Throwing a party in your backyard is so much more than moving your guests from indoors to outdoors. There are certain things you need to prepare for depending on the time of day or year you decide to entertain your guests. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your backyard perfect for entertaining friends and family at any time!

Outdoor kitchen

A party planner’s worst nightmare is having to isolate yourself in the kitchen, scrambling to get everything together. You want to be able to enjoy your own party that you’ve spent so much time preparing for. 

Who says you can’t prepare the food while you’re entertaining your guests? Setting up an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to go about this. Install an outdoor sink for easy cleanup, and have an outdoor fridge to keep food and drinks cool for those hot summer days. Put together your canapés and tiramisu while you have a cold beer or a glass of wine. This way, you can have a chat with your guests and maybe even show off your cooking skills! 

Drink station 

A party’s not a party without a drink or three! Make drinks accessible to your guests at all times regardless of what you’re serving. You don’t want your guests having to ask you where they can get a drink, that’s embarrassing! Have a look online for inspiration – there are plenty of fun drink station ideas you can incorporate at your party. Put all the essentials together – glasses, plates, ice, shakers and straws. Making it convenient for your guests to get their own drink means that you won’t have to worry about being the bartender the entire time!  

Outdoor dining

At every party, it’s important to feed your guests. When your guests leave with a full belly, that’s when you know the party was a success! Along with having good food, you should provide comfortable seating where everyone can enjoy the food. No one wants to stand around awkwardly while they eat. Invest in a beautiful outdoor dining set with a long table. Nothing is more intimate than sharing a delicious meal together. Seat everyone together an in a family-style and break bread! 

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Photo from Pixabay

Make it Comfortable

Not everyone wants to sit at the dinner table the entire evening. Have a variety of seating options to keep everyone comfortable and relaxed. Get the outdoor furniture ready, so your guests can lounge out and enjoy the evening. Make sure you have some big and comfortable outdoor cushions lying around and a few throws to ensure you’re your friends and family don’t get cold. These are perfect for keeping the party going when the sun sets and the temperature drops.

Set the Mood

What marks a perfect outdoor party? It’s the atmosphere, of course! It doesn’t have to be an evening event for you to light a fire. The glow and crackling of a fire warms up your backyard and sets a nice, relaxing mood. If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, you can recreate the ambience with real or battery-operated candles! Fairy lights and paper lanterns are also enchanting and will give your party a magical, whimsical effect. Be warned, with a mood like this, there is no doubt that your guests will want to stay late!

Wi-Fi ready backyard

Thanks to our digital age, everyone is posting things online. This includes your party! Make it easy for your guests to do so by ensuring there is a Wi-Fi connection in your backyard. If they want to show all their friends and family what a success your party is, let them! After all, you’ve put so much effort in making your backyard perfect for entertaining guests, why not let everyone know?

It’s time to swap out your lounge for your backyard. It’s a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature and fresh air. It’s alright if this is your first time throwing an outdoor party. By following these tips for creating a party-ready backyard, your guests are bound to be impressed!

Author’s bio:

New Zealand-based writer Harper enjoys hosting parties for family friends.  After enjoying a hearty meal, they love to sit back, relax and take in the view of the city’s beautiful skyline with a glass of wine in hand. Check out more of her work on her personal blog.

Guest Contributor: Harper Reid

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