Spending most of the time outdoors has become the new normal for many. Following the rules of social distancing, homeowners with large backyards made the most of their gardens with a variety of trendy furniture, privacy solutions as well as an array of tech solutions. From having fire pits in their garden to enclosing the property with fencing solutions, homeowners have made a lot of effort in turning their gardens into their favourite hangout spot. Want to know more about the outdoor trends that we loved in 2021? Keep on reading. We may just let you know what’s coming in 2022 too.

Furniture to die for

Multipurpose furniture gives you a full spectrum of possibilities and uses. Having a comfortable sofa to sit on while also having a spacious storage space underneath is very beneficial. Modular tables are another favourite trend of ours. Who wouldn’t like a table that can be pulled apart to accommodate seating and social distancing? How about a table with hidden beverage compartments? All of those sound perfect and have been very popular among homeowners everywhere in 2021.

Outdoor kitchens

Taking the indoors outdoors is another trend that many followed. Instead of cooking delectable meals inside, homeowners decided to have outdoor kitchens and do all the work in the yard. The convenience of preparing food outdoors allows you to spend time with everyone as you cook. A satellite kitchen features several additional cooking elements, including pizza ovens and grills. Another option is an independent kitchen that features prep space, a sink, storage, and refrigeration. On top of that, you’ll also have cooking elements to complement the rest of the kitchen space.

Added privacy

While lounging outdoors tends to be very enjoyable, it can be rather uncomfortable if you have neighbours’ prying eyes on you. That’s why they need for secluded spaces in the garden skyrocketed. Whether you want to lounge with friends, practice yoga or sunbathe, having an outdoor drapery panel or an outdoor screen. You can also consider various fencing products to enclose your property and make it both more secure and private as well. Having a fence will increase the net value of your property too, so if you ever consider selling your house, that will be a good investment in the long run.

Making the most of the outdoors with technology

The more time you spend in the fresh air, the more you realise what you could use to entertain yourself. When hanging out and landscaping finishes, you can easily continue on with streaming movies. You don’t have to go inside, just to watch your favourite film. All it takes is a Wi-Fi booster to allow you to have a strong signal in your yard and enjoy your favourite flick whilst kicking back in the garden. Bring along outdoor music speakers or portable sound systems and have a full-on cinema-like experience. Incorporate LED lights for added comfort and ambience by stringing them across your fence or the privacy structure you chose. As announced by trendsetters, in 2022, designer metal sconces and floor lamps in the garden and at the corners of the terrace or balcony will be another huge trend that will allow you to make the most of the outdoors and extend your time in the garden.

Fire pits for added warmth and ambience

You can never have too much cosiness. That’s why adding a fire pit to your yard is one of the most popular outdoor trends in 2021. Whether built-in or freestanding, they’re breaking records in popularity in 2021. Making you feel maximally cosy at any time of the day is the goal. Once the sun has set, you won’t have to go inside to be warm. Just decide on having a fire pit between your outdoor sofas and chairs to keep you warm and comfy. Heat lamps will do a similar thing, making you prolong your outdoor times by keeping you warm. For cooling down, consider misting systems and fans.

With 2021 being in its final quarter, we thought we could sum up some of the biggest outdoor design trends for you. Some of them announced the arrival of 2022 trends, while others may prolong their ruling and stick in the year ahead of us.

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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