Like everything else in your life, you need to maintain your plumbing drains. It’s recommended that you are constantly checking drains for clogs, back ups, broken pipes, anything that could lead to a back up in your pipes. We recommend if you have plumbing work done such as rodding your clean out, have it rodded yearly around the same time each year to prevent back ups from occurring. It’s always best to prevent a back-up than having a back-up and it turns into an emergency.

Although we suggest calling us back out again to take care of your potential stressful situation, there are a few different ways you can maintain your plumbing at home by yourself.

1. Watch What You Flush

Realistically, nothing is supposed to go down your toilet drain other than toilet paper and your own waste. You should never flush things down your drain that aren’t meant to be put down there. Over time, flushing things down your drain is going to cause build up and eventually lead to a clogged sewer line which is a stressful situation. Things like feminine hygiene products, Q-tips, plastic, wrappers, “flushable” wipes, baby wipes, food/grease, can all cause a back up and eventually they will cause one, whether it’s sooner or later, it’s not going to be good. Avoid having to call a plumber to rod your toilet by refraining from dumping things in the toilet and instead putting a trash can in the bathroom for all garbage you might have.

2. You Can Check With Food Coloring

If you’re worried your toilet is leaking, you can try to test it out with food coloring. Take red or blue food coloring and put it in the tank of the toilet. If it leaks into the bowl after about an hour, you know you have a leak. If after an hour it didn’t leak into the toilet you’re all set. The food color leaking suggests you replace the tank ball to prevent it from leaking. Changing out this tank ball can also save you money by lowering your water bill. A leaking toilet is definitely going to rack up your water bill, and you don’t always hear it running.

3. Clean Your Shower heads

All plumbing fixtures can be clogged with mineral deposits, your shower head included. These mineral deposits can cause your shower head to be so clogged it doesn’t work, or it won’t be as effective as it should be. To clean your shower heads, you should unscrew them and soak them in vinegar for 24 hours. Make sure the whole shower head is soaked in the vinegar to get the deposit off. Once the time is up you should be good to go to screw it back on, however, if the mineral buildup is too thick or the shower head isn’t in the best condition and it’s effectiveness isn’t as good as it used to be, you should consider getting a new shower head.

4. Mesh Covers

There are so many different types of covers out there to purchase that can protect your drains from getting clogged. You can find these almost anywhere in stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Menard’s, even online on Amazon. These mesh drain covers protect your drains from hair and soap, the number one thing that leaks to a clogged drain. Using these mesh drain covers allows the things that are too big to get stuck in the mesh which then after every use you can throw away and save your pipes from a blockage and needed to be snaked.

5. Make it a Habit to Inspect Your Plumbing

Like it was mentioned before, your pipes need maintenance. Although they’re not high maintenance usually, you should always be on the look out for any potential problems and address and fix the problem correctly before it escalates. Repairing plumbing before it turns into an emergency is going to cost you less money in the long run and you’ll be glad you fixed it sooner rather than later. If you notice any type of rust or corroded pipes, you should immediately call a plumber to discuss what options you have.

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Autumn is a time of renewal and gives us a chance to start anew. Since we’ve had the opportunity to take care of our homes and ourselves both inside and out, it’s time to prepare for the fall season and do some home maintenance. This time of the year represents Harvest, which is a time to acknowledge growth and expansion as a natural part of our well-being. Just as our lives go through various cycles like growth and rebirth that we see in nature, we can do the same for our homes and ourselves. Read on for a list of fall maintenance tips that will help you get excited about the upcoming season.


Consider these tips to help you prepare the inside of your home for the fall season:

Indoor maintenance. Now is the time to inspect things like your plumbing, electrical wiring, and panels. Ensure that all plumbing is properly insulated and that all outdoor faucets are covered and prepped for cooler weather. Look in the attic to confirm that the roof underlayment is intact and that you have adequate insulation to keep your home warm.

Heat. If you have a fireplace, fall is a perfect time to clean or sweep the chimney and have the fireplace inspected. Check your gas stove to ensure it’s working correctly, and ask for an HVAC system inspection to confirm that your heat is working correctly. It’s also an excellent time to change your air filter. If you have oil heating for your home, now is a good time to fill your tank up.

