Does plumbing in your place require some attention? If so, it might be best to have a professional look at it. There are many things people easily overlook when hiring someone to do some repairs around their home. With that said, today, we’ll look at the most common mistakes when hiring a plumber. Stick around for some useful info!


Imagine this. You’ve hired an unlicensed plumber. The price seems just right and fits nicely into your home repair budget. At first, it seems as though everything’s working fine. But, after a while, old issues reappear. This time you say to yourself: alright, now I will hire a good, experienced, licensed plumber. 

So, why should you go through with the first part when you’re still going to pay for the second option (which alone gets the job done)? There’s no reason for that. Many folks think they’ll outsmart the system by hiring an unlicensed plumber. Remember, there’s a good reason why those licenses exist in the first place. You should always ask your plumbers if they can show you theirs.

Even though it seems you’ll spend fewer funds by hiring an unlicensed plumber, the truth’s a bit different.

#2 Going for the cheapest option

This is relatable to the previous paragraph. Of course, we don’t suggest choosing the most expensive option because the money invested guarantees high-quality service. Still, it’s advisable to avoid hiring the cheapest plumber available. You should always check reviews if there’s some available on the web. That way, you’ll see if the service matches the price or if it’s the opposite. At least that’s what the guys at Strong-Ass Movers tell us. They surely know the importance of online reviews for any type of service, especially where a person’s home is at the center of attention. All in all: try not to think of the price as the most significant factor when choosing the right service provider.


Certain plumbers might try to impress you with all the tools they possess or all the knowledge they’ve got stored in their heads. Still, the thing you’re looking for is experience. That’s what should impress you most. A certified plumber with years of experience in the field is the best possible option.


Don’t rush the person who’s taking care of your plumbing. Not only will you create an atmosphere that suits no one, but you might cause the plumber to make mistakes which eventually lead to more repairs and more funds you’ll have to spend. By providing a stress-free atmosphere, you’re ensuring your plumbers will do a great job – at least the best they could’ve done. Just put yourself in the plumber’s shoes, and you’ll figure out how to create a positive work atmosphere.

By creating a stress-free working environment, you’ll do a great job at ensuring everything goes smoothly.

#5 Communication breakdown

Before you call the plumbing service provider, you should write down everything that needs to be done or the type of issue you’re dealing with in your home. That way, you’ll avoid some mistakes that can come up due to poor communication. For example, the plumbing work might be more challenging than you think. If you can communicate the issues correctly, you’ll make sure you get a fair deal.


If so, it might be a simple example of a so-called red flag. Really, what else could it possibly signal? A trustworthy plumbing company or a single plumber should guarantee they’d pay for the damage they might provoke. 

For example, imagine hiring a moving company that doesn’t offer insurance (especially during the coronavirus outbreak, when things could easily go wrong). While we’re at it, here’s how you’ll guarantee yourself a safe relocation during the pandemic. All of the tips we’ve mentioned above should be your little guides. And, of course, all the safety measures proposed by the government don’t have an alternative. So, you know what needs to be done.

Always ask for insurance. If a plumber can’t provide you with it, avoid hiring them.

#7 Not asking for references

One of the most common mistakes when hiring a plumber is forgetting to ask for references. A quality plumber will undoubtedly be glad to give you some, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask. Many homeowners avoid asking for references since they think it might offend the service provider. It’s completely normal you ask your plumber for references. They’ll give you a list of names and numbers you can call and check if everything’s alright. If they hesitate to provide a list of references, it might signal something’s not quite right.


The easiest path to quality plumbing services is often through your loved ones. You can ask your friends, neighbors or relatives if they’ve got any suggestions. Since they don’t have any motives to give you the wrong kind of information, you’ll be just fine hiring the service they recommend. It’s the best kind of review you can find.


Now you see that there are many common mistakes when hiring a plumber. You might’ve even recognized yourself in some. Anyway, there’s a good chance you won’t make any of these ever again. After reading this article, that is. By communicating with your plumbing service providers and asking them questions about this or that without feeling embarrassed, you’ll guarantee yourself a stress-free journey into the world of household plumbing repairs.

Guest Contributor: Sophia Perry

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