The holidays are here with us, and with them comes our need to spread some cheer. There are so many ways to do it! You could go to the best online dating sites and get your introverted best friend a blind date or go to your favorite store and buy them a lavish gift. There’s no limit to your imagination.

But here’s the truth for all of us: this year has been a particularly hard one. So chances are you are on a budget, and you still want to get all your loved ones something unique to cherish. And something like a DIY gift bag will surely help you pass the message across!

The thought, time, and effort it takes to make something for your loved one give DIY gifts that extra kick. And they can be as cost-effective as you wish them to be.

So whether you’re an amateur or an expert, here are some DIY gift ideas that will surely inspire you this year!


Family Art Illustrations

What an excellent reminder that family is forever no matter where you or the other person is. These are the perfect DIY holiday gifts for the people in your life to show them your affection and care. Such DIY gifts are thoughtful but will require you to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes.

You can design family art illustration DIY gifts to display ancestry branches as far back as you discover them. Be careful to fill in specific details such as dates of birth, maiden names, marriages, or even deaths. If you can’t find some details, ask older family members or try your luck on Ancestry.

Tie And Dye Party Kit

You can get many DIY gits from a single tie and dye party kit. Everyone knows tie and dye are back in style, and whoever you give this DIY gift box will appreciate it even more. If you have a fashionista in your life, they may be looking to get other people DIY homemade gifts, so party kit gift ideas are a great way to show them how thoughtful you are.

Flower String Art

Flower string art DIY gifts are a huge hit with nature lovers. Whether you choose to make string art lilies, daffodils, roses, or sunflowers, the choice is yours, and all you need is a day of fervent concentration to complete one. Making these DIY gifts isn’t hard at all. However, you will need to be careful when pushing the nails onto the wood or cardboard.

Washi Tape Mirror

Everyone needs an extra mirror in their house. These are great DIY gifts for mom if she’s been complaining about adding a little ‘zhuzh’ to her bathroom. You can use washi tape to give an ordinary bathroom mirror some personality.

If you want it to look festive, get a few colors and layer them in a colorful pattern around the target mirror. Think of it as sprinkling a little of your personality to your loved one’s home. Other than that, this is also among some perfect DIY birthday gifts or DIY gifts for a bridal shower.

Roasted Cinnamon Almonds

Some of the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, family; anyone really, are those that are made with love and care, and what better way to show it than making some delicious sweets? One such yummy treat is roasted cinnamon almonds. This treat is pretty easy to make, and in fact, will just take you a couple of steps. Bake roasted almonds scrubbed in cinnamon if you’re looking for sweet DIY gifts to present to your new neighbors or thank your hosts for such a lovely evening.

Dog Treat Jar

Do you know what are the best DIY gifts for dog owners? A dog treat jar! It will not only make the canine companion excited, but the owner as well, as they love their pets, and want to see them happy. So, you can get a sizeable mason jar and etch the dog’s name on it. And then just fill the jar with all sorts of treats the dog would love.

Other than that, this is among the best DIY gifts ideas for your dog, and you can just make this gift for them. After all, we adore our pets, and they deserve treats and small gifts just like humans do!

Custom Cheese Board

Custom cheese boards are the perfect DIY gifts for best friend in your life who loves to cook, whether it’s your mom, dad, grandma – anyone. So help your friend showcase their culinary skills with a personalized cheese board that speaks to their art.

You can also make a custom cheese board if there’s a loved one in your life who loves to host parties. Let them know that someone appreciates their effort in the kitchen, make them a present, and they’ll cherish this gift forever. 

Customized Quote Pillow

How about soft and cuddly DIY birthday gifts for your siblings? You can customize a pillow by adding art or quotes the person you’re presenting it to will appreciate. A personalized pillow is an excellent way of telling someone you care for them, and they’ll add an uplifting aura to the space they love to be in.

Macrame Making Kit

Macrame DIY gifts are a great choice if big projects aren’t your thing. These DIY gifts are excellent stock stuffers that won’t take much time or space to make. You can make plenty of simple things with macrame kits, so keep your mind open to different possibilities.

Bath Bomb Mold Set

These DIY gifts are an excellent reminder to your loved ones to take some time off and relax. With these DIY gifts, they can quickly turn their bathrooms into a personal spa complete with sweet-smelling essential oils. You can package these DIY gifts in different dyes so they can turn their bath experience into a rainbow explosion.

  A Book About Them

If you’re looking for DIY gifts that will express to your significant other or loved one exactly how you feel about them, this could be the perfect one.

An ideal title for book DIY gifts would be, This is How I Feel About You. Remember that this is one of the most intimate DIY gifts, so focus on situations you’ve been in together, how this person makes you feel or the kind of future you envision with them. 

Knitted Blanket

If you don’t know how knitting may not be the easiest way to do DIY gifts. However, some beginner-friendly patterns will make the process much easier for you. Knitted blanket DIY gifts are the perfect choice for the couch potatoes in your life or movie night with your family.

Plus, there are many colors, and patterns to choose from! So ask your loved one what their favorite color is and gift them a blanket.


And that’s all the DIT gift ideas that we wanted to share! All and all, the holidays are the perfect time to practice your DIY skills, and whichever gift idea you choose, think of the ones your loved ones are sure to love. We have no doubt that you will have a fun time coming up with a gift, and the recipient will adore it!

