Are you looking for ways to create your very own greenhouse at home? Well, you have reached the perfect place! This article focuses on the step by step process of building a greenhouse at home, which includes planning, assembling of materials, and ideal execution. 

To begin with, it is crucial to fix a budget before proceeding with the DIY project, choose the area where you want to build it, and to know what materials you need. Before proceeding further, if you love DIY and are looking for materials to set up your large flat-screen television to your eye level, go check out the motorized tv mount and flip down tv mount for more information! 

Now, follow these simple steps to create your very own greenhouse at home!

What is a Greenhouse? 

A greenhouse is a home-like structure that houses your plants, offering them an ideal climate for proper growth and development. The building is used to provide shelter for your plants and keep them healthy and alive for a long duration. Creating a greenhouse includes massive work; however, it is super fun too! 

Steps to Make a Greenhouse at Home 

1. Area/Location 

First and foremost, choosing an ideal location is exceptionally vital before building a greenhouse. Moreover, it would be best if you found an area that gets proper sunlight for the growth of your plants. Hence, don’t go for a place that has a lot of shade or doesn’t get much sunlight. 

2. Electricity 

A greenhouse needs uninterrupted electricity. It is best to make an attached connection to your home. In this way, there is less establishment cost and no hassle. To keep the temperature at the most appropriate level, the greenhouse requires proper ventilation and heat. 

3. Drainage 

If you stay in a region prone to frequent rainfall and floods, you need to make sure the area you choose for your greenhouse has proper drainage facilities. A flood would inevitably result in the destruction of your plants and the structure. Hence, the best way to prevent this mayhem is by building the greenhouse on high ground and consult a professional to know more about drainage systems. 

4. Measurement 

Once all the above steps are taken care of, start by measuring the area of your greenhouse. It entirely depends on your preference when it comes to the size of the structure. However, the most relevant measurement is eight by six feet.  

5. Greenhouse Kit 

After you are sure of the measurement, you need to purchase a greenhouse kit to set up the structure. You can find various kits on online shopping sites or any local store! 

6. Support the Structure 

The best way to build a greenhouse is to attach the structure to one side of your home. This will help provide appropriate support to the building, and nothing would affect it or break it in any way. 

7. Framing 

Once you attach the greenhouse kit at one of the outer walls of your house, it is time to build the outer frame. The best material for the outer frame would be steel. Now, create a dome-like frame on the top of the structure and fix it properly. 

After the head of the greenhouse is done, you need to create a base or foundation with the same steel material. Make the base as sturdy as possible. You might need little help from your friends or family while fixing the foundation of the structure. 

8. Coverage of the Structure 

Before covering the structure, you have to choose a material that would be durable and affordable. One of the best materials for covering a greenhouse is LDPE plastic. It is bio-friendly, long-lasting, and won’t need much effort for maintenance unline regular plastic material. 

However, keep in mind that even an LDPE plastic covering has to be washed regularly without fail. Moreover, don’t forget to attach the cover with the frame of the structure. 

9. Walls of the Structure 

FIberglass would be the most cost-effective option when it comes to the walls of the greenhouse. It would easily fit on the roof as well as the walls of the structure. The material is stable and lasts longer than glass walls. 

10. Control of Temperature 

Last but not least, you need to know how to control the temperature inside the greenhouse. Here are a few easy ways you can keep the temperature accurate for most of the times: 

  • Install fans at every corner of the greenhouse.
  • The roof of the structure must have facilities for ventilation.
  • If you have more budget, you can also purchase a heater for the greenhouse.

Your greenhouse is ready! 


Now that you have detailed knowledge about making a greenhouse at home, you must also learn more about gardening and how to provide the plants with proper nourishment for appropriate growth. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly! 

Guest Contributor: Vijaykumar

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