Home appliances. Do a quick inspection of all major appliances to ensure they work. If anything is broken, get them repaired or replaced, particularly your refrigerator, oven, washing machine, and dryer.

Declutter. Refresh your entire home by doing some thorough decluttering and organizing. Get rid of old electronics like unused cell phones, computers, and small appliances. It’s also a good time to dispose of expired medications. Shred all of your old bills and go through your home office to get rid of outdated paperwork. Fall is also a perfect time to declutter unworn clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and summer items like hats and swimsuits.

Décor. Dust off your spring and summer décor and put it in storage. Now is the time to bring out the autumn and winter décor to celebrate this exciting time of year. Anything that doesn’t work or no longer brings you joy can be donated, sold, or recycled if possible.

Reorganize. This is a perfect time of year to reorganize and declutter the kitchen and pantry, your bathroom cabinets, and the shed or garage. Separate items into things you want to sell, give away or throw in the trash. Clean out your pantry and throw out expired food. Organize dry goods and place them in clear canisters, then label them so you can find them easily.

Recycle. Look for any items in your home that can go to recycling. You can also do some upcycling and repurpose items like old seasonal décor, discarded clothing, shoes, and even furniture. Get creative and come up with new ways to reuse these items in a whole new way. A simple coat of paint on an old chest or table can give it a brand-new look, for example. Clothing can be sewn into bags or pillows for a fun piece of fall décor.


Fall is also a great time to do a bit of outdoor maintenance. Here are a few things you can add to your list to prepare for the season ahead.

Outdoor maintenance. Clean your gutters and remove dead leaves, twigs, and debris. Check all the pipes going into and out of your homes, such as the waterline, gas line, and anything connected to your HVAC system. Look for signs of leaks, rust, or damage so you can get these items repaired now before winter arrives. Test your outdoor equipment like leaf blowers and lawnmowers to ensure that everything is working properly.

Insulate pipes. While you should insulate your plumbing indoors, it’s also time to insulate and protect those outdoor exposed pipes too.

Check for leaks in windows and doors. Do a “draft test” to confirm that there are no leaks in your doors and windows. Add new weatherstripping to keep all windows and doors properly sealed.

Inspect your roof. Look for possible signs of leaks in your roof and keep an eye out for missing shingles. Get all roof repairs done now before winter snow arrives to protect your home and property.

Take care of your garden. Rake leaves in your yard and put them in bags, cover any garden plants that need to be kept warm, and fertilize your plants so they will thrive through the season. Trim dead tree limbs and make sure that all of your plants are properly trimmed, and cover them with burlap (if required). You can also decrease the amount of outdoor watering you need to do during this time of year.

Do a yard and garden sweep. Some areas of the country aren’t impacted by autumn weather until later in the year. If this applies to you, just do a quick cleanup of the yard or garden and determine what you need to put away now and what you can put away later. Check on items that still work, like your outdoor lighting, and confirm if anything needs repair. It’s also a great time to declutter old outdoor items and either donate them or throw them away.

Upcycle garden items. This is also a wonderful time to see if anything outdoors can be recycled or upcycled and turned into something new. Take old wooden palettes and turn them into planters or furniture. Paint your outdoor planters in new fall colors or use some of your outdoor décor to make a cute birdhouse.

Create a schedule for outdoor tasks. Work on creating a schedule for a few outdoor activities you’ll need to tackle later when it gets closer to winter. Some items include checking the roof and gutters to prevent ice dams and a checklist to ensure you have everything you need, like snow boots, snow shovels, and deicers.

Make another maintenance list. Your home isn’t the only thing that needs a little bit of fall maintenance. Make a quick list of other items to check on, like your car, shed or garage, and driveway and walkway. Repair any cracks you see now before winter arrives to prevent them from growing and getting worse.


Since Autumn is a time to start anew, it’s also a perfect time to celebrate. Keep these tips in mind to help you celebrate the upcoming season.

Declutter your life. This is a wonderful time to declutter, clean, and toss out anything that brings you unhappy memories. Only keep the things in your home that bring you joy and happiness. Remember that is not about getting your act together.

Do some fall rituals. Fall is a perfect season to practice self-care with a few simple rituals like yoga or meditation. Play some soothing music, enjoy a long bubble bath, or read a good book to help your mind and body reset.

