You set your sights on your dream house renovations this year, but the problem is you do not know where and how to start. You are not alone because several homeowners go into the entire process clueless of what to expect. It is only at the end of the project and has suffered through renovation mishaps that you regret not planning for it. This article will help you prepare for the unexpected when you push through with your home remodeling.

Why Renovate Your Home

Homeowners always want to have their homes in tip-top shape. It is not surprising that many of them prefer to have home renovations for several reasons. If you are thinking of the whys of home improvements, you can continue reading to find out.

Increase Your Enjoyment or Comfort of Your House

Your comfort and enjoyment are your top priorities. However, you may have overlooked these factors because your ultimate desire is to increase your home’s future sales price. If it is your primary reason, you will end up living in a showroom and not a home. You can design your house improvements around your comfort and enjoyment.

Correct a Safety Issue

You cannot put off home renovation projects that involve roof leaks, electrical problems, or foundation cracks. Fixing them can prevent catastrophic loss and keep you and your family safe.

Boost Your Home’s Value

You can plan on renovating your home if you wish to sell it in a few years. You may decide to update the bathroom or kitchen, replace the front door, and open up the primary living space. 

Enhance Your House’s Function

Your growing family may need a second bathroom or more living space to make life easier for everyone. You may prefer to have a patio or deck for outdoor entertaining. Renovating can help increase home functions; as long as your planned upgrades do not decrease usable space or hurt the home’s value.

Make the Home More Efficient

Your house may need added insulation, a heat pump, or new windows. Some improvements reduce energy costs. Efficient homes attract more buyers if you wish to sell yours because they know that these fixtures will lower their electricity costs once they live in your house.

Refurbish Your Home’s Style

An outdated home is less attractive to buyers. Some homeowners decide to update their home’s style on a whim, but you can opt for timeless styles that evoke sophistication.

Prepare the Home for Selling

If your primary goal is to sell your home, you must make the appropriate choices to make it more saleable. Your upgrades must add value and fix any functional or cosmetic issues. You may choose neutral colors to prepare your home for resale.

Preparing for the Unexpected in Home Renovations

Home renovations are expensive, messy, and time-consuming. You may face an unexpected setback that will increase the remodeling costs even higher. These problems can put a big dent in your budget and cause you headaches. As a homeowner, what will you do these problems creep up? Here are the top seven tips to help you.

Ask for Recommendations and Have Rules

Setting and sticking to your budget is vital, and you must tell your contractor that you do not have any wiggle room. You may talk to them about your expectations. It may be challenging to find a contractor, so you must ask for recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and local real estate agents. You must ask about the contractor’s experience, costs, and timelines.

Create a Plan and Set a Buffer

Remodeling projects tend to go over budget because homeowners change their minds or do not know what to do when unexpected issues arise. You must have at least a 10% contingency fund in your budget for emergencies. Moreover, you must know what you want and relate it to your contractor for a closer estimate of costs before construction begins.

Be Prepared

A 20% – 30% buffer on top of the final bid can avoid any budgetary issues. Setting an unachievable low-budget project will only force your contractor to cut costs that may cause the quality to suffer.

Include Benchmarks

Homeowners must have clear timetables for each project step and add them into the contractor’s standard contract. You must ensure that your contractor follows them and penalize them if they fail to meet the schedules.

Be Patient and Disciplined

If you plan to have home renovations, you must ask for bids from three contractors and add them to get the total cost. Some contractors want to get you as a client, but a lack of discipline and patience can result in many issues. You must create a well-defined scope of work, pick a reputable contractor, choose the specifications or materials upfront, and you may reduce the cost by one-third. You will only add two bids to compute the total amount of money you must spend on your project.

Be Definite

Home renovations will cost more than the original contractor’s quote; thus, you must be specific about your requirements. The contract must include everything you want, including the materials. Buying an expensive tile may cause you thousands of dollars more. Moreover, you must be confident about your decisions to avoid adding minor projects along the way that can delay completion and increase costs. 

Research, Plan and Minimize Changes

Home improvements require appropriate preparation. If you do not prepare for it, you will experience financial pain and heartache. It is better to spend time on research and planning. Common issues include no-show subcontractors, price fluctuation for materials, city code surprises, and omissions. You must know your preferred materials and reduce the changes you want midstream because they will be your source of budget busters.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for home renovation, you must prepare for the unexpected occurrences that may wreak havoc on your project and budget. However, with the tips highlighted in this article, you can better prepare for any issue or problem.

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