Are you looking to add a backsplash into your kitchen? Choosing a backsplash can be overwhelming because there’s so many different colors and patterns, and you need to match it to the rest of your kitchen. We rounded up our favorite backsplashes that we think would look great in almost any kitchen!

Starting off strong with a unique backsplash, this patterned and colored backsplash. Most people tend to stick to plain colors, but these shades of blue and tan are beautiful. We think it gives the perfect amount of color into the kitchen.

Stone is making its comeback as one of the more frequent backsplash idea. The stone is beautiful and you can get it in almost any color. The texture to the stone is beautiful and adds a pop off the wall.

Most people do not like the look of bricks, but when done right and in the right spot, it looks gorgeous! The brick color in this kitchen matches perfectly and ties the whole kitchen together.

This is another uncommon backsplash, a black pattern. Most people would stray away from black because it can make the kitchen look smaller, but this backsplash was perfect in the kitchen due to the appliances and cabinets. The backsplash ties everything in together and the black makes the white pop out even more!

Another brick backsplash! Instead of a red/brown color, the white makes the countertop stand out even more.

Patterned backsplashes are beautiful! Although they can be difficult to install, it’s always worth it. This backsplash adds a pop of grey color to the kitchen!

Another patterned backsplash but this one is unique. The white backsplash makes the blue cabinets stand out and a statement piece. The white is just the right color to tie in the kitchen to make it appear brighter.

Adding a thin strip of texture to the wall in the backsplash is a perfect way to make a statement but still try to make it look classy and elegant.

If you’re looking for an accent wall, using a pattern can create the perfect accent.

This backsplash just gives me “beach house” vibes! It is beautiful and gives off beach vibes.

Dark stone backsplash is always beautiful when paired with dark chestnut cabinets.

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