You can’t complete any job without the right tools but which ones are essential? While every activity requires a certain tool, you don’t need every product in the store to start working on projects. A good method is to match the tool to the work at hand and gradually build up your toolkit. This list will provide you with a great jumping-off point to the ultimate home renovation equipment set.


Every home has a measuring tape but when it comes to renovations, your normal measuring tape will not suffice. You’ll need a tape with a working tang, firm stand-out, locking mechanism, and suitable bell hook. It should also be strong enough to withstand a fall from a great height. It will be your go-to remodeling companion, assisting you in measuring your floor for new tiles. A measuring tape is also helpful for decoration purposes since you need to know your wall lengths to establish what size of prints will look best in your room.


According to professional renovators, tool carriers such as belts, clips, and bags can help you keep your tools at hand as you work. Nobody likes to hassle with climbing up and down the ladder every time they need to put a tool down. If your renovation is small in scale, an apron will suffice for the tiny items you need such as sponges, nails, screws, and tape. However, if you plan on remodeling the entire room or your house, a professional tool belt is a must-have. Look into buying one which can hold everything you might need, including a hammer, screws, pliers, knife, and your measuring tape.


First, you should be mindful about protecting your eyes. Whenever you use a tool that might generate some flying debris, safety eyewear should be a part of your look. Protecting your lungs is also important. Dust masks, in addition to sufficient ventilation, will keep your lungs safe. When dealing with chemicals found in many paints and solvents, make sure to use a respirator with all the appropriate filters. Strong yet comfortable safety boots are crucial to keeping your feet and ankles protected from possible injuries. When it comes to hearing protection, earplugs are the least expensive option.


Because you’ll be renovating your living space on your own, you’ll need a ladder to get close and personal with the ceilings. The many different varieties of ladders can make it difficult to pick one but identifying your requirements and your storage capacity can help you narrow down your options. They should be small enough to be easily stored while being big enough to provide an adequate working area. You should also bear in mind that some ladders come with a space on which you can attach your tools, making a day-long wall painting job much more comfortable.


If you have a relatively small renovation planned, you’ll be set with a basic toolset containing screwdrivers and a cordless drill. On the other hand, larger remodeling endeavors may require some power tools such as specialized saws, a nailer, and a sander. Adequate electrical tools will save you both time and money during your makeover; however, remember to research which exact power tools you’ll need for the type of remodeling you’re attempting to do. For example, there’s no need for buying or renting out a table saw if you don’t have to cut a lot of wood.

Remodeling your home on your own can be a challenging job but having key equipment and tools will make your renovation much easier. From tiny additions to your kit such as the measuring tape to bigger electrical tools, it’s important to have it all at your disposal. While working, it’s essential to be safe too, so remember to buy the much-needed safety items.

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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