When you’re thinking of redesigning your home, it often seems that the bedroom comes last, if at all. This is possibly so because you always think of investing in those visible parts of your home where the family gathers and you entertain your friends, so the bedroom somehow gets neglected.

There’s no reason this should be so as your bedroom should be the place where you escape the craziness of the day and find peace and serenity. Choosing the right design for it may seem daunting at first but if you’re looking to revamp it into something cool and modern, this is the way to go!


Changing the layout of your bedroom is a very cost-effective way to completely change its look. It also consumes very little of your time and effort but the results can be amazing! Draw up a sketch of your room and consider how you can move your furniture so the room still remains functional and what you can eliminate completely. If you only change the direction of your bed, you can make all the difference in the orientation of your room.


Neutrals, such as fresh pink, baby blue and mint green as well as nude and off-whites are all a fantastic choice for a trendy bedroom. However, you don’t have to stick to just neutrals to get a modern look. You can add accent colours but do it carefully in the form of impactful details. Think in terms of subtle accessories, such as rugs, plants, covers and throw cushions. These are a perfect way to infuse a little controlled colour but do get creative with materials – opt for rich textures to keep the luxury vibe alive.


With the bed as the focal point in every bedroom, switching up the throw pillows and your covers can be a very effective change. While at it, consider selecting new bedding such as a marble patterned microfiber comforter with matching pillows that will add a touch of class and elegance to the overall look. Besides the aesthetic aspect, high-quality bedding will improve your sleep as well giving you more energy throughout the day.  


If you have lots of natural light flowing into your bedroom, maximize it as much as you can – get rid of the heavy window dressings and go for simpler and more elegant fabrics that won’t block the sunlight during the day, but add soft drapes on the sides so you can make it dark at night.

Don’t forget other forms of lighting in your bedroom. They are also important for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. This mostly refers to bedside lamps, floor lamps and wall-mounted sconces. The combination of multiple light sources will create layers of light and make the atmosphere warmer and cosier.


Your bedroom floor is another great place to add more impact. Plus, it’s always great to feel softness under your feet. Consider adding a thick shag or a dramatic vintage rug. These can help you pull a room together and by layering a few, you can give the space a tranquil and relaxed feel.


Don’t neglect your walls! A new coat of paint, wallpapers, artwork or a feature wall can all have a strong and instant effect on the look of your bedroom. Choose art pieces that reflect your personal interests and tastes, and display them uniquely.

Make a gallery wall that you can continuously enhance. Pick frames in a consistent style but do range them from simple black to ornate silver and gold vintage. Put them up on floating ledges that are both minimalistic and very modern.

You can finally stop beating yourself up for neglecting your bedroom and with the help of these easy design tips, you can give it a much needed stylish makeover. There are so many things you can change and update, just make sure you prioritize the steps and choose things that are modern and cool but also match your personality!

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith


Are you trying to make your kitchen smart? If that’s the case, it’s good to know that almost every inch of your kitchen can be smart. As technology continues to advance, there are fewer things that you actually need to do yourself in the smart kitchen. Many of the smart appliances in your kitchen today are voice-activated, which means that you don’t even need to be at home to preheat your oven!

If you’re interested in discovering all the different smart appliances that you’d need to make your kitchen smart, you’re in the right spot. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with a smart appliance that will make your every morning a good morning – a smart coffee machine. A perfect day starts with a cup of your favorite coffee. It’s only logical that your kitchen should be equipped with a gadget such as this.

Smart coffee machines come in different modern and sleek designs. They are simple to use and allow you to choose between many different modes such as filter or grinder modes. 

Additionally, many smart coffee machines today come with apps for your phone. With this app, you can personalize your coffee by choosing how well you want your coffee to be ground, the strength of the coffee or you can simply set filter mode if you prefer filter coffee. With the app, you can also program the exact time you want your cup of coffee to be made.

Smart coffee machines can be also connected to your home hub and thanks to this you can use voice commands to tell your machine to make coffee. And just like that, you can have a perfect cup of coffee without moving a finger.


At the first glance, a food processor isn’t much different than a blender. It can grind, grate, chop and slice food, make fresh juice, and even kneed the dough. The main difference is that with a food processor you don’t need to add water or any liquids to do the chopping, mincing, grinding, and other similar tasks. 

Smart food processors come with a couple of programed auto menus and each has a different sequence, for example, mincing, chopping, draining, or paste making, to name a few. With a processor, you will get many versatile accessories – different types of detachable blades, jars and in many cases, you’ll also get a storage case for all these accessories.


