Our dogs are our family members, and every family member deserves to feel comfortable, safe and welcome in their own house. So if you’re planning to conduct some home improvements in the future, don’t forget to surprise your pup with some improvements for their own comfort. If you need dog-friendly renovation ideas, you’ll find plenty here:


Let’s start your renovation from the bottom up by installing new flooring. If you have an indoor pup, choose the flooring that’s easy to clean and resistant to slips. For dogs, concrete, tile and hardwood floors are the best choices that can’t be damaged by your dog’s claws and accidents. And consider installing heating under the floor—this will feel so good on your senior dog’s joints and bones.


Suppose you don’t like the open space concept, then you know how annoying it can be to constantly go around the house, opening the doors for your pup. Well, you can make your life much easier with built-in doggy doors. There are costly but super-practical sliding doggy doors that are built into the walls, but those that install on your regular doors are a great option too.


If you regularly walk your dog or let them into your yard (as you should), you know how much dirt your furry friends can drag inside. This can be solved with a practical mud room. This small room is usually built near the entrance of the house and can be used to leave dirty clothing and shoes, as well as wipe your dog’s paws and store their personal items. If you have space to work with, you can also install a small dog shower in your mud room and have a practical grooming station in a safe and easy-to-clean place.


Dogs usually love to be surrounded by people, but sometimes even they need some peace and quiet. When there’s a lot of noise and chaos in your home, or when you have visitors over, your dog will love to retreat to their sanctuary and avoid over-stimulation. You can easily designate a corner under the stairs or in your catch-all closet to make a cozy dog nook. Make this place soundproof, and boost the comfort with a cozy dog bed for sweet dreams and relaxation. The best bed options are doggy cots which are lightweight, easy to move and wash. Providing your dog with a safe space will create a calm and secure dog without stress and anxiety.


If you want to additionally boost comfort for both you and your dog, then build a designated feeding area. This doggy dining room will ensure they get all the privacy they need while eating without taking away any space in their kitchen or living room. A practical solution for a feeding station is a pull-out drawer with bowls for feeding. Next to it, you can build a cabinet with kibble bins for easy access. Since these cabinets and drawers close after use, they prevent the spreading of any dog food odors and allow you to avoid spillage.


We usually allow our dog access to all the parts of the house, but sometimes, we just need to limit their access to certain rooms, either for their safety or for the safety of other people. What most people resort to are baby gates, but these can be very ugly and short. A better solution is a sliding half-door with a metal railing resistant to scratching and biting. These are easy to build between the kitchen peninsula and the wall, on top of the staircase or between rooms.


Some dogs are very susceptible to joint and spine issues, especially in their senior years. To make your pup easier to navigate their home, you can consider building ramps to your entrance, couch or first floor. This can often be a very cheap improvement that will mean a lot to your pup.


Don’t worry, you’re not a bad dog parent if you sometimes leave your dog alone at home—this is a sad necessity for many of us. However, you can also expect your dog to get bored while you’re not there. One thing that can give them something to do is look outside the window. Build a practical window seating for your pup so they can get a nice view outside, keep an eye on the intruders and watch squirrels play around outside—it’s like a blockbuster for dogs!

Like any family member, your dog deserves to have their needs met at home. With these practical home improvement ideas, you’ll not only make your dog’s life better, but also make your house easier to clean, maintain and keep beautiful and stylish. You’ll get to spend less time stressing over your house and more time cuddling with your dog!

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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