New year, new you, new kitchen. Now that 2021 is well under way and that you’re hard at work fulfilling your new year’s resolutions, the time has come to rejuvenate the most important room in your home and create the kitchen of your dreams. This is your opportunity to utilize your flair for remodelling and create something truly special, inspirational, and beautiful.

That said, remodelling a kitchen is not an easy task, and you need to know how to approach this project from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. So today, let’s bring form and function together and share with you the top materials and features you should have in your kitchen in 2021.

Use wood for a biophilic design

Wood is one of those materials that can never go out of style, and it can perfectly go in any kitchen design. Whether you’re going for a rustic look and feel or an up-scale vibe, you can work various colours and textures of wood into the cabinetry, the furniture and supporting elements like shelves, and more. 

That said, wood works best when introduced as a part of a biophilic design. This approach to interior design has become very popular nowadays, because it aims to create a relationship with nature in your home and create a more peaceful space. If you think that you need more nature in your life, then make sure to use wooden elements throughout the room. 

Emphasize the benchtop with Corian

The look and feel of your kitchen can oftentimes come down to your choice of benchtops and their style, so it’s important to focus on this crucial part of the remodel. For one, you need to choose the perfect benchtop materials that emphasize aesthetics while providing durability and functionality. One of the best choices out there right now is, of course, Corian.

This is a popular material that boasts high durability and typically comes with a ten-year warranty, which is why homeowners and interior designers love it. That said, it’s also important to note that Corian is both beautiful and functional because it’s non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria, and it’s durable, but also comes in a variety of colours and boasts a sophisticated matte finish.


Make the appliances complement the style

When you’re remodelling your kitchen, you need to consider how the appliances will work with the overarching design while complementing the functionality of the space. This can be a tricky challenge, as you need to find the most efficient appliances that also come in a variety of design choices to suit your needs.

For one, it’s important to complement or contrast the finish on the benchtop and the cabinetry. You also want to choose the appliances you’ll actually use, and that fit into the overall design. Functionality is also important, and making sure you can cook a variety of dishes can be difficult if you’re strapped for space. A simple gas stove and a wok burner don’t take up much of your kitchen real estate but are compatible with a variety of styles – from something minimalist and sleek to rustic and exotic. 

In general, choose high-gloss appliances if you want to make certain areas pop, or go for a matte finish if you want that simple yet elegant look. Make sure to consider other colours than your typical white and black options, because nowadays appliances come in a variety of hues to complement the look of your kitchen.


Infuse various metals into the space

In order to give your kitchen a rich and luxurious look and feel, you might consider adding metals to your design. Metalling surfaces and features can make any kitchen beautiful and functional, so even if you’re going for eclectic or rustic, metallics can still make a big difference.

Consider brass tiles for the splashback that will act as a reflective surface and give the space a unique hue. You can also go with bronze faucets and exposed brass pipes to create a minimalist yet retro look, but remember to refrain from metallics on your appliances if you choose this approach, because the two tend to clash.


Finish the project with stone elements

Lastly, consider adding stone to your kitchen remodel. You can introduce stone for your countertops or your flooring, and both work great as durable and aesthetic materials. That said, keep in mind that granite countertops come with a hefty price tag because of the inherent durability and functionality of the material. Nevertheless, investing in stone is a good long-term decision, and the material comes in numerous styles and finishes to complement your new kitchen.

Wrapping up

In 2021, you want to make your kitchen more functional and beautiful than ever before. Use these tips to make the best decision and build the kitchen on your dreams.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer. He’s a regular contributor to the “Smooth Decorator” blog and numerous other online publications where he writes about real estate, construction, home improvement, and interior design.

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