A smart oven is usually a stand-alone oven, similar to a toast oven but with many more functionalities. An oven of this kind can steam cook, air fry, dehydrate and do the regular baking and convection cooking.

Smart ovens are called smart thanks to their ability to send data over Wi-Fi to your home hub allowing you to turn on the oven, preheat it, control the temperature, or set timer alerts. You can also do all this through a phone app.

In case you have problems with your oven or you need oven repair you can always call professionals. Don’t think that just because you have a smart oven, no one will be able to repair it. You don’t need to immediately change your oven if something is wrong with it, instead call experts in smart oven repairs and save quite a bit of money. Smart appliances can be repaired as well!


If you’re not a fan of cooking ranges, you can buy a standalone oven, we mentioned above, and a smart induction stovetop. These stovetops use induction to heat your pots and pans but leave the stovetop cool to the touch. So, compared to regular electric cooktops, these induction ones take no time to heat up and cook food more quickly. Additionally, they are easy to clean and much safer than electric and gas ones.

They are easily programmable and feature a built-in touchscreen that allows you to search the internet for your favorite recipes. With certain stovetops, you can get an app that allows you to control it with your phone – turn it on, control the temperature, and similar commands.


Everything is smart in a smart kitchen, even your fridge. So, what can a smart fridge do that a regular one can’t, you may wonder? Just like with other smart appliances, you can control your fridge with your phone or give it voice commands.

A smart fridge, unlike the regular one, can recognize the type of items you store in it and keep track of their expiration dates. These modern fridges are also more energy efficient as they can save electricity by monitoring issues and adjusting temperatures. 

A smart fridge is so smart that it can play music and movies on its screen!


If we can have a smart fridge, why not also have a smart dishwasher. Everyone loves seeing clean and shiny dishes and cutlery on their table, don’t they? Your old dishwasher was pretty good, but this smart one is even better. 

Now, you’ll still have to load and unload it yourself – that hasn’t changed, yet. What has changed with these new generation dishwashers is the ability to connect them to your home hub.

Just like with most smart appliances, you have the opportunity to connect your new dishwasher to your phone as well, with an app. This app allows you to select the program depending on what you’re washing and also the volume. Additionally, the dishwasher will send you a notification when the washing is done. This is precisely what makes it so energy-efficient.


People love slow cookers because they make cooking easy. They love how the slow cooker can bring out flavors in foods and how convenient it is for the fast-paced lives we’re living.

What you are going to love even more is a smart slow cooker. With a smart slow cooker, you won’t have to worry about not having food for tomorrow because now you can leave your cooker on overnight too.

Smart slow cookers can now connect to your smartphone and with an appropriate app you can control the cooker remotely – turn it on and off, monitor cooking time, and change cooking settings. And there you have it, cooking has never been easier!

These and many more smart appliances can make your kitchen look like something out of a science fiction movie. The best part is that they are very convenient and easy to use. They’ll make cooking an amazing experience for you.

So, don’t wait any longer, transform your regular kitchen into a smart one!

Guest Contributor: Ron Wolf


Have you thought about using solar power in your home? If not, you could be missing out. Want to know why? Well, you can save some good money from your electricity bills. 

Solar power reduces dependence on the national supply. No more blackouts or shutdowns when the electricity company is doing maintenance.  

When shopping, go for the best-looking solar panels. And no, it is not about vanity. Do you know solar panels can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell? And, you will be doing your part in saving the environment. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable.  

Maybe you are not quite ready to rig up your whole home to solar power just yet. But, since you have embraced remote working, your energy bills have gone up quite a bit.

If you are looking for a solution, please read on. We will share some tips for creating a solar-powered home office. 


Powering your house using solar energy requires some expert advice. Yes, there are tons of resources, both online and offline,  you can use to educate yourself. YouTube is full of DIY solar panel installation tips. So, can you rig your home office yourself? Absolutely.  

But, look at it this way. A good solar installation kit is not exactly cheap. You will also void any warranty if you mess up the job. And remember, there are factors you may not know when shopping for solar panels.  

Yes, we did say above that you should buy the best-looking solar panels. But there is a lot more that goes into the process. It helps to know quality brands that will give you long-term usage. The experts will also advise on things like battery storage and positioning.  

And that’s not all. Try shopping for solar kits and the process can be overwhelming. There are so many brands coming in at different price points. It is a good idea to let someone with the knowledge guide you.  

Take your time to do your due diligence when looking for solar installers. Ensure the company has relevant certification, licensing, and proof of professionalism.  

Read customer reviews and talk to some happy customers. A reputable company should not have an issue availing references. Also, ask questions about maintenance and warranty for the solar equipment.  


