You may not realise it, but light is one of the most important features in our home. Not only for the purpose of functionality, but the element of light can have drastic effects in terms of the interior design of a property, our perceptions of reality (through the use of illuminating spaces) and can help to create sensations that can change our overall experiences. As the industry of interior lighting changes, there are many reasons as to why we should always be on the lookout to upgrade the lighting features in our home. Whether it’s due to the element of interior design, health reasons, or if you are looking to improve the lighting in your home so you can add value to the property before a sale, light is an important element of any home. Here at We Buy Any House, we are going to provide some insight into the world of home lighting, its importance, and how you can hopefully have a light bulb moment (See what we did there?) when it comes to your own home!

Why You Should Take Care of Your Lighting Choices in the Home:

Because Mother Nature Can’t Do Everything:

To put it simply, Mother Nature can’t do everything! As much has lighting has an effect on the aesthetic of your home, the originating purpose is for functionality reasons. When the sun goes down and there is no more natural light beaming in, it’s important to still illuminate your home.

Health Reasons:

Not all lights are great for your health. Excessive exposure to bright lights can be damaging to not only bills and the environment, but also to your health. If you are consistently exposing yourself to bright lights, the retina’s light-sensing cells in the eyes can become overstimulated- which over time can injure the back of the eye. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that in addition to your lights being functional and stylish, that they are good for your health.

Lighting Can Improve the Mood in Any Given Space:

The general types of lighting you have throughout your home, which is also known as ambient lighting, includes things such as chandeliers, lamps and LED lights. Basically, it’s anything that helps illuminate the rooms in your house. The reason why ambient lighting is so important is that the choices you make in terms of what kind of lighting you have throughout your home can massively affect the mood throughout your house. The overall aim is to always try and achieve a warm and soft glow in the house, rather than a space that is dull and unattractive. If you have insufficient lighting in the home, your house may not feel all that welcoming to guests or even prospective buyers. 


How to Improve the Lighting in My Home:

Illuminate the Best Parts:

Just because you need light in your home doesn’t mean you should light up everywhere. The best part of picking the lighting for your home is that you have the freedom to use lighting to enhance an already existing space. A great way to do this is by including accent lighting. By highlighting specific features of the interior, for example, an appliance of a piece of furniture, you can give a room personality and illuminate showcasing elements. 

Make the Most of Natural Lighting:

If you want to reduce the cost of your electricity bills, contribute towards a better environment and make your home look effortlessly glowing and chic, then make the most of natural light. Going beyond functional and aesthetic reasons, natural light is a free and easy way to illuminate your house- and gives off perhaps one of the best warm aesthetics.

Invest in Property Lighting:

The term ‘proper lighting’ has varying meaning. Not only is it a suggestion to move towards more environmentally friendly lighting such as LED bulbs that are better for your health and the environment, but also the way in which you illuminate your home. Now is the perfect time to play around with light as a concept, from desk lamps, floor lamps, strip lighting, spotlights and even outdoor lighting- the list is endless! Find something that works for you in your home interior, and that way you will be able to use light to highlight and showcase your home the best way possible and achieve your dream property!


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