Have you checked out our new Blue Collar Eats video over on Facebook where we reviewed Amigos Mexican Restaurant? “You guys know me, I’m always on the hunt for tacos, and we found somebody that’s giving Frankfort a run for their money”, says Kevin. This restaurant is definitely a hidden gem! We sat down and gave you the scoop, along with Ron and Jason who joined us for this delicious meal.

Ron, one of our plumbers, joined Kevin in reviewing this restaurant out. “The steak is real nice, tender, delicious, the cilantro is fresh, onions are fresh, everything is diced up real fine, it’s easy to eat. I like this taco a lot!”

Jason, another one of our plumbers, explained why everyone says this place is giving Frankfort a run for it’s money. “There’s no doubt in my mind that this place is gonna give places a run for their money.” Ron chimed in and agreed, saying, “No, definitely. Even the chicken is traditionally seasoned, not overpowering, really nice, juicy and tender. Pretty much everything you would want in a piece of chicken.”

All three agreed “now that’s a good taco!” as they cheered to the tacos and took a bite.

Kevin review a little bit of everything, from the tostados, chicken tacos, steak tacos, their guacamole, homemade salsa and burritos. He said everything was great, and the best tacos he’s ever had.

“The chicken tacos and the al pastor are great!” says Rasheed from Bear Down, he’s one of their best customers! He loves this place and talks very highly of them.

Another customer explained he loves the tacos, and his little brother likes the burgers. “There’s something here for everyone.”

Amigos reopened their doors on Thursday, October 14th at 20831 S. Lagrange Rd. in Frankfort IL. Keep in mind it is a cash only establishment, but they do have an ATM located inside of the restaurant.

Check out our video on Facebook on our page, Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing – Local Plumber and make sure to check out the restaurant whenever you’re in the area!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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