Looking to jump right into Christmas decorating now that Halloween is over? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you, we love Christmas. Many people have mantles available to decorate, and nothing screams Christmas more than a fully decorated mantle in the Christmas spirit. There are so many ways to decorate, from stockings, wreaths, signs, garland, pillows, the possibilities are endless. We love looking at other people’s decorated mantles, and maybe you can get inspired from them!

Starting off with a farmhouse vibe mantle, farmhouse is so in style right now. A lot of people love the grey and white or black and white aesthetic, and this captured it perfect! Cozy little pillows, small Christmas tree’s and stockings hung on the fireplace! This definitely gives off cozy vibes.

Look at the clean, sleek look of this simple mantle. It is filled with Christmas colors of course, but it’s not too overwhelming on the eyes. A little bit of garland and a cute Christmas sign can go a long way!

Another garland look, look at those oversized galvanized bells! This reminds me of the Polar Express. We love how the plaid bows are worked into the green of the garland, and to top it off added oversized bells. This look is simple yet super adorable and very affordable.

What better way to decorate than adding buffalo plaid into your mantle? So cute, simple, yet gives off all of the Christmas vibes!

How aesthetically pleasing is this mantle!? Adding patterns into the mantle is a cute way to decorate. If you have the space on the ground, decorate that too! Add some signs, a lantern, and maybe a Christmas quote and you’re good to go!

Looking to go all out? Get lots of colors! We know the traditional Christmas colors are red and green, but don’t be afraid to branch out! Adding pops of white into the mantle and decorations will definitely give it a much needed pop of color!

Another Farmhouse Aesthetic, but with a twist! Spice up your mantle by adding Christmas decorations on it, but make it pop even more by adding them AROUND it! It will give your mantle the much needed pop and gives you an opportunity to decorate light on the mantle and go all out around it!

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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