Every home needs repair or renovation from time to time. Some of it may be that finishes are dated and worn out. Some may be personal preference — someone might just want a different arrangement for a kitchen or an expansive bathroom. And some may be that things need replacing because they’re failing, such as a roof. But when it comes to making an investment of time and money, what is the biggest return on your investment? Meaning, what might you get more back from the money you spent once you decide to sell your home?

Luckily, those kinds of things are what the experts track. They’ve figured out what repairs should be prioritized (hint: those holes in the wall need to go away). And then when it comes to renovations, the biggest bang for your buck project might surprise you: it’s a garage door replacement. What else should you try to do first? This graphic explains it.


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Guest Contributor: Sean Farrell

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