Are you wanting to spice up your backyard by adding a pond but don’t know where to start or what you would like the pond to look like? We’ve got you covered! We rounded up our favorite ideas to give you inspiration for a pond.

A beautiful touch is adding colorful flowers around the pond to make it even more of an eye catcher.

The pond doesn’t have to be huge, it could be small! Big or small, they’re all beautiful!

Raising the pond with wood makes it a beautiful eye catcher and takes it off of the ground.

Are you wanting to take it a step further and be more unique? Adding a stagger to let the waterfall hit makes a beautiful pond.

Another raised pond idea, these are gorgeous!

Adding a pond near the outdoor seating can add a relaxing vibe to the atmosphere.

A small, staggered waterfall pond. The lighting around it is beautiful and illuminates it perfectly.

Adding different heights around the pond makes it pop out more.

Adding a little bridge over the pond makes it pop and lets animals be able to cross the pond.

Adding the pond near a path is a good way to grab guest’s attention.

The raised wooden ponds are our favorite. They look very clean and definitely an eye-catcher.

This is our personal favorite. The pond in a shape of a boat, and surrounded with flowers. Beautiful!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell


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