Wipe down areas that are frequently touched or soaked with water. Such as sinks, fridges, toilets and floors. Sitting water can harbor bacteria harmful to your health. Frequently keeping them clean will prevent anything from building up.


Wipe down highly touched surfaces. Anything that gets constant hand contact. Doorknobs, cell phones, keyboards and handles areas that can easily spread germs. With the rise of sickness recently it is best to do it on a daily basis or practice.

Keeping food surfaces clean. Tables and counters should be cleaned and sanitized before and after food touches them. Raw meat, eggs and especially old stale food can get you sick if you’re not careful. Take precautions and use disinfectant or warm water and soap to keep these areas clean and to keep any harmful substances away from your body.

Taking out garbage. Trash bins can hold tons of disgusting things and leftover. Not only that but they can carry germs that can get you sick. Waste bins that carry used tissues and anything that could have bodily fluids on it should be taken out right away.

Also, with just 3 easy steps, Rain City Maids will help you clean your home. First, you need to book and select the date and time you would like your cleaning professional to show up. Next, the professional cleaners come over and clean your place for you. And lastly, just set back and relax and enjoy your sparkling clean home.

WASH. YOUR. HANDS. Your hands touch anything and everything. From food to putting on makeup. Anything going into your body or on and around your face should make you think twice about how clean your hands are before you tough anything. Washing your hands frequently will help prevent sickness and spreading dangerous germs and bacteria to neighboring surfaces and people.

In conclusion, currently with spreading illness it is best to keep n mind that you are responsible for how clean you are. Keep your surroundings to keep your house and home clean. It will minimize the risk of sickness and illness to those around you and for your own health.

Guest Contributor: Klaudia Schueler

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