When transferring to a new apartment, house, or establishment, you will often encounter exposed radiators or plumbing lines. It is easier and less costly to incorporate them into your interior design instead of knocking them down and reconstructing your walls to cover these exposed pipes. But first, you need to check out the quality of the lines if they require repairs or replacements.

After the initial inspection, then it’s time for you to exercise your creativity. Here are some tips you can follow on how to turn your boring and eyesore plumbing into one of the major attractions of your establishment. 

1. Paint-over Exposed Pipes

This tip is guaranteed to give your establishment a unique appearance. You can paint your pipelines with a color that matches the rest of your interior style. If you have already finished painting the walls of your establishment to a color that you prefer, you can try incorporating this color into your pipelines. You can also try experimenting with different hues and pallets if you want a more dramatic touch to the area. If your establishment has wood flooring and cabinets, paint your line fixtures with similar colors as to what they are to match them together and make the room look synchronized.

2. Hide the Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Many establishments have plumbing pipes exposed to the naked eye, which usually run down the exterior walls. The exposed plumbing pipes can be an eyesore for you and your guests. In addition, it is such a hassle to have disorganized, exposed plumbing pipes if the room is well-designed and aesthetically on point. Fortunately, there are many ways to conceal these exposed pipes to make your room look more beautiful. 

You may consider installing a drywall access door panel exposed flange so you can keep your plumbings behind your walls. With this access door, repairs and inspections for your plumbing lines will be hassle-free, and at the same time, this can also keep the aesthetic design of the room.

3. Install Cabinets Below the Sink

Many establishments and even homes have exposed plumbing pipes under the sink, which reduces the room’s neatness. If you want to improve this, you may consider installing cabinets below these sinks to hide the exposed pipes. The lines will be under the cupboard whenever you open them, but they will not be directly visible. Another advantage is that you can even select the type of cabinet you want. It is wise to choose a wardrobe that fits well with the interior design and the interior aesthetic. You can also try painting and decorating the cabinet based on your preference.

4. Use Plants to Conceal Exterior Plumbings
You can purchase any plant you want and use it as a cover-up for your pipelines. Any size, shape, and color will do the trick! You can also use vines to either decorate or fully conceal.

5. Wrap Your Bathroom Pipes with Rope

If a rustic design is your go-to, then list this trick on your must have’s. You can use different types of rope with different thicknesses, materials, and colors that will match the room’s aesthetic. This technique creates a design that is great to look at and is also very relaxing. 

There are still many options and tricks to incorporate your plumbings into your interior design seamlessly. All you need is a little research and creative spirit to brainstorm any new and unique ideas. You can also contact your local plumber to consult whether or not your ideas are practical and safe for your plumbing system.

Guest Contributor: Chris Jackson

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