An increasing number of homeowners are beginning to replace their old water heaters with water-free water heaters to avoid further disruption to repairing water tanks. Common problems with traditional tank water heaters include leaky temperatures and pressure relief valves and soil structure. Although a water-heater without a tank requires minor repairs, this type of heater may be easy on a variety of problems. The best tankless water heater repair Los Angeles services are available to repair your broken water heater. Here we have discussed 4 common tankless water heater issues and how to fix them. 

Blocked Exhaust

Depending on the type of water heater you have, you can use electricity, propane, or natural gas to create warm water. Natural gas or propane water heaters are connected to the drainage pipes leading out of your home. Pipes are designed to release toxic gases used during combustion.

 To prevent harmful gas leaks, a waterless water heater is designed to deliver the error code when the exhaust pipe closes. Since gas pipelines are connected outside your home, items such as a bird’s nest, rodents, chopsticks, or litter can form blockages that interfere with the flow of natural gas.

Do a plumbing test outside your home to make sure you see a nest or mice in the exhaust system. If your water heater without a tank shows an error code, the source of the problem may be a crack or a hole in the gas pipeline. In addition, do a check to make sure the pipe connection is secure. A loose exhaust pipe can cause gas leaks in your home. 

Accumulation of Minerals

Whether you use a regular or non-tank water heater, you need to keep an eye out for the accumulation of minerals inside your water heater. Solid water is high in mineral water, and the harder your water becomes, the more likely it is to damage minerals. Calcium and Magnesium are two minerals that often cause scaly buildup, and this can damage the function of your water heater if you do not understand it. 

If you own a water-free water heater or are moving from a conventional to a water-free tank heater, it is also important to check the water filter on your water heater, especially if you have a water source. Tank water heaters do not need to be cleaned often, if feasible, but non-tank water warmers require more care so one can have a protracted lifestyle.

 Fountain water can cause rapid accumulation of debris in your tankless water heater making it difficult for water to travel in a long, narrow way to the heat exchanger. If you do not regularly inspect your water filter, waste can get stuck in this long path if your water filter is stopped. 

To avoid damage, operate your water heater every six months with the Eccotemp EZ-Flush system Descaler cleansing kit. You may also use a water softener to gradual the accumulation. If you do not have a hook up to smooth your water heater you want a valve bypass package to help with the cleaning method.

Failure Of Ignition

Non-tank water heaters are fitted with a heating system in a hot spot designed to ignite propane or natural gas. The benefits of buying a water heater with a water heater include fewer emissions and better fuel efficiency. This type of sewing system is composed of small electrical components made of silicon. If your tankless water heater does not heat water in your home, this is a sign of electrical damage to the ignition system.

When a non-tank water heater is activated, parts of the heating system in the tropical area are heated. Next, the incoming natural gas will be ignited by a hot spot lamp before we reach the gas burners. If you do not find hot water in your area or shower, this is a sign of a broken part in the ignition system. On the other hand, the low availability of hot water can be caused by a water valve or a gas leak. Professional services for tankless water heater repair orange county will give you complete services to repair your water heater. 

 If your gas valve closes slightly, the hot fuel will not get enough natural gas to produce warm water. The quickest way to fix this problem is to turn on the gas and water valves to ensure that the water-free water heater gets the right amount of water and natural gas. 

 Cold Water Gap

A common problem with temporary water heaters is that they do not have temporary cold water heaters. If you come across cold water a few seconds after taking a warm shower, you may be curious as to why your water heater is not producing hot water. This trouble is resulting from the area of your tankless water heater. If your water heater is installed in a place away from the bathroom, it will take a few seconds or minutes for the warm water to reach your shower.

If you take a shower directly after a family member, you will get warm water first. However, you will encounter cold water for a few seconds before the water returns to a warmer temperature. When a family member leaves the shower prematurely, a little warm water is trapped in the pipes behind your walls. Once you start bathing, get warm water left in the pipes.

On the other hand, it takes a few seconds for fresh hot water to be produced by a water-free water heater. That’s why you experienced a short period of cold water at the beginning of your shower. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix this problem with your water-free water heater. The easiest way to prevent a cold shower is to wait one minute after turning on the water tap to start your bath. This will allow cold water to drain from the water pipes before you take a shower.


Tankless water heaters are efficient and easy to maintain but still can have issues that you need to take care of. You can always call a tankless water heater technician who will help you to fix or repair your water heater. Professional water heater companies provide various services for your water heater. 

Author Bio:- Jacqueline Lewis

Jacqueline is a content marketing manager who formerly worked at Cali’s Choice Plumbing & Restoration. She is a writer, editor, and content strategist for plumbing services. Making her knowledge and skills a power, she amplifies the readers’ knowledge about the ways of water leak and slab leak detection and their reciprocation. 

Through her articles, she shares the most successful tactics and strategies of slab leak repair, mitigating blockages through Hydro Jetting, and AC & heater installation tips to the audience.




