Did you know that there is 3 different types of plungers, and there are specific uses for each one? When most people think of a plunger, they commonly think of the “sink plunger” which most of us probably have in our bathrooms.


This plunger is referred to as the common sink plunger. Most people think of a plunger like this when they hear the word plunger, and think this one is for plunging your toilet but this is not the correct one to use. This plunger should be used on flat surfaces to get the maximum benefits out of it. The cup needs to lay flat directly over the drain and create a vacuum that’s strong enough to dislodge the clog in the sink. When people try to use this on in the bathroom toilet, it might work, but it also isn’t the best way to get it unclogged. A toilet is curved too much for this plunger to create the vacuum that it needs to properly unclog the toilet. This one is to be used for tubs, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, laundry tub sinks, or anything that you has a flat surface.


This is the plunger you should be using when you need to unclog your toilet. A lot of people do not know how to use this plunger because it’s a hard plastic that is not easy to control. It is difficult to create the vacuum seal you need over the drain. The plunger can definitely scratch the surface of your toilet, and this is why most people don’t use this one because the rubber sink plunger won’t scratch. You should only use this type of plunger for toilets.


This is called a toilet plunger, but it can be used in just about any type of drain. The cup on it can fit a sink plunger, but the flaps can fit in the curved toilet drain which can create the suction and vacuum that is needed to unclog it. This plunger is very versatile, but it is recommended to not use the same plunger on your toilet and your sinks because of the risk of cross contamination. You can use this plunger for toilets and sinks, but recommended not for both.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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