Are you looking for ways to spice up your backyard for your kids to play that isn’t the standard playground? We gathered our favorite ideas of backyard playground that can mostly be done DIY style.

Have a child who doesn’t like playing in a playground but you’d like for them to have their own space? This cute little treehouse makes it easy for your little ones to escape to their own area to play and can easily be made with basic lumber.

Already have certain materials but want to spice it up still? Adding the rock climbing wall will definitely add a little extra to the slide and make it a bit more difficult to get up to burn some more energy.

We would recommend this for older children, but a DIY wooden playground seems like so much fun. There is a variety of things to do in such a small space but it definitely will burn some energy and create problem solving skills and aid in strength.

For those children who like rock climbing, make your own wall! This one is completely DIY by using blocks of wood instead of the typical rock climbing materials. Either way, your child should enjoy it just as much.

This one looks like loads of fun! If you don’t want to DIY a whole playground, this is definitely a good idea. Build a nice sturdy base for the playground, and then add things that are in a typical playground.

This is a great idea if you have guests over frequently with other little kiddos. A sandbox connected to a slide that comes off of the porch is an easy way to step away from your kids and let them play since the adults will be close by on the deck, able to supervise.

This jungle gym type of playground looks challenging but so much fun! It’s definitely unique and will challenge the kids to use their skills and problem solving skills.

A little play house with a playground attached to it, that’s the real definition of fun! This one looks almost completely all DIY, but like mentioned before, if you build a sturdy base and add pre-bought things, it will be just as fun!

The colored logs are a cute, creative way to lead to a playing area, and perfectly in the shade!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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