Are you updating your bedroom and need inspiration for color schemes? Look no further! We gathered our favorite color schemes so you don’t need to search!

Beautiful shades of pink and purple with the 2 dark shades to bring everything together

Sage green is a beautiful color and not often used for a bedroom color scheme. These shades of green match perfectly together and give off a relaxing aesthetic.
Incorporating different textures like the green blanket really ties together all of the color schemes.
Blue and dusty pink are the perfect colors to pair with each other. They match so beautifully.
This color scheme is unique with the amount of different colors, but they all seem to work so well with one another and compliment each other.
Another blue/grey with dusty pink. These compliment so nice!
A darker more elegant looking aesthetic, the blues really pull together and give a “clean, sleek” vibe to the room.
These are popular colors in 2021/2022 when it comes to putting colors together. The green and burnt orange match so well together.
Another dark blue room, except this time it’s brightened up by the choice of the blankets.
A range of different colors that blend so beautifully together!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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