One of the last things on your mind as a newlywed couple is cleaning, but it has to be done. If you’re ready to or have already moved in together, you probably want to start cleaning and working on home improvement. While keeping things neat and tidy is pretty simple and straightforward, there are many ways to simplify cleaning further and make it more efficient. Here are some tips to help you get started. 


If you want to simplify and speed up your house cleaning routine, working your way from the top to the bottom of a room is an excellent principle to follow. Whenever you clean, you always move a bit of dirt and dust particles here and there. As a result, anything below the thing you’re cleaning will become ever-so-slightly dirtier. 

A good way to avoid this is to start at the high points of a room and move down as you clean. Not only will this make the process easier to follow, but you’ll also keep your things cleaner for more extended periods. Before you get to work on things like cupboards and tables, make sure that you dust the fans and light fixtures. Clean windows and dust for cobwebs, and you can slowly make your way down the room and get everything spick and span. 


While we all tend to have our special cleaning techniques, the actual methods for cleaning don’t vary all that much. In fact, you could say that it’s one of the few chores that we all do pretty much the same way. Some stains only react to specific cleaning agents, which is why we all use similar ones. When it comes to the washing machine, you don’t exactly have a say in how to wash clothes that have specific instructions on them. 

There are some unique and clever ways to make cleaning easier, but you shouldn’t try to switch up the recipes too much. The simplest solution is often the best one, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Consult the internet and close friends whenever you need advice with cleaning specific things. Improvising might get you results, but it’s equally likely to cause even bigger problems. 


Everyday cleaning efforts will only get you so far for so long. There might be parts of the house that you don’t have the opportunity to clean when doing regular chores. Some things stain and get dirty even if you take care of them regularly. Because of this, going through a deep, thorough clean is recommended every once in a while.

Now, while you can handle a big part of the process on your own, sometimes it’s not worth the effort when you have better options. Consider carpets, for example. Thoroughly cleaning them could take days, and you would have to move them around constantly. The good news is that you don’t have to do the job on your own. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services in Newcastle, Sydney, and every other city you can think of. Professionals clean them more quickly and efficiently, which can help if you have a lot of carpets.

Professional cleaners can also handle a deep clean of your house. Find a few to take care of your entire home while you’re out, and you can come home to a completely fresh abode. A fresh, thorough clean can make further cleaning much more manageable.


Cleaning tools exist for a reason, and they are a tremendous help when it comes to quick and efficient cleaning. The question is—which ones do you really need? Many young Australian newlyweds run into issues when going shopping for appliances. Getting the right ones can mean the difference between cleaning a mess efficiently and struggling to power or fix an appliance before you even get started. 

Generally speaking, you want all the essentials. A bucket and mop aren’t exactly high-tech, but they get the job done. A vacuum cleaner is an absolute must, as it makes cleaning a breeze. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you might need some other appliances as well. Some multitasking tools are good options as well. There are even vacuum models that switch from mop to vacuum cleaner, allowing you to save space when storing them. 


Want to get some thorough cleaning done as a newlywed couple? There are plenty of ways to make the process easier for both yourself and your partner. Don’t work hard—work smart! Follow some of the above tips, and you’ll find that you won’t have any trouble adapting to efficient cleaning in your home. 


Guest Contributor: Frank Robertson

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