Are you looking to elevate your home with the latest home decor trends and a fresh new look of paint in the coming year? After a particularly challenging year, the 2022 decor and paint trends are a great way to make things a little better.

Embracing the new decor trends and new trendy colors for our spaces will impact how we live in our homes.  A simple paint shade can have a huge effect on our emotions and overall well-being. Getting a suitable color scheme has never been more essential for creating a contented, happy home. 

As we move into 2022, new trends for more affluent, more saturated colors dominate the color palette for interiors. There are also bolder new ways of incorporating designs and decor into our living spaces. Here are a few ideas in store for next year that you could probably try.


Neutral and natural colors never go out of style. Expect to see even more of these shades in the coming year, after a year and more of working and living at home. It’s no secret people are now more inclined to create a very peaceful and relaxed environment. Neutral and natural colors are the new trends you will expect to see in 2022.

Nature-inspired colors and textures will become more common from furniture to decorative elements. Here are a few of the trendy colors you expect to see in the coming year.


Green is currently dominating the interiors right now. It’s now crowned as the new grey. Its compatibility with nature and calming qualities explains its popularity for creating a contented home. However, for those who can not let go of gray. A new trend called ‘liminal’ features a color palette of chalky aqua shades.

As an appreciation of the natural world, liminal exhibits modern minimalism, with very beautifully crafted furnishings and a quiet palette of neutral tonal color. Many homeowners are now concerned with what they place in a room – so much to ensure a space becomes carefully curated. The ultimate result is a retreat comprising dry, chalky, comforting textures and single-use. Easy on the eye color.


Soothing shades of sea blue are always a popular choice for decorating. It’s a calming color that pays homage to the natural world.  Its watery influence is not exclusive to the therapeutic feeling effect. The watery, marine shades assist in adding serenity to any room. 

So if you are looking for a color with therapeutic properties, blue is a great idea to go with. Use a calming color palette of soothing blues and gentle warm neutrals to give your home a relaxed feeling.


According to a handyman in London, curved furniture is making a comeback as we head into 2022. This trend has already peaked in popularity in the 60s and 70s, but we can now expect to see it again in the market.

Evidently, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. More will begin embracing the idea of having curvy pieces. Whether it’s kitchen islands, mirrors, statement furniture such as barrel back chairs, the curved furniture trend will be part of home decors in 2022.


The focus on green hues in home decor trends in 2022 can be credited to the increase in biophilic designs and our growing love for plants. Whether we wish to bring nature inside or freshen up our home with natural hues, live plants are starting to take over as we head into 2022.

After a year of being locked inside, there will be more urge to continue regaining our connection to the natural world through biophilic designs. This connection can be presented through nature-themed walls, plant-focused decor, aesthetics, or physically incorporating plants in our spaces.


Eco-friendly materials will gain more popularity than ever before. Many people have started seeing the importance of integrating eco-friendly paints and energy-efficient products in their spaces to reduce heat and lighting needs. There is more focus on sustainability in furniture, lighting, products, and how we design our spaces. 

Materials that can be reclaimed, recycled, and ethically sourced will gain more attention in the coming years. This is attributed predominantly to the younger generations who have been extensively involved in the sustainability movement and can now buy and renovate homes for themselves.


Homes are the spaces we live in and play a significant part in describing our personalities and what we love. In 2022 we expect people to relinquish polished for functional and homemade for store-bought. Homeowners will embrace the idea of using arts and crafts to relax and find calm. 

Many people will start applying what they learned last year and expand creatively into new materials and aspirational themes, more durable crafting methods, and using creativity to connect with loved ones in new and purposeful ways.


Adding textiles will help add an elegant feel to the neutral and warm tones in rooms. This can be achieved by simply layering different fabrics or using different accents. To embrace this trend, consider using natural elements like linen in earth tones or fabric patterns that offer pops of rich color on a neutral background.


Multifunctional spaces and furniture are some of the 2022 home decor trends designers are most excited about. Being at home for months allowed many people to realize how they use each space in their home and the better functions they could introduce in their space.

Many homeowners are now paying much attention to how spaces are designed and what it means to be multifunctional. Additionally, the idea of multifunctional focuses on having statement pieces and furniture that serve more than one purpose, especially if you have a smaller space and if your home is rented.


There is no better time to spruce up your space with a fresh new lick of paint and beautifully made decors. As we move into 2022, embrace the new trends and see your home transform considerably. Use some of the above ideas to elevate your interior to what best suits you and your family. 

Guest Contributor: Daniel Martin

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