Light some candles. In addition to some fall rituals, it’s a perfect time to light some scented candles. Aromatherapy can uplift your mood and give your home a beautiful fall-like ambiance. An essential oil diffuser is another great way to fill your home with the fragrances of autumn.

Buy new décor. Decorating your home is a wonderful way to celebrate every season, including autumn. Add a faux autumn leaf garland to your fireplace mantel, hang some fall wreaths, or fill your home with fun Halloween décor. You can also upcycle and create new décor from some of the old stuff you have lying around. This is also a great way to have some fun arts and crafts time with the family.

Celebrate the harvest. Head out to a local farmer’s market and buy fresh produce to celebrate the autumn harvest. A fun hayride or a visit to a local pumpkin patch will get everyone excited about the changing season.

Make delicious fall treats. Get excited about autumn by trying out some new recipes. Make homemade apple cider, bake a pumpkin pie, or come up with your own delectable fall dinners and desserts.

Doing a few easy maintenance tasks for your home is an integral part of taking care of your property as the seasons change. It’s also essential to maintain all your material items and, of course, yourself, too. By decluttering, organizing, and even checking on your health, you can get ready to enjoy the fall season and embrace the growth of what this new season will bring. 

Guest Contributor: Adriana Lopez,


10 Plumbing Tips for New Home Buyers

Plumbing is essential to a home. Old or damaged pipes can turn a beautiful place into a flooded mess. That’s why it’s so important for new home buyers to make sure their property’s plumbing is in good condition. We wanted to share some tips that can help you fix minor issues and keep your plumbing system flowing.

  • Look for Corroded or Rusted Pipes – Inspect the pipes in your new home and look for signs of corrosion or rust. Properties with copper piping may have corrosion from exposure to water damage or bacteria. If you notice blue stains or rust, you need to replace the pipe.
  • Avoid Unqualified Handymen – A incorrectly installed plug can cause fires and a poorly installed pipe can flood a room causing thousands in damages. Use certified electricians, plumbers and builders with good reputations and it will save you money in the long run.
  • Unclog Drains with a Plunger – If a drain gets backed up, you may be able to clear it with a plunger. Place it over the drain opening and use just like you would in a toilet. If you experience chronic backing up or slow drain problems, it may be time to talk to a plumber.
  • Get Acquainted with Your Main Valve – Make sure you know where your new home’s gas and water valves are before you move in. This is important in case of an emergency. If you notice flooding or a gas leak, shut off the valve immediately and call a professional.
  • Have a Plumbing Kit Ready – Put together a home plumbing kit. This should include duct tape, a plunger, paper towels, and a screwdriver.
  • Never Ignore a Leak or Moisture – If you notice a leak or unexplained moisture in your home, do not ignore it. This is usually a sign that water is coming from a pipe or entering from outside. A plumber can inspect your property and find the cause so you can fix it before it causes extensive damage.
  • Avoid Dumping in Chemicals – Avoid using chemicals in your plumbing system. That includes chemical drain cleaners. These products can harm pipes, which will lead to bigger problems later. The first step should be to try a plunger or drain snake. A professional may be needed for tough clogs.
  • Keep Hex Keys on Hand – Also known as an Allen wrench, the hex key is an L-shaped tool that can be used to screw anything with a hexagonal socket. These are commonly used by plumbers. Keep a set on hand so you can handle smaller jobs.
  • Use a Bucket of Water to Flush – If your toilet won’t flush, you may be able to temporarily deal with it using a bucket of water. Fill the bucket halfway and then dump into the toilet bowl to remove waste in place of a flush. This isn’t a long-term fix but can make life easier until a plumber can get there.
  • Check Out Strange Plumbing Sounds – If you notice strange sounds in your plumbing system, have it checked out. Unusual gurgling or sloshing could be a sign of a backup. You may also hear a banging sound called a water hammer. This occurs when pipes hit the wall after pressure changes. Have these problems investigated before they cause a leak.
  • Update the Water Heater – If your new home has an old water heater, now is the time to replace it. The life span for the average water heater is about 10 years or less. Anything older should be replaced to ensure efficiency and to avoid a sudden breakdown later.

