The water heater is one of the most valuable electrical appliances in your home, especially in winters. It is true that it may not be visible to your naked eyes all the time, but the truth is it offers hot water every time you need it. In short, if it causes any of the small issues, it is like a significant disruption. 

Especially in the winter season when all your household work depends on hot water, from washing hands to washing dishes or clothes. That’s why it becomes essential to understand some of the common issues of your water heater because it may stop working. 

However, the reason to know about these issues is you can diagnose them correctly and, if not, can take appropriate action by calling the best water heater repair San Diego. So, let’s dive deep into the issues of water heaters and what you can do to fix them to get your hot water back: –

1.Not enough hot water is common, that water heater starts producing less hot water as they get older. But if you suddenly notice a significant loss in hot water while using it normally, then it’s a matter of concern. The reason for no hot water is a faulty thermostat. 

So, test your thermostat, and after that, adjust the thermostat on the water heater. Now, wait for a few hours and then test the water temperature from any fixtures. If this doesn’t work, check for a leak around the water heater, as repairing the water leak can decrease the hot water flow from the faucets. 

Moreover, if this also doesn’t work, try flushing the water heater tank because sometimes mineral buildup can prevent flow. At last, if none of the above work it’s better to call top water heater repair services near you.

2.Water leaks

Perhaps a water leak is another common problem with water heaters you may face while using them. Any water heaters can start leaking eventually as water corrode the tank and can create microscopic cracks or fractures. But this reason is not always valid as there can be many other reasons for water heater leaks.

If the water is coming from the top of the water heater, then the water connections are loose. So, check cold water inlet pipes and also hot water pipes. Moreover, if the water is coming from the bottom, there can be an issue with condensation, which can be resolved by turning up the thermostat. 

Lastly, suppose you notice that the water is spilling from the overflow pipe or the pressure relief valve. In that case, it is a sign of tank corrosion, and it indicates the replace and fix new water heater as soon as possible.

3.Tank takes more time to heat water.

If you are noticing that your water heater is taking ages to heat water, then there can be many problems with your water heater. First, the water heater thermostat may be set too low, which means your burner is not outputting enough energy to heat water quickly. 

Secondly, there may be a problem with your gas connection like poor gas pressure, dirty vent flue, etc. Cleaning these parts of the water heater can solve the problem. 

However, in many cases, if the water heater is taking enough time to heat water, then it is simply a problem for the water heater as it is not having the capacity to service your home. 

4.Smelly hot water

Before you decide on this issue, make certain only your hot water smells or both cold and hot water is smelly. If only hot water is smelly, then indeed something is not good with your water heater. To resolve this, let the hot water run in a faucet for around 3 minutes; if it still smells, flush your water heater tank. 

Apart from that, if it doesn’t resolve, your pilot light may have gone out. For this, turn off your gas valve and wait for a few minutes for the gas to dissipate. If you feel the strong odor of gas, then exit the building and call the professional plumber to do the work.

5.Water is too hot or too cold.

Do you notice inconsistent water temperature in your water heater? Do you feel that sometimes the water gets too hot and is too cold? Well, this is the sign of a faulty thermostat. For this, you have to replace your thermostat and get it cleaned to offer consistent hot water again. 

If you replace the thermostat yourself, it is fine; otherwise, you must call the best water heater repair in San Diego to do the work. 

6.Taps or knocking sounds

If you hear sounds of taps or knocks coming from the water heater, then there are chances of sediment buildup as it creates tiny tears in the metal, which causes leaks. This you can resolve by draining your hot water heater tank. If the problem persists, calling the top water heater repair service near you will be the best option as they know exactly the problem with the water heater. 

Things to consider when replacing your water heater

  • Your family’s hot water usage in terms of the amount and frequency of baths, dishes, laundry, and showers
  • Most essentially, your budget
  • Contact your trusted plumbing professional to figure out the best unit according to the needs of your home
  • Any of the rebates or incentives you can get from the local power or water utility
  • Type of fuel you want in your water heater
  • The capacity of the water heater

The bottom line

These are some common issues that any water heater may face while working. These issues can be fixed easily at home, but if not, you are free to contact the best water heater repair in San Diego. But make sure you only call a professional plumber to resolve the water heater issues as they are skilled, experienced, and qualified to determine them accurately.

I hope you liked this post on common issues with your residential water heater!

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