Take the time to learn the basics of solar power installation. It will make more sense for you when the experts talk about specific components or processes. Do you, for instance, know that wrong wiring can lead to fires or electric shocks? 

Familiarize yourself with the different components. These include solar panels, mounting brackets, charge controllers, batteries, and inverters. Do not be shy about asking the consulting company questions. A little knowledge never hurt anybody.  


It helps to know how much energy you will need to run your home office. Start by listing down any appliances that need power. You may have laptops, printers, a scanner, a fridge, and a coffee maker. Also consider other factors like lighting, heating, and air conditioning.  

The requirements will depend on the type of work you do. Take the example of running a printing press. It will need more power than the basic office equipment we have listed above. The more energy you will need, the more panels you will buy.  

The experts will calculate your power needs by taking into consideration all the appliances you will use in your home office. 


Some factors will determine the solar panel placement. Let’s say your home office is in a building separate from the main house. You must consider the following. 

  • The direction of the roof – the more the orientation of the roof to the sun, the better. 
  • Shade from trees around the home office. Consider the different seasons, in winter the sun stays pretty low in the sky. The result is longer shadows which will block the sun from hitting the panels. The type of trees also matter. Take the Example of Evergreens that keep their leaves all year round. 
  • Surrounding infrastructure that could cast shadows on the roof. 
  • Roof angles and protrusions could interfere with the placement of panels.

The type of solar panels you buy matters. Some reduce output in low sunlight conditions. Others will go off. But the basic principle is the more direct sunlight, the higher efficiency you achieve in energy production. 

Also, if you are planning any roof renovations, do them before installing the solar panels.  


Components placement is also critical. The experts may recommend putting the AC/DC inverter right next to the electric meter. The electricity in the panels is direct current (DC). It will need to convert to alternating current (AC) so that you can use it to power your office and appliances. The consulting company will ask for a site visit to determine the best placement.  

A good solar kit should also come with a backup battery. It allows you to store energy during peak sunshine hours for use when you need it. You can save a lot by switching to the stored power in the evening or at night. 

The solar installation professionals must adhere to building codes when placing the batteries. Some places do not allow for the mounting or installation of batteries in interior spaces. You may need to upgrade the structure first to accommodate them. 

Do not ignore the permit requirements. It would be unfortunate to rig up your home office, only to have to bring it down due to noncompliance.  


Solar power will save you money and is very dependable. You can run your home office without having to worry about blackouts or other power disruptions. The best piece of advice we can give is to let professionals handle the installation. 

They have the expertise and in-depth knowledge to do the work. You also get advice on the best quality from the tons of options available.  

But, this is not to say that you should not take an active part in the process. Do your due diligence before hiring professional solar installers. Check licensing, customer reviews and talk to a few references. 

Also, educate yourself on the basics of solar power. There are tons of resources available online. The professionals should also be comfortable answering any questions you have. 

Guest Contributor: Daniel Martin


You never want to have a clogged toilet. Who does? But when you do, it’s always frustrating because no one wants to clean up that mess! It’s icky and gross. So, you maybe think, why does toilet keep clogging?? Many different things can cause toilets to always clogging, but the most common reason is using too much paper, older model toilets, flush non-flushable items, toilet trap is blocked, toilet vent blocked, main sewer line problems, or insufficient water in the bowl. Read about how to stop your toilet from clogging and what causes this problem in the first place!


There are six main rezones when the toilet keeps getting clogged. Below we give you why toilet clogging and how to solve it. 

  • Older model toilet or low flow toilet
  • Too much toilet paper use
  • Flush Non-Flushable Items
  • The Toilet Trap Is Blocked
  • The Toilet Vent Blocked
  • Main Sewer Line Problems




Toilet upgrades are also necessary when the current toilet does not flush or has an adequate water supply for flushing purposes. A plumber should be contacted if there is any doubt about whether or not the toilet needs replacing. 


Many people don’t realize the amount of toilet paper they use. In fact, Americans use and throw away an average of 27 pounds of toilet paper per person every year. So, almost 325 million Americans, that’s roughly 19 billion pounds of toilet paper going into our landfills. 


We have been conditioned to think that we need fresh sheets every time we sit on the throne, but in reality, you only need one sheet for each sitting. That’s right: experts recommend using just one square per sheet for your own hygiene and environmental health! So, don’t flush too much toilet paper. 


Do you know the difference between a flushable and non-flushable item? For something to be flushed down your toilet, it must meet two criteria: firstly, it cannot contain any solid material such as plastic or metal; secondly, it must have a low density. That means water can cause an object to break apart and pass through the pipes without clogging them.