Have a small space to work with in your bathroom but still want to decorate? We rounded up the best interior designs for small bathrooms that are easily achievable! We know how hard it is to create a warm and inviting place with small places, but we have all the ideas on how to make the most out of your bathrooms!


Home selling is a big project, even if you keep your home in good shape. Not only do you have to find an agent to help you stage and list your home, but you also have to renovate it so that it is as profitable as possible. Among many renovations, plumbing fixes tend to be those people dread the most and sometimes avoid altogether. To help you tackle your home selling with due care, we’ll list all the plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house.

Why is it important to repair your plumbing before selling your home?

When you see how complex and costly plumbing repairs can be, you might consider avoiding them altogether. After all, if you plan to move to another city, why should you go through the trouble of repairing your plumbing? Among hiring movers for your long-distance relocation in Illinois and preparing your items, you probably have enough on your plate. Well, as it turns out, top-notch plumbing is a necessity for a successful home sale.

No matter how beautiful it looks, there are likely some plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house.

Most home buyers will hire a professional to perform a thorough home inspection before even considering a purchase. During that inspection, your plumbing issues will pop up. And the buyer will either forgo the purchase or expect you to cover the cost of fixing the plumbing. Now, there is a minority of buyers that won’t perform a home inspection. But keep in mind that they expect you to lower the price because they aren’t requesting one. To make your deal satisfactory for the buyer, you will likely have to reduce the cost more than it would cost you to repair your plumbing. So, all things considered, fixing your plumbing issues is a must for a decent home sale.

List of plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house

In the following paragraphs, we will list the most common plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house. Keep in mind that your home may require different, less common repairs. So, do the smart thing and have a professional check out your home, even if you think you know the potential issues.

Pipe leaks

Leaky pipes are arguably one of the most dangerous issues you can have with your plumbing. The reason for this is that they can easily go undetected for a long period of time. You may not even hear any dripping or see any visible issues for months while your pipe keeps leaking water. The water that leaks out can cause considerable damage over time, especially if it is near a wooden surface. Even if it isn’t, the increased moisture can easily attract pests. So, do the smart thing and carefully check your piping for leaks.

Dripping faucets

At first glance, a dripping faucet might not seem like a big deal. You lose a bit of water every now and again. And if you can suffer the noise it makes, there isn’t much reason to fix it, right? Well, if you take the time to measure just how much water a dripping faucet wastes, you will soon see that repairing it is well worth your money. Furthermore, a dripping faucet can be a symptom of a more severe issue with your faucet cartridge or the washer. Luckily, fixing these issues is relatively straightforward. So, you might not even have to hire a plumber.

You should always address a dripping faucet.

Clogged or slow drains

Keeping drains functioning properly is easier said than done. Both shower drains, kitchen sinks, and toilets get clogged or have reduced flow simply due to their use. Hair, oily products, soap particles, etc. – these can easily clog up your shower drain and prevent water from running freely. The best prevention is to put a drain guard or a drain trap. But, even those cannot save you from occasional clogs.


By a similar token, kitchens sinks are pretty prone to get clogged. Food remnants can easily clog up a well functioning sick and prevent water from running. Again, drain guards and traps do help, especially if they are of better quality. But, no guard or trap is 100% efficient. Fatty, grainy food remnants will easily go through and contribute to your drains getting stuck. So, what can you do?


The easiest solution is to have a plunger, vinegar, and baking soda at hand. A plunger will mechanically help your drain breathe and help push the issue through. Meanwhile, vinegar and baking soda will dissolve the problematic particles and help loosen up the tricky part. You can also use chemicals tailor-made for unclogging drains and pipes. Just make sure to carefully follow their instructions.

You can likely fix a clogged drain on your own. If not, call a professional.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is often a symptom of a more serious issue. It can be a symptom of leaking pipes or corroded installments. Or it can be due to a buildup of sediment on aerators. If there is an issue, aerator, there is a relatively straightforward fix. Simply soak the aerator in a vinegar solution. Also, soak the showerhead. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you might have to replace the parts.

Final thoughts

When it comes to plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house, it is vital to understand their importance. We suggest that you start tackling plumbing issues as soon as possible, as finding reliable plumbers might not be easy. While moving companies have websites like Verified Movers, plumbers tend to have a smaller online presence. So, don’t put yourself in the difficult spot of having to look for a plumber on short notice. Instead, study your plumbing carefully and see what issues you can fix. For all the rest, hire a professional.

Guest Contributor: Sophia Perry


If you own a home in a seasonal area — whether it’s new or just new-to-you — you might be getting ready for the colder weather sometime soon. You love your home, and it’s important to prepare and protect it as best you can from damage of all kinds. The winter season can be beautiful and cozy, but it also has the potential to bring some damage to your home.

If you want to keep on the lookout and stay prepared for whatever’s to come, here are some of the things you can look out for when the weather starts to turn.


One of the primary concerns with any kind of damage to your home is that it can impact the foundation or the structure of your home. Things like water damage, ice, and unforeseen weather circumstances can cause structural ruptures and damage to the foundation.

 Some of the best ways to prevent this are keeping on top of your landscaping, extending downspouts away from your house, and grading your yard so that the soil slopes away from your home.


