It happens to everyone, a clog in one of your drains. Most people panic, and run straight to Google to find DIY solutions on how to unclog the drain. We’ve all heard the phrase, “you can’t trust everything you see on the internet,” and this is one of those times where you can’t trust what the internet says.

The main thing you’ll probably see is the drain cleaner, Drano. We urge you to not use Drano in your pipes for many reasons. Sure, it’ll get rid of the problem. But, it only fixes the problem temporarily, and when it comes to clogs, you want to get to the main issue sooner rather than later. The repairs that it could cause could be very expensive and avoided if Drano is not used.

So, what is Drano? According to Drano.com, “they contain ingredients chemicals that quickly dissolve hair, soap scum and gunk. You can use Drano® Clog Removers to unclog a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or clogged bathtub, but DO NOT use them in toilets.” When pouring Drano in your drains, almost instantly you will see the issue go through a reaction.

That doesn’t seem like a problem, right?


Drano has corrosive abilities because of its strong ability to break down even the toughest clogs. Since it is corrosive, it can ruin PVC, eat at pipes or cause toilet bowls to crack (even though Drano has advertised it is NOT meant for toilets).

Since there is a build up of multiple things in your drain causing the clog, you can create a chemical reaction between the gunk in the drain and the chemicals from Drano. This can emit fumes that shouldn’t be inhaled, and if you were using a plunger with the assistance of Drano and it splashes you, it can burn your skin, eyes, or mouth. If you have tried any other remedies that involve chemicals before going to Drano, you can create a toxic chemical fume from combining those products.

Once Drano unclogs your mess, it can still contaminate water and continue to ruin your pipes without you knowing it. Drano is a temporary fix that usually will end up causing other issues in the long run.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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