Things Every Woman Should Know How To Repair Around Their Home

It’s 2014, men should still be gentlemen and fix whatever needs to be fixed and handle any other home repair that needs to be done. In general, women can handle most home repair tasks without asking their husbands, or significant others to do it for them. I know for a fact that they can do a lot more than we ever give them credit for. Some women  know how to fix stuff better than we do, but leave the home repair up to us just because they know they can.  My significant other always tackles any home repair issue without asking for help because she enjoys the feeling and knows how to do it.  It honestly makes me proud. We always want to be there, but in case we aren’t we want our women to know how to do these things.

Things Every Woman Should Know How To Repair

Tools you should always have at home

  • Power drill
  • Hammer
  • Screw driver set
  • Wrench
  • Channel locks
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Flash light
  • Staple gun
  • Wood saw

Foot Note: There is a lot of men out there that don’t know how to do any home repair and have to have a woman show them. This post isn’t meant as an insult towards women in any way shape or form.

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We all clean our homes on a regular bases. After having all our windows closed through out most of Fall and Winter we have to go the extra mile to clean and maintain everything. All that dust that builds up from having everything closed. Certain stuff not being used over Winter, we have to make sure it’s working properly.

The first thing you have to do, is open every single window. Let that fresh air in. Now turn some music on and let’s go down the list.

  • Clean or replace your furnace filters
  • Test your air conditioning system(don’t wait till it gets too hot to see if it’s working). 
  • Check caulking around all windows and doors. Improper caulking allows for moisture to get inside your walls and can cause mold. 
  • Replace screens on your windows if they are torn or broken.
  • Clean your windows, inside and outside.
  • Test your smoke and fire detector, replace batteries if needed. Dust the inside and outside. 
  • Check your fire extinguisher.
  • Clean your ceiling fan with a wet rag.
  • Rotate your ceiling fan so it’s spinning counter clock wise for Summer. 
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer. Place a new box of baking soda in the back to maintain freshness. 
  • Check for pest problems, you might look into calling someone to spray before the warmer months. 
  • Organize your closets, put away Winter clothes and bring out the Spring and Summer clothes. 
  • Clean your walls, sponge and water, or a wet rag. Dust builds up on your walls, especially during Fall and Winter. 
  • Dust and reorganize your book shelves. Move your books around, place some vertically, and some horizontally.
  • Wipe down all your lightbulbs. 
  • Wash your shower curtain. Replace the inside liner. You can buy the inside liner for a buck or two. They tent to get moldy quickly. 
  • Clean your bathroom walls, having your fan on during and after showers isn’t enough. Mold grows, you have to prevent it.
  • Soak your shower head in vinegar and lemon for half an hour or longer if you please. Minerals tend to build up in it. 
  • Vacuum mattress and box spring.
  • Dust off all vents.
  • Clean out the dryer ducts.
If it seems like your in need of a Plumber, Electrician, Heating and AC Repairman, or a General Handyman give them a call. Don’t wait to the last second. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you took care of things before they got bad. 
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Plumbing Fixtures Should Be Installed By A Professional



Plumbing Fixtures

You need to be a licensed plumber to install plumbing fixtures. I know some fixtures are easy and seem pretty simple to install. You honestly should leave it to the professionals to install your plumbing fixtures. Not only do they know exactly what they are doing, they also have all the plumbing tools they need for the job. You might have to run back and forth to the hardware store to pick up certain things that you might need to install your faucet or to change/ install a toilet. Plumbers carry all they need for the job on their work vans. Fully stocked vans.

I’m all for people knowing how to do certain things in their house, but you should be careful. You need to take into consideration all the things that you have to do when changing a plumbing fixture. Making sure that your fixtures and or hardware isn’t mismatched. Purchasing plumbing fixtures for your bathroom only considering the price. Cheap faucets look cheat and will eventually leak. Plumbers will advice you on what fixtures work best for your budget. Forgetting to replace the shut off valves for hot and cold under the vanity or for the toilet. Plumbers know that the washer inside the valves deteriorates, and it wont shut off anymore or it will start to leak. Last, licensed plumbers know how to install it right and up to code.

Instead of spending your whole Saturday afternoon figuring out what goes where and why in the world isn’t this functioning correctly, just call the plumber. He will be there in no time while you sit back and watch the ball game. In an hour, or less, depending on what you are having installed you will have your plumbing fixtures installed. No head ache, no hassles.

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Commercial Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous


Baking Soda and Vinegar Is Environmentally Friendly And The Way To Go

We all love quick, cheap solutions to fixing our problems. That’s what they are, quick and cheap. They don’t really solve our problems. Commercial Drain Cleaners are famous for fixing your problem right away. What happens in the long run?

They never explain to you that it’s a quick solution. Commercial Drain Cleaners are filled with dangerous chemicals that the average person shouldn’t use in their household, especially to clean. They are hazardous! Most commercial drain cleaners come in three forms. Caustic drain cleaners, Oxidizing drain cleaners, or Acid drain cleaners. Caustic contains lye and caustic. Oxidizing contains bleach, peroxides, and nitrates. Acid drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

How is any of this safe? They do tell you to wear gloves, to make sure the area is ventilated, and keep children and pets away. When a combination of these chemicals come in contact with water they cause a heat build up and release hydrogen gasses. I’m sorry, I like my health and my loved ones being safe. In the long run, you will continue needing to use it over and over. It wont solve your draining problem. Save your self the money and just call a plumber. I promise you it will be cheaper and safer in the long run.

Reasons Why You Should Using Commercial Drain Cleaners

  • Hazardous chemicals
  • They are corrosive, if you get them on your hands or skin it can cause irritation
  • Breathing the fumes can be very harmful
  • Horrible for your pipes

The Power of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar are natural products that you can use in your household to solve your problems. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down your drain with 1 cup of vinegar. It will cause bubbling and fizzing. Don’t worry, that is normal. Pour three cups of boiling water down the drain. It should do the trick. It’s natural and a great solution to your clogged drain.

If you are having issues with your garbage disposal smelling, baking soda and vinegar will do wonders. 1/2 a cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then run hot water down your garbage disposal. To clean your garbage disposal, freeze white distilled vinegar in a ice cube tray. Run vinegar ice cubes down the garbage disposal, with cold water.

At home we use vinegar, baking soda and lemons to clean as much as possible. It works great, no complains. It’s also safe, which is our main concern.

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