Entertaining outdoors is quite challenging, especially in winter. It’s cold and freezing outside, which is why some homeowners would rather stay inside instead of inviting guests for a get-together. 

It’s not a lost cause, though. There are exciting and creative ways you can entertain outdoors, even if the winter season is in full swing. Your residential patio misting system will now be replaced with a heater, but you can still party and have fun. 

Prepare your patio and backyard, get those party plates ready, and check out these cool tips for entertaining outdoors in the cold wintertime.




A little bit of rearranging and redecorating will be good. So, move things around and find space for an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. Adding some warmth to your party venue will make it cozy and comfortable. Your guests won’t mind the cold winter air or the snow if they’re all snug and relaxed. 

Use the fireplace as the focal point of your venue. Spice it up by adding some decorations. If you can, find a permanent one so you can use it whenever you need to. If your budget does not permit you to do so, you can always go for portable fireplaces that come with DIY kits. 

If you want a more practical option, buy a portable or DIY fire pit from your favorite home improvement center.

Creating a tabletop fire is your third and most affordable option. Use fire pots and torches and arrange them in such a way that they’ll illuminate the place. They can be your centerpiece, or you can line them up on the edges of the patio.

If you’re entertaining in the backyard, an open space, building a small bonfire is a great idea.

Lastly, adding a patio heater is a good investment, especially if you plan to have more outdoor get-togethers in winter. 



Change your regular cushions, throw pillows, and living room furniture isn’t suited for the cold winter outdoors. It would be best if you leveled up your outdoor furniture. Metal, wood, or plastic chairs should have thick cushions. 

If you have an outdoor sofa, look for big cushions that you can place on top of it. Find as many as you can and cover your couch with these cozy pillows. 

Also, take out your thick blankets and comforters and arrange them around your furniture. Your guests will appreciate it if you prepare one for each of them.

Be sure you have enough tables so your guests won’t have to hold their drinks the whole time.



Even if you have a fireplace or fire pit, your patio floor will still be cold. Sometimes, the floor will be a little moist and damp, too. So, find thick rugs and use them to cover your patio floor. Better yet, if you have an extra carpet, place it on the floor. Add some fluffy floor cushions to make the area cozier and more comfortable. 

Likewise, you can add curtains to cover your patio and generate a little heat. It can be a regular outdoor curtain, or you can use bamboo roll-up shades. Be careful and make sure that your curtain is far from your fireplace, fire pit, or tabletop fire.



Instead of the usual ice-cold drinks, serve warm drinks. There are many options to choose from – hot chocolate or hot cocoa, hot white chocolate milk, hot vanilla cinnamon milk, eggnog, and warm or spiced cider. Don’t forget the marshmallows! 

Brewed coffee is also a good choice, especially if you add some Irish cream or peppermint syrup. Alcoholic drinks like beer and wine are perfect for those who want a little kick. 

To add some fun, try putting up a minibar, one that specializes in warm drinks. Experiment on some drinks for a memorable winter adventure; add some honey or mint on your tea, or sprinkle a little cinnamon on your friend’s coffee.



Warm-up food is food that makes you feel all warm and satisfied. Examples for this are soup (any kind), chili (paired with warm toasted bread slices), and beef or lamb stew. 

If you have enough space, prepare an area for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. The kids will love this!



The appropriate outfit for a winter outdoor get-together includes a pair of gloves, beanies, boots, scarves, and winter clothes. When you send out the invites, specify that it is an outdoor event so your guests will know how to dress for it. 

Make dressing up more fun for everyone by coming up with a theme or a wardrobe requirement, such as a winter hat, an ugly Christmas sweater, or colorful scarves.



 If your guests have exciting things to do, they won’t feel the freezing winter air. So, be sure to prepare games and some unique entertainment. It doesn’t have to be traditional party games like relays. Go with games everyone is familiar with, like Monopoly or Pictionary, for example. 

For entertainment, bring out the guitar and sing some songs with your guests. Setting up an outdoor cinema is also a cool idea.

Follow these tips and have a fun and memorable outdoor winter entertainment get-together with family and friends!

Guest Contributor: Anna Fox

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