People love having pets as they are a great stress reliever. Besides that, they make us happy and calm with their big eyes, loving look and cute behaviour. Living with a pet is often a blast – they tend to do many funny things which make us laugh so hard. We simply look at them as being part of the family. And we love taking care of them. However, pets act differently. Some of them are more playful and clingy, like dogs, while some pets, like certain cats, prefer to be alone and not bothered. They allow you to pet them only when they desire it. Also, depending on the pet kind and breed, they tend to make all kinds of messes that you need to clean up. Messes are bound to happen, at least occasionally, even if your pet is well-trained. 

 So, to keep your carpets clean, you need a tidy pet – so be really mindful of that. Then, you should vacuum often – two or three times per week. You should also buy some special cleaning products that will help you in removing different stains. Make your job easier by learning how to treat different messes (urine, vomit, stools) in the right ways. Furthermore, you should also deal with hair and odour specifically. Also, since the holiday season is approaching, your pet can also make a mess with your beautiful Christmas tree – so be careful of where you put it. They love those ornaments, lights and colourful tinsel!


Let’s start with the basics. A clean carpet implies having a tidy pet. That means that whenever your pet goes outside and comes back in, you should clean its dirty or muddy paws. Also, if it is a sloppy eater, your pet can also make a mess while eating. Some pet owners are practical about these things. What they do to minimize the mess is put a washable rug at the door and at the eating spot. This is a good way to cover high-traffic pet areas. Also, what you can do is keep a spray bottle of soapy water and a soft cloth near the entrance, so you can do a quick paw clean up on the way in. Pet owners in Australia even use a cute little portable paw cleaner for the quickest and most optimal results. 


Regardless of whether you own a household with or without a pet, vacuuming often is implied. How many times a week you should vacuum is relative as it depends on a few factors. Often it’s about two to three times a week for some high-traffic areas. For optimal health of your family members as well as your pet, it is essential to be prompt about dealing with pet hair and dirt. It tends to accumulate really quickly. You should also give your vacuum cleaner a decent cleaning every once in a while. An extractor vacuum in combination with an enzymatic cleaner is a good way to get rid of stains and odours on your carpet. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire professional carpet cleaning in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne at least once a year. These services provide you with deep cleaning of your carpets. 


If you don’t use any special cleaning products related to pets and carpets, we strongly advise you to do so. Next time you visit a pet store, ask about a good enzymatic cleaner and buy a suitable one. You can also read some reviews online. It can really help you in removing stains and odours from your carpets. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions. Also, it would be useful to have a putty knife for removing solids from your carpet. Use the edge side of a small putty knife, slide it under the stain and lift it out of the carpet.


Pets can make all kinds of messes, but the most difficult ones to deal with are stains from urine, stool and vomit. For the urine and vomit stains, you’ll need paper towels, a spray bottle, white distilled vinegar, baking soda and a vacuum. Firstly, you should blot the liquid stain with paper towels. Then, you should spray the spot with white distilled vinegar and let it soak to neutralize the scent. After some time, blot the vinegar. When the stain is damped, sprinkle some baking soda and leave it overnight. Vacuum it the next day. For cleaning up stools, it’s best to use a putty knife and a dustpan. To saturate these stains, you can use a bio-enzymatic carpet cleaner, which proved as the most effective way.


All the pet owners struggle with pet hair all around the house. And it can be irritating. They tend to get stuck in the carpet. What you can do is use a window squeegee. You need to scrape the carpet where the pet hair is usually trapped. And when the hairs are loose, you can use a vacuum to pick them up. You can remove odour with the already-mentioned enzymatic cleaner

For a healthy and happy family as well as a pet, you need to take good care of your pet’s hygiene. To best way to keep it up is by developing a routine you’ll try to follow. 


Guest Contributor: Frank Robertson 

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