Adding in a new small bathroom or looking to renovate the bathroom you already have? It’s a good idea to look at other bathrooms to get an idea of what you’d like the remodel to look like.

When you add white to the bathroom it surely makes the bathroom way brighter and inviting. Everything looks well lit and everything matches white when it comes to choosing all of the other materials and decorations.

Using tile is a great way of making your bathroom have a theme and match. The tile can be used to tie in the appliances and make the bathroom look more pleasing to the eye.

Sage green is making it’s come back in 2022! Almost everything matches with sage green, and all of those plant lovers out there love to incorporate it because it looks so good with plants.

Adding a pop of color with the cabinets is a great way to make a statement without having multiple colors in your bathroom or having the bathroom any other color than white.

Farmhouse aesthetics are making a come back as well, and this bathroom is definitely inspired by it. The rug is a pop of color but adds so much detail without overwhelming the bathroom.

Blue, white and gold really compliment each other, and compliment even better when it’s in a tight space like a small bathroom. The colors just go so well together.

Need storage space but don’t like the look of cabinets? This small bathroom is the perfect example of adding storage directly on the wall for all of the bathroom necessities.

Do you want to incorporate your washer and dryer into the bathroom but don’t know how? This is a great way of adding them into the corner but still making it look nice and neat.

In really tight spaces, to make a statement in the bathroom it’s always a good idea to do a textured floor to bring some type of pattern.

Adding different textures makes them both stand out better and give more dimension in the room.

Another beautiful option is adding wallpaper into the room to give the room dimension. A cute vanity and nice wallpaper can really bring the bathroom together.

Small pops of black can really compliment the white in the bathroom and make it look even brighter.

Make the bathroom inspirational! Add pops of color on the shower curtain or the carpet.

A minimalist bathroom but still looks so spacious.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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