Being proactive and addressing problems as soon as you notice them can save you a lot of headaches and money later. A good home needs a solid plumbing system to stay clean and comfortable for those who live there.

Guest Contributor: Robert Lawler


When we talk of the autumn season, some of the things that come to most peoples’ minds include carved pumpkins, yellow-orange foliage, and the smell of cinnamon. Adults enjoy spending most of their time outdoors having some fresh air while children go out to take pictures and swap skateboards. This fall, you don’t have to think of buying Halloween candy or pencil cases only. You need to prepare your house to keep it safe and warm for the next several months. In this post, we are going to share with you seven things that you have to check in your house before rolling into the autumn season. Let’s get started!

1. Prepare for falling leaves

Watching the leaves turning from deep green to sunset yellow is one of the top highlights in fall. You need to start preparing to rake up the fallen leaves on your property. If mulching or composting the leaves is your preferred style, you don’t have to worry about this. However, if you want to remove them from your lawn or yard, you’ll need to invest in the right tools. You’ll need a good rake, spade, and wheelbarrow to clear the leaves and save time. To remove the growing pile, always remember to stock up on huge bags.

2. Branch out

As the weather gets colder and winds start getting stronger, aging trees can pose a huge threat. If such a tree has its branches over your home, you’ll need to cut them to reduce accidents and the risk of damage. If branches fall on your property, the damage can either be minor or severe. Light branches can shatter windows or damaged shingles while heavy ones might block gutters, or damage your roof. You need to look at the trees around your property and inspect for weaknesses. Start trimming the trees strategically when they start getting close to your house. Hire a professional or use the right tools to eliminate branches that get too close to your house or those that pose a risk of falling.

3. Clear your gutters

You need to inspect your roof before the season and remove any branches or leaves that may have accumulated there. As the leaves pile up and fall in your yard, you should remember that the same is happening on your roof. If you don’t clear out the leaves on time, they will affect water drainage and create a dam of water. Still water can damage the exterior surface of your roof. And this can spread to the inside of your house thus promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Always check your rain-gutters and drainage systems to ensure that nothing blocks them.

4. Repair roof leaks

Minor roof leaks can become a huge problem especially when temperatures start dropping. Snow or frozen water will increase the risk of water damage. Therefore, you need to climb up your roof and inspect it thoroughly. Check for any signs of damage especially on the valleys and ridges. Look at the chimneys and vents too. A small amount of effort can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

5. Work on your lawn

As the weather gradually turns colder some individuals will feel relieved because they won’t have to mow or clean their lawn again till spring. In most cases, this is usually true. You won’t have lots of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of your lawn. However, before you start locking yourself in, you need to fertilize your lawn. Start by spreading a layer of ground freeze to ensure that your lawn grows green in the spring. This is one of the best ways to start the spring season. You can also save a lot of money by winterizing your sprinkler system.

6. Fill the cracks around your property

The growing roots might have damaged the walkway or driveway. It’s important to take a couple of minutes to walk around your property and check if the pavers and concrete have become uneven or loose. This simple task can prevent hazards throughout different seasons of the year, especially in icy or wet weather. No matter how small the crack is, if you spot and fill it before winter, you’ll have a chance to prevent water from getting in and freezing. This can lead to more cracks and damages which will be expensive to repair.

7. Prepare to heat things up

You need to inspect the equipment that heats your home and perform routine maintenance before winter. If you use a heater, you can hire a professional to inspect for you. And ensure that it is working safely and efficiently. A heater that leaks will not only waste energy but also fill your house with dangerous poisonous air. You should never sacrifice the quality of indoor air for anything. This is especially true during the winter season.

Bonus Tips:

Change the air filter

The air filter in your property should be changed regularly. While most homeowners neglect or forget to change the air filter, fall is the best time to look at all the filters in your home and change them if necessary. Doing this will not only improve the quality of air in your house but also increase the efficiency levels of your furnace. If you have started taking note of whines and screeches from the belt or erratic sounds from the furnace, you’ll need to inspect it for burner problems, blockages, or thermostat issues. You should do this during fall instead of waiting till the winter season.

