When you’re thinking of redesigning your home, it often seems that the bedroom comes last, if at all. This is possibly so because you always think of investing in those visible parts of your home where the family gathers and you entertain your friends, so the bedroom somehow gets neglected.

There’s no reason this should be so as your bedroom should be the place where you escape the craziness of the day and find peace and serenity. Choosing the right design for it may seem daunting at first but if you’re looking to revamp it into something cool and modern, this is the way to go!


Changing the layout of your bedroom is a very cost-effective way to completely change its look. It also consumes very little of your time and effort but the results can be amazing! Draw up a sketch of your room and consider how you can move your furniture so the room still remains functional and what you can eliminate completely. If you only change the direction of your bed, you can make all the difference in the orientation of your room.


Neutrals, such as fresh pink, baby blue and mint green as well as nude and off-whites are all a fantastic choice for a trendy bedroom. However, you don’t have to stick to just neutrals to get a modern look. You can add accent colours but do it carefully in the form of impactful details. Think in terms of subtle accessories, such as rugs, plants, covers and throw cushions. These are a perfect way to infuse a little controlled colour but do get creative with materials – opt for rich textures to keep the luxury vibe alive.


With the bed as the focal point in every bedroom, switching up the throw pillows and your covers can be a very effective change. While at it, consider selecting new bedding such as a marble patterned microfiber comforter with matching pillows that will add a touch of class and elegance to the overall look. Besides the aesthetic aspect, high-quality bedding will improve your sleep as well giving you more energy throughout the day.  


If you have lots of natural light flowing into your bedroom, maximize it as much as you can – get rid of the heavy window dressings and go for simpler and more elegant fabrics that won’t block the sunlight during the day, but add soft drapes on the sides so you can make it dark at night.

Don’t forget other forms of lighting in your bedroom. They are also important for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. This mostly refers to bedside lamps, floor lamps and wall-mounted sconces. The combination of multiple light sources will create layers of light and make the atmosphere warmer and cosier.


Your bedroom floor is another great place to add more impact. Plus, it’s always great to feel softness under your feet. Consider adding a thick shag or a dramatic vintage rug. These can help you pull a room together and by layering a few, you can give the space a tranquil and relaxed feel.


Don’t neglect your walls! A new coat of paint, wallpapers, artwork or a feature wall can all have a strong and instant effect on the look of your bedroom. Choose art pieces that reflect your personal interests and tastes, and display them uniquely.

Make a gallery wall that you can continuously enhance. Pick frames in a consistent style but do range them from simple black to ornate silver and gold vintage. Put them up on floating ledges that are both minimalistic and very modern.

You can finally stop beating yourself up for neglecting your bedroom and with the help of these easy design tips, you can give it a much needed stylish makeover. There are so many things you can change and update, just make sure you prioritize the steps and choose things that are modern and cool but also match your personality!

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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