So, what do you think are your best DIY gifts from our list? Or perhaps you even have your own idea?  Let us know in the comments below!

Author bio:

Aria Green is a family photographer, relationship psychology writer. A wife and a mother of two adorable kids who won’t get bored even for a minute. As for a writing passion, she loves personality psychology, helping people with advice on the relationship between a man and a woman


The easiest way to transform the interiors of your house is to upgrade the furniture. But isn’t that a tad too expensive? 

What if I tell you that you can do exactly that but without carving a hole in your pocket? 

Reupholstery is an effective way to revamp your house and get rid of your old and worn out furniture. You can find professional upholsterers who can help you redesign the interiors of your house or take on a DIY project. While professionals bring you years of expertise and the right tools, DIY is somewhat a challenge. Either way, you will be able to get an upgrade at a fraction of the price you would have spent on purchasing new furniture. 

There are a number of Youtube videos that can help you but it is not as easy as it seems. While they can assist you gear up for the job, the techniques and suggestions shared are sometimes inconsistent which leads to mistakes. Don’t worry! We will help you. 

Here are some common amateur upholstery mistakes that you must avoid. 


The first step to upholstery is getting the right tools for the job. The most common rookie mistake is using the wrong tools. While purchasing the necessary tools may seem an expense but it will be worth it. In other words, you need a staple remover to reupholster otherwise you will end up doing the job in double the time. So, prioritize – time is more important for you or a little money. 

To put things into perspective, just like any other DIY project, why do you want to use a sword when you have a gun?


Restoring the interiors of the house is always exciting. We all want our house to look presentable. While reupholstery is an effective alternative to purchasing expensive furniture, there are several things you need to take when taking up this job. One of which is ensuring that you do not compromise the quality. 

Chiefly, the purpose of upholstering is to make your room and furniture look the best wherever it is placed. Most people fall into the trap of budgeting and end up compromising the quality of the fabric. In the end, you should understand that the whole purpose of upholstery is to renew your old furniture. And you do not want to do that with poor quality fabric. 

While being economical is something that we will not hold against you as in most circumstances it works best, it is not the best option in this case. In other words, when you are restoring your old furniture, you do not want low quality fabrics which will not hold their ground in a few years. Then what is even the point of upholstering? Low quality fabrics lose color and get worn out easily. That means for a little more money, you can purchase premium fabric which will make you design your dream furniture without any hassles. 


In an attempt to remain updated with the latest trends in the world of furniture and interior design, do not go overboard with unwanted items. Simple is the new beautiful. Sober is the way forward, so do not overburden yourself with over the top items. Instead, reupholster your furniture and suit it with the style that suits you. 

Most people get overwhelmed with the trending designs and try to replicate it in their homes. That does not always work well. Rather it is best to go with what you like and what resonates with your personality. This will help you create a timeless decor that you always wanted. 


There is one thing worse than losing good furniture is keeping it even after it has worned out a little too much. There is no point trying to prolong the life of already dying furniture. You are just wasting your time and effort on something that just won’t work. If not today, it will die tomorrow. You must realise that they have finally reached the end of their useful life. 

Also, avoid purchasing furniture from garage sales or thrift stores. There is a reason why they were being sold at those places in the first place. Which is precisely why you must avoid the upholstery mistake of trying to make them look presentable. But if you do want to purchase it from such places, begin by thoroughly inspecting the used piece before you invest too much in revitalizing it. 

Do not just skim through the surface of the furniture but take a hard look at its underside. If you see something wobbling and dangling, the best thing to do is to avoid putting down any money for the purchase. Instead, in that case it is better to invest and purchase new furniture


If you enjoy upholstery and want to practise restoring your old furniture, you must avoid the aforementioned mistakes. We do not want you to make such costly mistakes. Precisely why we drafted this guide. In case, if your DIY project seems too much, you can always have professionals help you with it. Rest assured, your house will look as elegant as you wanted it to be. Isn’t that all what you want? 

So, do not settle for factory grade material when you can make your own and that too at a fraction of the cost. 

Share with us your experience in the comment section below.



Is He A Licensed Plumber?

When you search “cowboy plumber” you wont get a definition or exact description of what they look like. The last thing you want is to pay hundreds of dollars, or even worse, thousands of dollars to a cowboy plumber. A cowboy plumber is a unlicensed plumber, who doesn’t fully know what they are doing. They are in a rush to just get the job done, instead of trying to do it right. Most cowboy plumbers don’t know all the plumbing codes, so the last thing on their mind is following plumbing codes and rules.

Anybody can advertise that they are a plumber. Newspapers, yellow book, business listing sites, business marketing sites, don’t go out of their way to find out if these so called plumbers are actually licensed plumbers. It is your job to ask the plumber to see their plumbing license.

We know at times when you are dealing with an emergency you just want to fix the problem right away. We don’t blame you. You just need to do a little research before hiring a plumber. Make sure he is licensed, bonded, and insured. Look up the company’s name online. Look for reviews. Ask friends and family members for a plumber that they have previously used.

After doing some quick research, have your license plumber come out and check your problem. Have him explain to you what the problem is and what they can do to solve it. You are the customer. As the customer, you should ask as many questions as you’d like. At the end of the day, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Make sure you are making the right decision by choosing the right plumber.

Here are some plumbing nightmares. Some are quite funny.


If you need help or just have a few plumbing questions, give me a call or email me