Non-flushable items with high densities like paper towels or sanitary pads will clog up or even block your plumbing. We recommend throwing out these types of things in trash bins instead of flushing them down toilets.


Where does the waste go if your toilet trap is blocked? Your toilet has s shape toilet trap, which can be clogged easily.


A blocked toilet is an unpleasant event that can be difficult to fix. If you have a plunger, pour some dish soap down the drain and follow with hot water to create suction. You may also need to use a plumber’s snake or auger if this doesn’t work. 

If you don’t have one of these tools on hand, try pouring boiling water down the drain and adding two cups of white vinegar followed by more boiling water. This should clear up any clogs so your bathroom can go back to normal!


Blocked toilet vents are a common problem for bathroom owners, and there are many causes. Blocked vents can be caused by improper installation, clogs or other debris in the drainpipe, overuse of cleaners that cause buildup on the vent cover. 


Toilet vent covers periodically be cleaned with vinegar to prevent this from happening. The Toilet vent becomes blocked due to an object down the toilet, such as clothing or paper towels. If you have a clog in your pipes, it will need to be cleared before unblocking your vent; otherwise, you may not get any airflow through your system at all! You can use a plunger, chemical drain cleaner, or dish soap, and baking soda.  


Do you know that when a toilet gets clogged, there is a chance it can cause problems with the main sewer line? This is because water can’t flow down the pipe properly. When this happens, instead of rushing into the drainpipe, it pools up in your toilet bowl and begins to fill your bathroom.


It’s common for homeowners to have problems with their main sewer line. These issues can be challenging to solve; the only way to know for sure is by having your lines inspected. Sewer problems can make bad smell, expensive and time-consuming if they are not taken care of as soon as possible. For help with solving all of your sewer line problems, contact your nearby plumbing company today!



If you’ve ever been in a position where your toilet is clogged, have you wondered if it will unclog itself? Well, the answer to that question is YES and NO. For example, suppose you leave the water running for an extended period while also flushing repeatedly. In that case, there’s a chance that eventually, the toilet will overflow or, worse yet, back up into your bathroom, causing significant damage. So before you try anything else, call a professional who can get this resolved.


  If your toilet is constantly getting blocked and it seems like there’s no way around it, here are some of the most common causes for why your toilet might keep clogging. The main reason for clogs is if too much toilet paper is used; another possible cause could be non-flushable items being flushed down the drain. The best solution? Use less bathroom tissue! Don’t flush non-flushable items; use a powerful flushing toilet, and you can check your plumber system once a year. We hope you can find you why does your toilet keeps clogging and how to solve it. 

Guest Contributor: Sohel Moheb


Looking for a delicious mom and pop shop to go visit? This is the perfect place located at 15447 South 94th Avenue Orland Park, IL 60462. This place is seriously so good! They do also have gluten free options, such as their chicken is free range and the eggs are organic! They offer Metropolis Coffee, home-made baked goods, and their very own Banana Bliss!

Lets see what others are saying about this place!

“This joint is yet another vegan-friendly option in Orland Park. I love the cauliflower tacos, but TBH, they don’t need the sliced almonds.
They usually have a good vegan special, and the banana dessert is just frozen banana, and it’s delicious.
They carry Palo Alto hot sauce and their in-house sauce, and it’s a good one!
Patio is nice in the summer! Stop in and grab a great meal! Good joint to go to if you have vegan friends or if you are the vegan friend.”
-Eric K via

“Went there for breakfast yesterday morning. The 4 of had the SECS breakfast sandwich, breakfast tacos, cinnamon bun pancakes (special) and soft scramble sandwich. All were wonderful, especially the cinnamon bun pancakes, and HUGE portions. Service was fast and friendly. A great way to start your day. Can’t wait to go back!!” -Steve O. via

“If you’re looking for a good clean family owned restaurant with a great atmosphere and freshly made food then look no further! Damn good food and they always create new dishes. Live entertainment every now and again on the weekends from what I’ve seen. Last but not least, the staff is always friendly and the owner really cares about his establishment. Highly recommended!” -Dave C. via

Here are some things that are highly recommended:

  • Breakfast Tacos
  • SECS
  • Chicken on a Pita
  • Cauliflower Tacos
  • Began Greek Orzo Salad
  • Parmesan Garlic Mac n’ Cheese

The hours of operations are:

Monday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Tuesday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Wednesday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Thursday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am – 3:00pm

Saturday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

following that, they serve breakfast Monday-Thursday until 11am and Friday-Sunday until 1pm.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell


Many people think “too expensive” when they hear “home renovation.” However, updating your home does not have to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy budget upgrades to help you get started on your next home improvement project. Here are a few suggestions for cost-effective upgrades to update your home.