Inspect the chimney

If you use a chimney to heat your home during the cold season, you’ll need to inspect it during fall to ensure that there are no venting problems or blockages. Clean, sweep, and clear the chimney before you start a fire in your house. If you are on a budget, you should consider including an energy-efficient fireplace to heat all your rooms. Conducting routine checks during fall will help you save time and money and avoid inconveniences.


Before rolling into the autumn season, there are a lot of things that you need to check around your property to minimize hazards and save money. While these tasks seem intimidating, they are as easy as a pumpkin (well, much easier). You can also delegate some of these tasks to professionals.

Author Bio:

Leon Collier is a blogger and academic writer from the UK who works with Write my essay UK and offers a writing service. He likes trying new subjects and is always focused on proving his worth as a writer in new and challenging writing areas. His hobbies are reading books and playing tabletop games with his friends. You can reach him via Twitter @LeonCollier12.

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Kitchen remodeling, or kitchen redesigning, is a common and ongoing project. Kitchen remodeling aims to change your kitchen’s overall appearance and functionality to improve your lifestyle.

When you decide to start a project like this, there are several things you should consider before beginning the process. It would be best if you considered everything from budgeting to design and style. You want a new look for your kitchen, but you also want it to function properly.

The process of remodeling your kitchen is complicated and requires the help of professionals in many areas. If you are thinking about doing this yourself or have no idea where to start your project, here are some tips.


Your kitchen is your home’s focal point. You spend most of your time in this room, so you must choose a design that fits your needs and style.

You can choose a traditional look, a contemporary design, or something in between. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s going to work for your home and lifestyle.

Kitchen remodeling projects vary from person to person, so the best style for one family may not be ideal for another. Before you start the process, make sure that your kitchen will work for you and your family.

Keep in mind that the overall look of your kitchen will be determined by how much money you have available and what type of features you want to include.


The type of flooring you choose will depend on your budget and personal preference. You’ll want to ensure that the kind of flooring you select is easy to clean, doesn’t have a strong odor, and can withstand moisture.

Your kitchen’s design should also be taken into consideration. You’ll want to choose a flooring option that fits your design style and works well with the other elements of your kitchen, such as lighting and appliances.

If you’re planning on using tile in your kitchen, make sure it’s durable enough to withstand spills and stains. If you’re planning on using 3D flooring, choose a type that is easy to clean and won’t warp or split over time. If you’re planning on using laminate flooring in your kitchen, make sure it’s stain-resistant and won’t absorb moisture.


When you’re building a new kitchen, the materials used will make a big difference in how your project turns out. In general, it’s best to choose high-quality cabinets and countertops for durability and beauty.

High-quality cabinetry can also save you money in the long run because it will be easier to maintain and keep looking great. You’ll also find that high-quality materials are more affordable than the alternatives.

If you’re planning on painting your cabinets, make sure you choose durable paint with low odor and mildew resistance. If you plan on using granite countertops, make sure you choose a type that is resistant to scratches and stains.

Selecting suitable materials for your kitchen can also help save money in the long run because it will be easier to maintain and keep looking great.


Before you begin any remodeling project, it’s essential to know precisely how much money you have available. This will help you determine the style and features that are most important for your kitchen.

You need to make sure that you have all the items on the list you will need for your remodeling project. This includes any cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting.

When it comes time to select new cabinets or countertops, you’ll need to have all the dimensions and sizes available. If you don’t, you may be forced to buy them from a different store or supplier, which can increase your costs.

It’s also essential to include all the costs for materials and labor. If you’re not sure how much you’ll need, contact a professional to help you with this step.


The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s essential to make sure you get exactly what you need. You’ll want to consider how much space your new kitchen will have and how many people are likely to be using it at any given time.

When choosing appliances, consider whether or not you plan on using them often enough that they will be worth the expense. Also, make sure that you select appliances that will work well with your kitchen’s design.

If you’re planning on using a refrigerator in your new kitchen, look for an energy-efficient one and has adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of food containers. If you plan on using a dishwasher, make sure it has a “water-level” control that makes it easy to determine when the dishwasher is full.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the style of cooking that you enjoy most. If you love to cook, choose appliances and features designed to make your cooking experience more enjoyable.


