Bathrooms Trends of 2020


If youre buying a new home or just trying to freshen up the look of your bathroom, a timeless theme is key. Making a bathroom look at modern and up to date as possible without is showing its age quickly. Exacmples of bathroom treands that are HORRIBLY out of style would be; carpted floors, pink shell sinks, and the pastel colored toilets.I have provided some modern ideas and examples to get the creative juices flowing for ideas for future use.



 Shiplap wooden boards can be an super easy way to freshen up walls. With easy application these peel and stick strips can be adheard to any wall. This takes away the stress of paininting and can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Not to mention they can mask any dirt or dust as well so dirty walls will never be an issue again. Packages of shiplap can be bought at a reasonable cost too making it an affordable remodel. They can either be purchased as real wood boards that can be fitted and stacked to desired wall or, as decals. Being a slightly cheaper version but still getting the job done.



Marble Accents

 Marble is a beautiful and simple way to make any room or home look more expensive, and crisp. Marble accents can be subtle too. Weather it’s the counter tops, floors, or even as tiles in the shower. This will keep a bathroom from showing its age because just about everyone enjoys the clean, simple look of marble.




 Most bathrooms show their age by the colors used. It may sounds simple and boring but, monochrome or grayscale keep youthful. The colors and simple and easy on the eyes. Décor and surrounding accents are easy to find and match up and you don’t have to go searching all overall to keep a certain theme. The theme is simple, more or less “black and white”



Decorative Tile 

 Decorative tile is another trend that keeps getting more popular depending on how much of it you like, and where. Not only can it make a wonderful blacks splash or wall pattern. The mosaic and pattern of ther tile can make a room look beautiful. I have provided several examples of decorative tile and arrangements for sinks and surrounding tub areas.


Contributor: Klaudia Schueler

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