There are numerous inexpensive ideas to update your home decor without spending large sums of money. Here are four innovative ideas:

●      Redecorate a room in a modern color with a fresh coat of paint. It is a low-cost way to remodel a room for maximum impact.

●      Wooden floors look great but are expensive to have sand and varnish, so consider using a less expensive option like durable floor paint to spruce up the floor.

●      To give a room a boost, replace old or outdated light fixtures with modern lighting.

●      Installing wider profile skirting and architraves will look more luxurious than thin skirtings and architraves.


Concentrate on increasing the value of the kitchen and bathroom, as these are the rooms in your house that will increase the value of your property when the time comes to sell. Even on a low budget, you can make changes to a kitchen and bathroom that will have a significant impact. Consider updating cabinet handles, repairing chipped tiles, or replacing outdated faucets with more modern options. Adding a splashback and drawer organizers or extra shelves will give the space a different feel without costing a fortune.

If your kitchen or bathroom has dark laminated cabinets, the interior will appear dreary and outdated. Apply an undercoat and paint right over the top to give them a fresh, new look using laminate paints. Another suggestion is to replace old fixtures and fittings with new ones that seem high-end but aren’t too expensive.


When it comes to decorating a house on a budget, online auctions and dealers are your best friends. While it may take a little longer to find what you need, buying rebranded goods or second-hand materials can save you hundreds of dollars. However, not everyone is comfortable with purchasing a previously owned item. In this case, you can save or invest to afford to buy brand-new items that cost more. Have a look at the best investment apps for beginners online, and consider trying your hand at investing as an option to generate the funds for your renovation.


An area for outdoor entertaining is high on many buyers’ wish lists most times, and it may make or break a home’s sale. If you already have a patio, you can quickly transform it into an outside entertainment space by adding inexpensive furniture, lighting, and a grilling area. If you do not have a patio, consider building a deck off the lounge to create an indoor-outdoor flow. If the project is small enough, it doesn’t have to be expensive or require official permits.


Do these jobs yourself to save money if you’re handy with a paintbrush or complete a simple tiling job. When it comes to electrical, plumbing, and structural work, always hire professionals, get at least three quotes, and check recommendations. Doing your homework can save you a great deal of money on labor. While not hiring a contractor can help you save money on your home renovation project, make sure you have the necessary skills and tools to complete your entire to-do list. If you need to hire a contractor for some work, bear in mind the cost of the contractor’s fees and materials.

Completing renovation projects yourself can help you save money in a variety of ways. It’s also a good idea to enlist the help of family and friends for gardening tasks such as weeding, painting fences, and planting trees. They shouldn’t mind too much, especially if you order pizza and have cold drinks waiting for them!

Don’t be afraid to look into sustainable alternatives when renovating! You’re not only helping the environment, but you’re also saving money in the long run.


A fireplace is a focal point to any room, and it can be a challenging task to renovate one. However, it does not have to be as daunting as it appears, and you do not need to spend a lot of money!

You may be able to modify the fireplace on a shoestring budget, or you may need to replace the existing furnace. In any case, you should be aware of today’s modern furnaces and which alternative will best meet your needs and keep your family warm in winter.

In the same vein, the most common type of heating system installed in homes across the country is a gas furnace. This type of furnace operates through central air ducts and requires a connection to a municipal gas line. The gas heats the air, which then travels through the ductwork to different rooms in your house. Gas heating is the most cost-effective furnace type, and natural gas is generally less expensive than oil and electricity.


Rearranging furniture can completely transform a room’s look and feel, and it’s a crucial part of completing a home remodel on a budget. Choose a focal point in a room and arrange your furniture around it. You can also spruce up old furniture by refinishing the wood or reupholstering couches and chairs for a fresh look.


Overhead fixtures and portable lamps are only a matter of perspective when it comes to lighting. You can use pops of illumination to give your home a warm glow—and a personalized touch—in addition to providing functional task lighting on a friendly budget. Hang a pendant light bedside your bed in place of using a traditional lamp or highlight a bookshelf with mini lights that showcase artwork or other display pieces. You can also uplight a plant by placing a small spotlight next to a large container and angling it up toward the foliage at about a 45-degree angle.



The key to renovating or redecorating your home beautifully while staying within your budget is to set a goal for yourself, paint an entire picture of what you want, and then renovate each part of your home one by one, as described above.

Guest Contributor: Ellie Lott