’s time for you to exercise your creativity. Here are some tips you can follow on how to turn your boring and eyesore plumbing into one of the major attractions of your establishment. 

1. Paint-over Exposed Pipes

This tip is guaranteed to give your establishment a unique appearance. You can paint your pipelines with a color that matches the rest of your interior style. If you have already finished painting the walls of your establishment to a color that you prefer, you can try incorporating this color into your pipelines. You can also try experimenting with different hues and pallets if you want a more dramatic touch to the area. If your establishment has wood flooring and cabinets, paint your line fixtures with similar colors as to what they are to match them together and make the room look synchronized.

2. Hide the Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Many establishments have plumbing pipes exposed to the naked eye, which usually run down the exterior walls. The exposed plumbing pipes can be an eyesore for you and your guests. In addition, it is such a hassle to have disorganized, exposed plumbing pipes if the room is well-designed and aesthetically on point. Fortunately, there are many ways to conceal these exposed pipes to make your room look more beautiful. 

You may consider installing a drywall access door panel exposed flange so you can keep your plumbings behind your walls. With this access door, repairs and inspections for your plumbing lines will be hassle-free, and at the same time, this can also keep the aesthetic design of the room.

3. Install Cabinets Below the Sink

Many establishments and even homes have exposed plumbing pipes under the sink, which reduces the room’s neatness. If you want to improve this, you may consider installing cabinets below these sinks to hide the exposed pipes. The lines will be under the cupboard whenever you open them, but they will not be directly visible. Another advantage is that you can even select the type of cabinet you want. It is wise to choose a wardrobe that fits well with the interior design and the interior aesthetic. You can also try painting and decorating the cabinet based on your preference.

4. Use Plants to Conceal Exterior Plumbings
You can purchase any plant you want and use it as a cover-up for your pipelines. Any size, shape, and color will do the trick! You can also use vines to either decorate or fully conceal.

5. Wrap Your Bathroom Pipes with Rope

If a rustic design is your go-to, then list this trick on your must have’s. You can use different types of rope with different thicknesses, materials, and colors that will match the room’s aesthetic. This technique creates a design that is great to look at and is also very relaxing. 

There are still many options and tricks to incorporate your plumbings into your interior design seamlessly. All you need is a little research and creative spirit to brainstorm any new and unique ideas. You can also contact your local plumber to consult whether or not your ideas are practical and safe for your plumbing system.

Guest Contributor: Chris Jackson