Let’s face it, drains can get clogged from time to time. Anything from hair to loose jewelry, or even just a build-up of grime can cause clogs to a drain, and add yet another task to your already long list of things to do. Many of us turn to the quick and cheap solution – Chemical Drain Cleaners.

What Exactly Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

These liquid drain cleaners can be found at almost all home improvement stores, super markets, and a variety of other places. Either chemical-based, consisting of harmful acids, or enzyme-based, made up of fighting bacteria, these cleaners are dangerous and destructive. Next time you reach for a bottle of the stuff advertised as “Quick and Powerful for the Worst Clogs,” be mindful of the potential damage you could be causing. 

So, do plumbers recommend using Chemical Drain Cleaners?

The short answer… Definitely not! If you’re reading this it’s most likely that you’re experiencing a blockage in your shower, sink, or tub drain. Instead of grabbing the nearest bottle of chemical cleaner, call your local plumber instead. It’s the smart thing to do, trust us. Attempting to fix your drain will only make matters worse rather than fixing the problem. Chemical cleaners aren’t strong enough to clear the toughest clogs, and usually only get to a portion of whatever is causing the clog. To add to their inefficiency of unclearing pipes, they also tend to destroy everything they come in contact with. Chemical cleaners are made up of strong acids and bases that, when ran through your drain, can damage the material of the piping itself, eventually causing major leaks, and major repairs costing you precious time and money. 

Alright, what should I do to unclog my drain then?

Your best bet is to contact your local plumber. Plumbers deal with clogs on a daily basis. They have valuable experience and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem. A plumber will also use the latest tools and techniques to ensure the integrity of your home piping system while making sure your clog is gone. 

Here Are Some Alternative Ways to Clear Your Drain

Chemical drain cleaners don’t work very well like you think they should. They’re not only toxic, to your pipes, but also to the environment. When contacting a plumber to clear your next drain, here is a list compiled from Logan Plumbing Co. of some common tools you might expect them to use as an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners:

–        Drain Snakes – Also known as an “auger,” a drain snake works by dislodges and pushes the clog through the pipe. It works best on any kitchen, bathroom, or floor drains.

–        Plungers – If you’ve had any sort of clog, you’re familiar with a plunger. Plumbers use a wide variety of plungers for every size, type, and configuration of drain. If you’re unsure you have the right plunger at home, it’s best to contact a plumber who knows the right plunger for the job. 

–        Water or Gas-Powered Cleaners – Cleaners such as these are usually costly equipment that most plumbers own to ensure the clearing of any clog. The term hydro-jetting refers to blasting water through pipes using these machines to unclog your drain. 

Now You Know

Hopefully by now you understand that chemical cleaners are frowned upon by professionals in the plumbing industry. Although they may seem like cheap and quick solutions, they can cause some serious problems in the long run, not to mention they are harmful to the health of you, your family, and the environment. Save yourself time, money, and stress, by skipping the store-bought cleaners and getting help from an expert plumber. 

Contact A Plumber

If you’re still skeptical, read more here about how chemical cleaners can damage your drains. Our years of industry experience mean we’ve seen and treated all sorts of clogged drains and know the best solutions for you! 

 Guest Contributor: Alec Bolingbroke

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