As you can see, there are many decisions to be made when planning your new kitchen. But by following the tips in this article, you’ll have a better idea of what’s important to you and how much it will cost.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, look over the pros and cons of each appliance to make sure that it’s going to be a good fit for your kitchen.

Make sure you choose your contractor carefully. Do thorough research & check more online guides before diving into the implementation.

Guest Contributor: Rituraj


Are you thinking about what you want to do in life? Going to a trade school is a very good idea after high school or if you think you need a career change. There’s so many benefits about going into the trades, and we highly recommend the plumbing industry!


You can go to a community college or a vocational school to train to be a plumber, therefore no massive student loan debts. There are also numerous apprenticeships that would allow you to work and earn money while learning hands on at the same time.


Most plumbers live comfortably. The average salary for a plumber, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is over $50,620 annually compared to the national median income of $36,200. 

The more experience you have, certifications, and skill you have all play into your salary. 


You will never lose your job due to a lack of need. People will always need a plumber, no matter the state of the economic environment.


Each job site is a different scenario and a different way to fix things. You will never get tired of doing the same thing because no two jobs will be the exact same.


After an apprenticeships, if you stick with it, you can be successful. You will be licensed, can open your own business, the opportunity is endless.

Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing Team


Hardware Tools and Supplies For Home

Tools For Your Home

Hardware tools are those tools that are very necessary to improve and maintain our house. Hardware tools include plumbing supplies, power tools, hand tools etc. In this article, I’ll explain that what the most important tools that every house owner must have that helps to maintain daily home tasks, and why these are necessary.

Following are the basic and necessary hardware tools and supplies,

Plumbing supplies:

Plumbing supplies (fixture) is an exchangeable machine which helps you to drain water and also connected to a plumbing system. The most frequent and important plumbing fixtures are bathtubs, drains, kitchen sinks, and strainers. Draining is not considered as the most attractive part of a house, because it is critical. The process of the drain-waste system is to carry waste water and dirt from sinks, bathtubs, shower, toilets and all water related appliances that mostly include dishwashers and washing machines. It is hard to get done this job, but you can do it when you have a collection of good plumbing supplies and a little know-how about the process.

Power tools:

A power tool is a tool that starts by an extra power source and machinery. Without power tool, you cannot do your electric work with the help of hand tool or manual labor. Most common type of power tool includes electric motors, miter saw, battery power drill, circular saw, and jigsaw. Power tools can be classified as portable (handy) or stationery power tools. The main advantage of using portable power tools is you can do the task by moving machine freely and effortlessly. Whereas stationary power tools give benefit in speed and accuracy, metal work can be done by stationary power (machine) tools. Power tools are also used in industries, in production, in a garden, and at home as well.

Hand tools:

With the help of hand tool work can be done manually. It includes the wide range of wrench and axes. It is a set of traditional gadget that contains crescent wrench, hammers, pliers, saws, tape measures, utility knives, flashlight, and screwdrivers. Hand tools are less risky than power tools and also easy to use, with the help of these hand tools you can do the minor and major task by self. Let’s take an example of the hacksaw, you can cut through metal pipe, screw, nuts, and bolts with hacksaw easily and it can’t be done with any other tool. Same with the pipe wrench, it used to stiff and slacken threaded pipes, fixtures, and nuts.

Tools and supplies are the most important and necessary thing that every household should have as well as should have an adequate knowledge that how to use hardware tools and supplies in an effective and efficient way. Hardware tools help you to manage minor as well as major daily tasks without any trouble. For this you must have a quality toolkit that lasts longer, it is obvious to buy expensive tools all in once but, you can buy some basic tools that are needed the most.

Author Bio:

Shawn Michaels is an engineer and a documentary maker who likes to review mechanical tools. He loves to explore new places full of natural beauty and enjoys tool shopping! He writes regularly for

Simple Way To Revamp A Bathroom


If your bathroom is looking a little tired, it may not take a complete renovation to bring it back to life.  Some planning and a few simple alterations can go a long way and make your bathroom feel like a brand new space that will wow your visiting friends and family.  We all know that bathrooms serve a pretty important function in our homes; they’re one of a few rooms that the whole family will use daily, and it might be the only room that guests use as well.  It’s one of the rooms that’s most important for potential buyers to like (the bathroom, along with the kitchen, can often be the make it or break it for a sale).  Your bathroom should be functional, but it also can be a place where you can kick your shoes off and relax at the end of a busy week.

