Once you begin preparing for a move, one thing is sure: This won’t be an easy period. And that’s true regardless of your age. However, organizing the complex logistics of a household move can be more stressful for seniors or for someone who’s helping their elderly loved ones transition to a new home. 

Luckily, plenty of experienced professionals can assist — most notably, moving companies that offer senior moving services and specifically cater to the elderly. Here’s how to make this transition an easier one.


Moving to a new home is an emotionally difficult process, especially for older individuals that are not fond of huge changes in their lives. With this in mind, easing the transition is important, especially if you’re an elderly person moving into a smaller home. 

Hiring the right movers will go a long way towards dissipating stress — a senior moving company can help with every aspect of the relocation, from the planning and logistics to the physical work. 

There are, of course, other services that can contribute to dispelling downsizing and moving stress. These include contractors to make improvements to your home to support any mobility problems and clear it of fall hazards


Downsizing is a frequent part of moving as a senior citizen — people in their golden years tend to look for quality-of-life features in their communities rather than an abundance of space. However, that doesn’t mean that moving from a larger home into a smaller one is easy. 

Adjusting to “less” of anything is not pleasant, and that includes living space. For instance, you need to find enough room for all of the household possessions you kept in your larger home. Don’t worry, though. Experienced senior movers know how to deal with downsizing. Plenty of moving companies also manage storage facilities, and movers specializing in senior relocations are no different. You can employ their services in that regard and keep any extra items in a rented storage unit until you find room for them elsewhere.


Completing any kind of move requires handling all kinds of menial chores. However, there’s one task that’s particularly demanding: packing. It tends to take more time than people plan for, and you need to do a lot of preparation beforehand — finding all of the packing materials that you need can be tiresome.

As a senior citizen looking to relocate to a new community, this isn’t something you want to deal with on your own. Even if you buy all of the cardboard boxes, packing tape, and box filler yourself, you’ll still need to spend endless hours carefully arranging and packing all of your stuff. 

For someone who tires easily, this can be just too demanding. Luckily, senior movers can help you with that, as well. A moving company can buy all of the necessary materials for you, bring them to your home, and pack everything without you lifting a finger. Also, once they move everything into your new home, the movers can unpack all of your possessions and arrange them however you like. 


While you choose the best professionals for your senior moving services, make sure to ask them a series of questionsto determine their competence:

●      Do you have any references from previous clients?

●      What rates do you offer?

●      Are they provided in writing?

●      Do you have all the necessary insurance and licenses?

●      What are your credentials?

●      How much experience do you have with senior moving?

Planning a move for your loved one can be a complicated process. By hiring senior movers, you can ease their transition. 

When you’re ready to sell your senior loved one’s home, connect with the dedicated real estate professionals at Schwab Realty. Call 360-683-4015 to set up an appointment!

Guest Contributor: Rhonda Underhill

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