Looking for a way to be more organized in 2022? There’s no better thing then saving money and becoming more organized. A lot of these DIY projects can be done with materials you possibly have lying around, but if not these are low-cost options to help organize your tools.

Have an old pallet laying around, waiting to get scrapped? Use it for your organization instead! This is a perfect idea to keep all of your brooms, shovels, and rakes all in one spot instead of leaning them on a wall.

Have an extra piece of wood and nails? Hang the wood up and attach nails, and anything with an opening can hang off of the screws.

Have a lot of electrical drills that you don’t want knocked around and falling down? Cut into PVC pipes and make an opening for the drills.

Have hooks instead of a wooden board? Just attach the hooks to a beam and hang your tools!

These screwdrivers are the easiest thing to lose when you are unorganized. DIY a little wooden block that lets you put them in for organization. It will look a lot neater as well to have them all together!

Another option for organization of your hammers.

This is a great idea to hold screws. Get a jar and attach them to a wooden board with super glue or any glue that will stick. When you need a screw, just unscrew the bottom and take the entire screw container with you so you have the right size you need.

Want your tools on display instead of in a tool box for a satisfying display? This is a nice, neat way to organize your tools for easy access.

Instead of leaving them on the floor, or shelf that takes up room, hang them up!

Do you paint a lot? This is a great way to organize your brushes, and even will help them dry after you’re done using them.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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