Many would find surprise and delight if they only knew how vital staying free of clutter is to a productive workspace. So, here are five crucial organizational tips for a clean and productive workspace. Putting a bit of energy today into reorganizing where you work could pay dividends in your immediate future. So, to organize better, be mindful and consider purchasing an air purifier, limit what goes on your desk’s surface, reorganize over time, place your seat in a way that makes you comfortable, and ensure you must turn around to find a distraction.


Our environment affects our mood and our productivity. Therefore it’s important to create and maintain a clean, organized, and mindful workspace. When our space is cluttered our mind is cluttered and usually vice versa. Some of the ways you can create a mindful workspace include tidying up and getting rid of dust, dirt, and germs. Getting a portable office air purifier is a great way to combat this as it can effectively reduce allergies, viruses, and bacteria. This tool can bring fresh clean air to your workspace. You can also add plants, candles, and essential oils to create a more mindful space. 


Limiting what goes on the surface of your desk goes a long way with keeping clutter to a minimum, freeing you to be your most productive self. Papers will often get out of control, but you can limit how many of them stay on your desk’s surface. That will ensure that you know just what is on your desk. Also, consider cleaning your computer’s desktop. That is another way you can clean to decrease clutter and increase productivity. You might decide to keep only today’s tasks on your desk, making your workspace flow well and freeing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

It can be overwhelming to clean your workspace because it might be rather messy. So, know there is a better way. Take it one day at a time and clean a portion of your workspace at a time. One day, you might clean your desk, and another rearrange the furniture. If you are consistent enough with the cleaning, you will soon have an office free of clutter, letting you become a more productive worker bee. So, stay the course because, like at the company where you work, a reorganization does not need to disrupt your workflow completely.



When attempting to increase your productivity through better organization, ensure that you are comfortable when sitting. You will sit longer and work harder if you feel you belong where you are sitting. Nobody wants to feel out of place. Suppose you prefer to sit at the corner of the room wherever you go because it makes you feel safe to get lost in whatever you are doing. In that case, it would be incredibly unwise to put your desk somewhere where your back was to other people.

Another thing that will help dramatically increase your work productivity is making sure you must turn around to use a distraction. For example, avoid letting yourself see your phone unless you turn around to pick it up. That way, you will reduce the temptation to get sidetracked and ensure that you only leave your workspace when something is genuinely vital. So, you can try to lengthen the time you spend working straight before you take a small mental break in this way. You will find your work productivity soaring if you do.


Creating an organized, germ-free workspace is possible with a bit of effort. Still, thinking smarter and not harder about keeping your workspace clean and organized is part of the solution. So, to create a productive workspace free of clutter, be mindful and consider buying an air purifier, limit what stays on your desk, clean a bit at a time, practice mindfulness about where you are sitting, and minimize distractions. Clutter and a lack of productivity often go hand-in-hand. So, here is to you, making your office as clutter-free as possible.

Guest Contributor: Sierra Powell

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