You probably know that colors affect a person’s mood. That’s why it’s very important to choose the colors right, especially when it comes to your bedroom. 

Needless to say, you want to achieve a comfortable, calming, and relaxing space that will help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Whether you’re renovating your bedroom or building a new one, below are some of the best color schemes for your inspiration:

Black + White + Brass

There’s nothing as timeless as black and white. 

While some people will think this color scheme is quite too heavy especially if the dominant hue is black, these colors are actually remarkably serene when used together.

You can create an entirely different mood depending on how you style your room. 

If you want to further elevate the look of your room, consider incorporating brass. It makes the space inviting, elegant, and dazzling.

Bright Blue + Gray

Blue promotes calmness and relaxation, which makes it perfect for a bedroom. Meanwhile, gray is a neutral color so it goes nicely with other hues and accents.

Blue + gray is a great option since you don’t want your room to be overly colorful or vibrant.

Natural wood details make a wonderful accent for this color scheme.

Charcoal + Gold

If you love gold and would want to incorporate it in your room, go ahead. Just make sure to pair it with warm, deep-tone neutrals, such as charcoal gray.

This color combination helps you achieve an elegant and relaxing ambiance. When working on this palette, enough lighting is important so your bedroom won’t look too dark. 

This color scheme works well with well-lit rooms or those with larger windows that allow natural light in.

Aside from charcoal gray, gold also works with chocolate brown, rich olive green, and beige.

Navy + White + Yellow

Navy and white go beautifully together and a punch of yellow makes this color scheme much more exciting. 

You can set the tone with a deep hue accent wall or some navy blue furniture, decor, or cabinetry and a backdrop of crisp, white walls.

You can use yellow for the curtains or your mattress.

For an even more dynamic color scheme, you can pair navy blue with mustard yellow or soft butter yellow. Such color offers warmth and brilliance that stands out against the coolness of the navy color.

Emerald + Mint + White

Emerald adds cheerful energy and freshness to any room. It’s a little too bright for a bedroom but it makes a beautiful option when paired with a complementary shade of mint. To tone down the vibrance of emerald, make sure to incorporate white in your color palette.

For example, you can paint the walls white and add touches of emerald wall decals or cabinetry. Then, you can choose mint green for the curtains and accessories.

Emerald also works amazing with neutral shades, particularly earth tones like gray, charcoal gray, and beige.

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Bedroom Colors

The above color schemes are just ideas. There are so many color combinations that are perfect for bedrooms. It can be a challenge deciding what colors to use for your room. To make the process easier, here are the most important factors to consider:

Start With a Mood Board

Every interior design starts with a mood board. 

A mood board lets you visualize your ideal bedroom and helps you organize your ideas for the style, mood, and colors of your dream room.

Your mood board should incorporate different elements, from the overall feel of your bedroom to the accessories, window treatments, and furniture pieces.

Don’t Forget About the Floor Color

Floor color is an important element to consider because it helps create a cohesive layout with your chosen color palette.

When choosing the color of your flooring, consider the mood you want to create, how much natural light you get, your room size, and your furniture’s color and finish.

Gray is the most popular flooring color because it’s the ultimate neutral, but you can always choose something else as long as it matches your interior design.

Pay attention to what carpets and rugs to use. Carpets should always be clean and fresh. If you can’t manage to wash your carpets deeply, there are lots of budget-friendly yet professional carpet cleaning services that will have you covered! Remember, carpet color should match your whole bedroom style. 

Consider the Orientation of Your Bedroom

Another important factor to consider when choosing paint colors is room orientation.

For example, a north-facing bedroom will have cooler light so it works well with warmer shades like pinks and yellows.

Meanwhile, a south-facing room is naturally bright so it can take cooler tones like blue or grey.

Make it Personal

Bedrooms are deeply personal spaces. Thus, you want to make sure it fits your lifestyle. If you’re a morning person, choose clean, light, and energizing paint colors.

If you’re an evening person, opt for dark, womb-like shades.


Creating a relaxing bedroom starts with choosing the right colors. Keep in mind that a color scheme doesn’t just involve the walls, but also the floors, accessories, and furnishings of your bedroom.

More importantly, it should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Guest Contributor: Leila Amber

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