Customer Relation Management tools are being used in almost every industry today. Even the firms that were not using it, started using it in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? because it made remote working conditions and collaborations much more efficient and productive.

While CRM software is mostly used by various corporations, whether they are in the energy sector, development, FMCG, or real estate. Similarly, CRM software can be used for kitchen remodeling purposes as well.

Since CRM is now being designed keeping several niches in mind, for example, you have separate software for real estate CRMwhich focuses on developing leadership and can probably sync with sites like Zillow, etc. On the other hand, we now also have CRM software that focuses on specifically kitchen remodeling.

So if you are into the construction business or specifically into kitchen remodeling, here is a list of the best CRM software that you can use for kitchen remodeling in 2021.


This software is built specifically for the field and servicing industry. A lot of carpet cleaning businesses and other businesses like it use the software to manage their customers and businesses. And it has become popular in the servicing industry because it has proven to be profitable and extremely productive.

Let us look at some of the features that it has to offer:

·       Billing and Invoicing customers are easier with all the stored information

·       Clients management, which is the core of this software’s perks

·       Scheduling and reminders for meetings

·       E-signatures are a blessing in disguise

·       Work-order and inventory management

·       The tracking service history is extremely convenient.

So go ahead, this software is going to make it easier to complete your kitchen remodeling task easier.


This software is known for residential contractors and tradesmen. Why? Because its tools and services cater to that particular niche. This software also enables smooth teamwork and a smooth workflow as well.

Let us look at some of the main features this software has to offer:

·       Contract management tools help with rules and services offered to a particular client.

·       Enable tracking clients

·       It is a great project management software will all tools that enable it to track development and keep updating the project.

So while this software offers a few more features than the software mentioned above, if your business needs you can use this software for your kitchen modeling projects.


This one is specifically built for roofing companies, be it residential or commercial. It offers different features and tools that can help you with your business;

·       The unique feature of aerial measurement is offered by this software, which is pretty rare

·       It offers checklists, inspections, invoicing, billing, etc

·       It also offers lead management and dispatch management tools

·       Scheduling and work-order management is very user-friendly.

4.    JOBBER

This one is also catered towards the home management business, which is why it could be beneficial for you to take a look at its features and see if it works for you.

·       It provides you with a contact database and contract management tools

·       Dispatching and electronic signature is also unique about this software

·       It helps you with Quotes and Estimates

·       Scheduling and reminders about meetings etc

·       It also helps you record payment management in the field

·       It offers an online time clock that helps with meeting deadlines for a job or a task



Marketshare is building specifically for home improvement businesses, contractors, remodelers, etc. Here are a few highlight features of this software that you can benefit from

·       Project Management

·       Contract Management

·       Lead and Pipeline segmentation and management

·       Various prospecting tools 

·       Clients and source tracking

The software is also cheaper comparatively and offers essential features that can benefit you to the core of your kitchen remodeling business.

6.    IMPROVE IT 360

This software is built for remodeling businesses, be it small scale, medium, or large. This software is popular as it helps companies build homes, kitchens, etc and earn good profits. Let us look at a few features of this software

·       It offers management of all sorts, be it employee management,  financial, inventory or marketing management.

·       The unique feature that this software offers is training and vendor management as well.

·       Purchasing records

·       It also helps with time and expense tracking which can only improve productivity.



This CRM tool is for remodeling businesses, contractors, and home improvement companies. It is a purpose-built CRM that is focused on home construction, which is why it made to our list of CRM software we recommend for kitchen remodeling.

Let us look at  a few features of this software:

·       It offers call center automation, which we can all swear by is a very efficient customer management tool

·       It also offers to canvass programs that help you with the designs etc.

·       The best thing about this software is that it can be synced with Quickbooks and many other software.

·       You can also create various reports through this software that can help you build strategies and all.


This is our last but not the least favorite recommendation to you if you are looking for remodeling kitchens. This software is specifically built for roofers and remodeling companies. The following are only a few unique features of this application:

·       It helps with building quotes and proposals that you can forward to your clients.

·       It helps with forecasting

·       Offers sales and pipeline managements

·       It also offers contract and client management which ensures productivity among employees.


If you are using the best software for your business, you are only ensuring productivity, huge profits, and a good clientele base. This is 2021 and you can find anything you need, even get customized software features that are important and relevant to your business.

So choose from one of the software’s mentioned above and you will see a productive rise in your business.

 Author Bio:
Dur-e-Sabih provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. Her educational background in Accountancy helps her in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development, finance, and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Real Estate CRM.

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