Does your house feel dark like a cave? If you want to brighten it, the following are some lighting tricks to brighten a dark house. These are a combination of advanced ideas and beginner tips. They will ensure you maximize what you have while bringing more light into your home. 


There are four sure ways you can use to brighten a dark home. They do not require a big budget, and you can work with what you have. Read on to make your home brighter today!


Lights on walls will keep your edges bright. If you have lots of ceiling or pot lights, try installing shades that aim both down and up. LED Light Ideas recommends using a pair of sconces to make a room twice as bright, as long as the sconces have been placed strategically. 

When adding lights to a ceiling (especially pot lights), consider placing a few closer to the walls. The move will ensure the light is cast down onto the walls. It is a great way to highlight details such as brick or traditional cabinetry.

If you are looking for a sophisticated approach, make a focal point of a loved art piece by using a picture light. Table lamps are also a good option for spreading lights across the walls. Go for classic drum shades with openings at the bottom and top for the best effect. 



It is common for people to use mirrors to brighten a dark house. The idea is that mirrors will reflect light around the room. To get the best results, make sure your ceilings and walls are painted white. 

White bounces light, especially LED light. This means it will send more light around a house. Since white is a non-hue color, it doesn’t absorb any color. As such, it is the best way to scatter light in a dark house. 


Compared to yellow-toned light bulbs, natural light is cool. Adding blue is recommended as it offers a crispness that is a reminder of the sky. Additionally, cool blue does not clash easily. It can work with any accent color you would like to add to the mix as part of your interior decoration. 


Ultimately, a natural interplay between shadow and light is crucial for implementing lighting tricks to brighten a dark house. The lowlights and highlights from the lights and shadows are pleasing to the eye. 

No one can say they like the inside of a super-bright store that has perfectly even lighting but uses harsh fluorescents. At the same time, the right LED lights will ensure you do not spend excess money on power bills

You can add lights to brighten the dark corners of your house. However, be a bit subtle and avoid overdoing it. A few shadows are important. They give your home a sense of life and means your space has depth. This is what makes your house feel like a home.


If you are thinking of making your house brighter, there are a plethora of options you can use. Take note, not every guide you get will give you the results you want. You need to take into consideration the interior of your home before you make any decision. 

You can use the four tips mentioned above. However, make sure you balance them out. Use each tip where appropriate. For some people, using all four will work in their house. For others, it will not. Find a balance for using the above lighting tricks to brighten a dark house to make sure you get the best lighting for your home. 

Guest Contributor: Allen Michael

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