The first thing that you should look at when it comes to bathroom revamping is the walls.  Is that paint colour giving your bathroom a case of the blahs?  Maybe it was chosen by the previous owner or tenant, or maybe you painted on a whim and have realized that your paint colour just isn’t working anymore.  Whatever the case may be, painting your bathroom can be the single biggest change you can make in the feel of the room.   Before you grab another can of colour, check out your wall condition.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of elbow grease to fill in small holes and sand them down.  Use a spackle that turns pink to white (wet to dry) so you know when to grab that sandpaper and get to work.  Spend your time getting the wall nice and smooth and then figure out what colour is going to work best.  Even if you’re a person who loves colour, a pale neutral on the walls can actually breathe a lot of life into a space.  Save the punches of colour for your accessories.  Giving your trim and baseboards a fresh coat of white can make a bigger impact that you probably imagine as well.  The key to a good paint job is to take your time and don’t opt for the cheapest paint out there; a good quality paint may actually save you money in the long run as the coverage will be far better than with a cheap, thin paint.

So your walls look a lot better, what now?  Take a look at the vanity mirror.  Often even in brand new houses, the mirror is a large pane of glass with no trim.  If that’s the case and you’re short on budget, use a nice baseboard cut to size to create a frame for your mirror.  Give it a fresh coat of paint in the same colour as your trim and baseboards.  If your mirror is smaller and you’re able to remove it, either update the one you have with paint or search the stores for a mirror that better fits your taste.  The mirror and vanity are often focal points and a great choice can update your entire room.

If your towels, hand towels and facecloths are visible (if they’re on an open shelf or rolled in a basket, for example), you’ll be surprised at how much nicer a matching set in a beautiful, complementary colour can look.  Towels are primarily functional, of course, but they can most definitely serve double duty as decor as well.  Here’s where you can add those punches of colour I mentioned earlier.  If you love red, go for shades of cherry or wine in your bathroom linens.  Teal remains the colour of choice this year and towels come in some gorgeous varieties.  Whatever your choice, always keep them rolled or folded neatly.   Check out matching bathmats in luxurious pile to give your bathroom a boost.

Look up!  Your light fixture might be keeping your bathroom looking dull and it’s not hard to shed more light on the situation.  If you love the fixture, make sure to clean it so it’s free from dust and debris, and check your bulbs.  There are a number of different shades and functions in light bulbs and you’ll want to ensure that yours is doing the job it’s supposed to.  Go for bright white especially in bathrooms that don’t have the benefit of natural light through a window.  Your lighting should make your bathroom feel welcoming and certain lights can make it appear dingy.

Your decor should also complement your bathroom colours and style, so ensure that it’s doing the job you want it to.  Craft projects can be fun and look store bought, so if you have the knack, get to work putting a few things together for a room you’ll love!

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5 Simple Bedroom Makeover Ideas


Are you the kind of person who likes to spend the maximum amount of time in your bedroom? Do you think it’s time your bedroom got a makeover so that it’s more comfortable, attractive and healthy to be in? For this, you needn’t call in an interior decorator and spend big money. Just a few small tweaks here and there can change your room marvelously. If you’re ready to make small changes that could make a big difference to your room, read on:

Bring character to your bedroom with nice wood flooring: By installing a great wood flooring such as white oak flooring to your bedroom, you’d lend a lot of character to it. However, this doesn’t mean spending huge money. You can do this installing the floor yourself.

Bring the outdoors inside: To get the widest possible view, it’s a great idea to bring the outdoors into your room. One way of doing this is to have large windows, from floor to ceiling that will keep the room warm with sunlight streaming in and give you a wonderful view of the landscape outside. Make your layout in the room simple and easy to walk around so that the windows get all the importance. Let your bed be parallel with the window so that you can enjoy the view and turn over in bed if you find the light too strong.

A spot to sit but not in bed: You might want to sit in your bedroom to do a bit of personal reading or writing–something you can’t do comfortably in bed. So, create a corner where you can have a couple of comfortable chairs and table, where you can do what you want–even if it means having a chat with your partner, getting into shoes or checking your email.

