Preserving the value of a building is not an easy job. As a property owner, it is solely your responsibility to keep a check over the current state of your property. Although it is normal for the building to go through wear and tear there should be some routine checkups to ensure its proper functioning.

The more you ignore the maintenance of a building, the greater you see the decrease in its value. If you keep your building all spick and span, your tenants would likely pay you more, and if you ever sell the property in the future, you’d surely bag the best price.

For the overall property checkup, you can even consider hiring an MEP engineering services provider. But, till then let us walk you through some important steps that help you make the most of the repair and maintenance of your commercial space:


It is the primary step of your commercial building with regard to how much you can save every year. Being a property owner, you know that energy expenditure is not a tiny expense. So, this audit gives you a complete picture as to what is eating your budget.

Here, you need professional help who can help you figure out how you can lower down the costs. By replacing window glass, by repairing insulation around windows and doors, or by replacing roof insulation. 

Audits like these also help you understand if tenants are happy with the current condition of your property or if it needs any repairs and improvements.


One of your property maintenance priorities would be to keep track of safety mechanisms and fixtures. If there comes any emergency in the future, such safety features should be working in order to avoid any harmful accidents. 

Emergency exit signs, fire detector systems, lighting systems are amongst the most important safety fixtures. So, it is essential to conduct a monthly audit of these safety systems so nobody gets harmed and everything flows smoothly. 


This is one of the most difficult problems to deal with especially when bugs bug you in a building. It’s not pleasant and since it can cost thousands of bucks, it’s best to get your property bug-proof before tenants start complaining about it.

Consider conducting a professional pest audit regularly because it is only the maintenance that can keep pests away from your property.


The key to keeping your tenants happy is the full functioning of your building’s facilities and all the basic utilities. Such facilities consist of escalators, public washrooms, staff rooms, HVAC units, and more. 

There are times when facilities stop working as they need some regular repairs. So, be sure to run a monthly audit of these important utilities to avoid any hassle in the future.


Any chance that fire can break out in a building is one of the worst nightmares for any property owner. We are sure you don’t want that so it is best to eliminate all the fire hazards that have the potential to pose any fire hazard.

Do regular checkups on smoke detectors throughout the entire building. Every year, replace the batteries too and make sure each and every floor of the building has fire extinguishers properly installed. 


The best approach towards the key audits would be to delegate them to the right MEP engineering professionals. They are experts in the field of property audit and you can easily focus on growing your property management business. 

Isn’t it the right decision? Well, yes it is considering you’d need the help of those who are in this industry for a long time and are well versed with using the right tools to do what is expected of them.

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