The cost of living has gone up. Not to fear, tiny houses are the new way of life. Keeping the cute, up to date home style you want, with an affordable cost. Tiny houses can have all the essentials needed in a compact space. Not exactly ideal for families, but can make a wonder living area for people constantly on the go or just single person livers. 


Most can be customizable with different types of furniture and crafted with ways to store and hide personal items. Most are designed to have hidden drawers and cabinets in the walls that can store things like, collapsible tables, beds and mattresses, and stowaway closets. Furniture is picked with the idea of storage in mind. So even through you want to maintain the minimalist lifestyle, you can also have a little clutter with the handy design of furniture. Luckliy with the small space that youre working with, saving money comes along with that. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.13.39 PM.png


Most tiny houses try and have solar panels included with them. Saving energy and power. Second with the small space and minimum of people living in it, bills will be more cost effective overall because of the small space that needs to be powered or heated.

You never have to stay in one place. Some tiny houses can be mobile. A trailer attactment and a truck can take out anywhere. Of course keep in mind you will need to make sure youre parked in a spot that will allow you to stay in one place.

Guest Contributor: Klaudia Schueler

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