Have an interesting headboard? If you’re the type that sits up in bed to read, you need an interesting and practical headboard. The Net is full of interesting designs of headboards, so why not choose among them? You could make it yourself if you’re a talented woodworker or have it done professionally. Use your imagination and create a unique headboard. After all, it’s your headboard that you want for a specific purpose.

A nightstand with everything you need: It makes sense to have a nightstand that accommodates everything you might need in the middle of the night. You’re obviously going to need room for a jug of water, a book, your medicines, a torch and a bedside lamp. When putting your necessities together on your nightstand, don’t think your nightstand must be absolutely perfect. It only needs to be perfect in having enough room for all that you want there. Finally, your nightstand has to reflect your personality, so go ahead and fill it with all your needs.

How is you room lighting? Rather than installing the lights directly over your bed, you should install them in a way that you can look up at them when you are in your bed. Direct light is pretty uncomfortable if installed overhead as compared to the soft light at face level.


If you like all the changes you’ve just made in your bedroom recently, sit back and admire your creativity. Then, get up and start enjoying your new-look bedroom.

Author Bio: Manisha Kumar is a versatile writer and editor of She loves blogging about DIY tips on woodworking and home décor. When she is not blogging, she is watching movies or cooking her favorite recipes.

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Know How to Fix the Impulsive Plumbing Problem

Plumbing problems are usually impulsive because they can take place at any point of time either in the day or night. Usually, they do provide warnings beforehand; which most of the homeowners tend to ignore or try to fix them on their own. Without knowing the root cause of the problem, one cannot fix the issue, however, can provide a temporary relief. As a result of which after few days from the repairing, the problem tends to come back again and may become much more complicated. This is when people look for the emergency plumbing services.

Usually the reputed plumbing companies offer services of emergency plumber specialist who work round the clock and even on the weekends and national holidays. In fact, they do not charge anything extra from the client for providing services at the mid of the night or early in the morning. The emergency plumber specialist offers a vast range of services such as:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Clogged toiler repair
  • Bathroom sink repair
  • Faucet repair
  • Frozen pipes
  • Dishwasher repair
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Main sewer line repair
  • Camera Line Inspection

In fact these emergency services include basement plumbing, laundry room plumbing, kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing as well as outdoor plumbing.  Apart from providing all these services 24×7, the Emergency plumber specialist companies are reliable companies and are licensed and insured and provide free estimates or quotes for the ease of the customers.

The emergency plumber specialist companies suggest that unpredicted plumbing emergencies can be avoided by checking the plumbing system throughout the year. Many plumbing situations are caused due to the presence of the defective plumbing supply lines. Examining plumbing beneath sinks at least twice in the year; ensure that the water shut-off controller is working and that the connections are checked for twists or erosion on the pipes. These simple procedures can help reduce unanticipated plumbing problems and will ultimately help the customer to save money.

Just like we have to look for a professional electrician, painter, carpenter or handyman; similarly when it comes to plumbing; one should always choose a professional plumber. This is because the professionals are well-trained; they do not guess what needs to be done to fix the problem; rather they confidently do a task to fix the problem. Apart from this; hiring a professional can involve lots of advantages which are mentioned below:

  • A professional plumber understands the level of frustration that a customer goes through due to the plumbing related problems. Thus, the plumber provides assurance to the customer and works efficiently so that the problems can be fixed in no time.
  • A professional knows the importance of time; thus they always arrive on time and get the work done within the stipulated time frame.
  • Since, the professional plumbers are trained and experienced they provide high quality services so that customers do not need to come back again for the same problem.
  • A professional plumber will not hesitate to discuss about the fee before starting with the work whereas an unprofessional plumber will not disclose the fees. Thus, the customer does not need to worry for paying extra charges.
  • The professional plumbers always use the advanced tools and techniques for getting the issues fixed. The use of advanced tools and techniques helps in getting the issues fixed quicker and more efficiently.


Apart from all these benefits, a professional emergency plumber specialist will also help you with tips to prevent common plumbing problems. Thus, fix the impulsive plumbing problems by contacting the professional plumbers who offer emergency services throughout the day and night.

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