You are a student and your room in the dormitory looks just like everyone else`s, which is boring? When you are in college, especially when you are just starting out and living in a dorm, it is easy to let the school get in the way of decorating. However, if you spend a lot of time in your room studying, or at least sleeping, you should be happy with what you see. Dorm room décor doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, you just need to get creative and make a statement that makes you smile. Colorful and cheap DIY projects like this will instantly turn your room into a fun and happy place. From wall art to pillows and accessories that we make all your friends envy for your artistic talents, these step-by-step tutorials show you how to make the most stunning dorm room crafts. These fun decor ideas are some of the best.           

According to professional designers, it is much easier to equip a dorm room than it seems at first glance. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the rule: not a single ownerless meter. At the same time, on modest meters, you can recreate almost any style, and this is not an exaggeration. The only direction that is not on friendly terms with modest square meters is the classics. But Provence, art deco, minimalism, loft, hi-tech and many other stylistic trends feel quite comfortable.   

The specificity of dormitories is such that the most organic solution for decorating rooms is an industrial style. 

A minimalistic room – only the essentials for life.

Female students often choose Provence to decorate a room. 

Guys like high-tech interiors more.

Features of styles are played out in different ways, depending on the shape of the room, the number of residents and the necessary items. Particular attention is paid to the location of places for sleep. 

Usually, decorating a dorm room includes several stages: choosing a style and color scheme, finishing and lighting, choosing furniture, zoning and decorating.

To decorate the room, it is recommended to use materials that allow frequent wet cleaning while academic studies goes on.

If you are not a professional designer, then it is better to stick to minimalism. Choosing a more complex stylistic solution, you run the risk of making a hash of things and the mistakes made later are extremely difficult, and sometimes even impossible. And in minimalism there are specific rules, there are not many of them, and you are unlikely to be able to spoil the interior.                              

How to decorate: student do-it-yourself cozy decor? The subtleties of decorating any room directly depend on what interior style is used in the room. In the case of a small area, any decorative elements should be applied sparingly – 2-3 unusual accessories will be enough. To decorate a room, you can apply the following ideas: 

●      decorative wall stickers. This is a fairly simple way to diversify the interior. The finished picture can be pasted directly onto the wallpaper or painted wall. In this case, it is better to give preference to neutral or silhouette images; 

●      mirror. Such elements will visually expand the space of the room. Plus, you can choose an option in an unusual frame or paint it in a shade you like; 

●      decorative pillows. They can be used even in the most discreet interior. They can be either muted or brighter shades. In addition, large soft pillows, if necessary, can be used as additional seating places; 

●      curtains. In addition to their practical use, they will help to decorate the interior decoration of the room. In this case, it is better to refrain from heavy curtains and give preference to light translucent curtains in light colors. If you wish, you can take brighter curtains with a small color pattern. 


How to decorate a dorm room: practical tips 

Decorating the wall 

Wallpapers in the dormitory are not allowed. But you can make just such a “trick” yourself from a picture enlarged in the editor and printed on a printer. With the help of scotch tape we collect all the “puzzles” of the picture together and glue them on the wall. It is possible at the head of the bed, or it is possible (if the neighbors do not mind) – on a common wall near the desktop.

And now let’s dream up a little and combine photos (or just postcards, or color pictures printed on a printer) with a Christmas tree garland. Just do not hang pictures on the garlands themselves – they can heat up and even catch fire. It is better to use an additional wire or colored tape to attach (with paper clips or colored clothespins) a photo on it. And then combine both garlands – with photographs and the Christmas tree together for an original decoration.

Photos can be posted on the wall in another way. Just use colored tape to create original photo frames, and use it to glue photos on the wall. Both beautiful and cozy at home.

This is the funniest and easiest way to decorate your wall. With such a “confetti” wall, the holiday will be with you every day. And a good mood as soon as you enter your room is guaranteed. Just take and cut out a lot of large colored cardboard circles and glue them with double-sided tape to the wall. This method can be used not only for confetti, but also for funny paper faces.


Decorating the door 

The door can be used both as a decoration and as a useful area for storing useful little things. All you have to do is get along with your neighbors and buy an inexpensive shoe organizer. And store all your essentials there, from your phone charger to your toothbrush. Bright packaging from cookies, boxes of juice, chips and sweets will also look good.

Multi-colored geometric shapes and inscriptions, if you decorate a door or wall with them, are also a good solution. But do not draw them with a marker. The dorm superintendent will not appreciate your design talents. Therefore, use colored tape. By the way, they can “draw” not only geometric shapes and inscriptions, but much more. 

You can also “paint” the door with a colored adhesive film (wallpaper). Just cut out what your fantasy tells you and glue it on the door. It will become much more interesting and attractive. Surely other students will want to do something similar at home. 

Decorating the work area 

Working doesn’t mean faceless. Of course, there is only one table in your room, and you not only study at it, but also have breakfast and dinner. But you can decorate the wall area near it, for example, with such cliparts. You can make them from a regular tablet with a clip made of colored paper or adhesive wallpaper. Just cut the paper to fit your tablet and stick it to the wall. Several of these color cliparts on the wall (attached with buttons) will not only decorate the work area, but will also be useful if you need a cheat sheet for classes, or if you need a calendar on the wall. You can also attach a note for a neighbor or a photo of your beloved grandmother there. 

By the way, do not forget to make original coasters for pens, pencils and other necessary office supplies. And you can make them from jars of different heights and different materials, glass jars of mayonnaise, plastic jars of cream, disposable plastic cups … plywood or fiberboard of the required size and decorated with braid, colored thread, colored tape. Anything, if only you like it! 

You can store the necessary cheat sheets and various culinary recipes by creating such a simple organizer from colored braid and cardboard. We put a wide braid of different colors and patterns on cardboard or thin plywood of the required size and glue its ends on the back of the base. Then, using small nails or glue, we attach the cardboard to the inside or outside of the cupboard door. 


Making the room cozy

To create coziness in the official room? Easy! You just need to make a lot of multi-colored pom-poms from woolen threads and attach them to your blanket. 


Or make a rug out of them near the bed. And it’s easy to do. 




Four. The pompom is ready!

To really feel at home, agree with your roommates and buy (or bring from home) a small pot with a houseplant. Over time, you will have a real little greenhouse in your room, which will delight you and at the same time purify the air in the room. 

Well, if you don’t have time to take care of the plants, then you can make original flower arrangements from multi-colored cups and put them on the window. No using special services required.

Or such paper bags that can be attached with tape to the wall. Small bunches of fresh or artificial flowers can be inserted into them if you really don’t have time to keep track of the plants. 

Almost every second former student lived in a dormitory during his studies. For many, this time remains in their memories as the brightest. Also, young families in the first years of marriage often have to huddle in small rooms before buying a full-fledged housing. The owners of cramped premises, as a rule, are very tight on funds, so the design must be developed according to the budget plan. Inexpensive furniture and simple finishes are easily complemented by stylish decor. The result is a laconic yet aesthetically beautiful setting. As beautiful as an essay, which has gone through expert editing. 


About the author

Melisa Marzett is an academic essay writer and editor providing editing services working online for who can easily write, edit and proofread any college paper on a professional level. She is a master of her craft with many years of experience despite young age. Thus, no matter what topic you were assigned to write your essay on, she will make it look and sound great. 

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