If you live in an area that routinely experiences snow and ice, one of the primary issues you may have to worry about in the wintertime is the strain of ice and snow on the roof. Between condensation and freezing temperatures, ice dams can lead to roof leaks and strong winds can loosen shingles.

In order to prevent this, it’s important to have your roof checked regularly to make sure it’s waterproof. If you notice a problem at any point, try to take care of it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t develop any further.

3.   LEAKS

Your roof is not the only thing that can lead to leaking in your home throughout the wintertime. Yes, leaks in the roof are an issue, but it’s also important to remember that cold can crack the caulk used around windows, melting snow can leak into the basement, and other kinds of damage can ensue as a result of cold weather. Make sure, before winter starts, that you address any gaps in insulation before they become a problem.


Another common issue that the winter can bring is damage to the pipes and water systems in your house. Especially if the temperatures get below freezing, pipes can burst and cause all kinds of plumbing problems.

One of the best fixes for this is insulating exposed pipes using heat tape or foam pipe insulation. Also, make sure you keep the heat circulating and put your faucet on a slow drip in order to keep water flowing so that the pipes don’t stagnate.


Since there are so many water-related issues that can ensue from winter, this one might not come as a surprise to you. One of the most common forms of water damage in homes is condensation throughout the walls. This can come as a result of moisture spreading where it doesn’t belong.

Make sure that if this does become an issue, you isolate the source of the moisture to avoid mold and other forms of damage.


Winter damage can be a difficult thing to deal with, but you can stay prepared for all of the forms it comes in so you can take care of your home to the best of your ability. Is your home winter-ready this year?

Guest Contributor: Rose Morrison


Across Tinley Park’s 14 neighborhoods, there are currently approximately 226 homes for sale, with prices ranging from $60,000 to just under $1 million.

According to recent figures, the current median list price of a residential property in Tinley Park is $250,000, up 6.4% from the same time last year.

Tinley Park is currently a strong sellers’ market, with the average properties receiving multiple offers and selling for around 1% over the list price and going pending in approximately one week. Some homes in high demand are even achieving 5% above the asking price.

These market conditions are fairly typical across the country at the moment, as the supply of new property listings is keeping demand higher than the inventory available to meet it. As we exit the severity of the pandemic, however, markets are predicted to gradually regain balance as more properties are listed. 

Even though the sellers’ market conditions are persisting for now, it still makes economic sense to consider whether there are any improvements that you can make that will increase the value of your home prior to selling.

Here are some of the most popular upgrade ideas that could increase the value of your Tinley Park property.


Nothing adds to the value of a home like additional liveable, heated square footage. If you have a basement that isn’t finished, you should seriously consider getting it done prior to selling. Adding a functional room to your home can catapult it into an entirely new price bracket. So long as you stick to a sensible renovation budget, finishing your basement is one of the surest ways to ensure a healthy return on your investment.

Finishing off a basement can be costly, especially if you plan to include additional electrical and plumbing requirements. However, if you effectively gain an additional room and potentially a bathroom, too, this will further bolster the potential for returns.

You can easily research online what houses your current size are selling for and then compare it with what an additional room etc. could achieve. Alternatively, consult with your real estate professional regarding what additional value your proposed renovation could add.


Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular areas of a property that buyers focus on, and the primary question in their minds is whether they will need to renovate the space themselves or not.

If your kitchen and/or bathroom are generally sound in structure and functionality, you may only need to update them. This could involve replacing units, fixtures, countertops, flooring, or appliances, or simply refreshing tired paint, tiling, or hardware, such as handles and tapware, etc.

If a kitchen or bathroom is beyond repair and desperately needs a renovation, it’s likely that you will be able to recoup the costs and add value to your home by carrying out the work prior to selling. So long as you are sensible with your spending, and renovate to a level in keeping with the demographic of your prospective buyers, there is certainly room to add value to your home by fully renovating these spaces. It will also make your property more desirable to potential buyers if the hard work has already been done.


Make sure that your property forms a great first impression by improving the way it initially presents. This goes beyond aesthetic improvements, such as manicured lawns, flowers, and a neat and tidy pathway. 

Go outside and look at your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. What would you look for? Does your property appear to be well-cared for? Is there any exterior wall damage? Are the doors and windows in good condition? Does the garage door look presentable and reliable? All these questions and more can really give you an insight as to what to focus on when preparing your home for sale. Improving the outside of your home may not bring in the big bucks directly, but ensuring that it lives up to the rest and makes a great first impression still goes a long way towards securing multiple offers. Even a high-powered pressure wash of the exterior and driveway can take years off of an older home.


There are many options for improving the value of your home, and it will largely depend upon the current condition of your property. Just make sure that whatever upgrades you consider, that you first assess what monetary gain you are likely to make, based on transformation, additional living space, selling desirability, and your location. Your real estate agent can advise you best as to what improvements you most need to focus on.

Guest Contributor: Jennifer Seene


The year 2020 was a disastrous business year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that affected several business spheres and trends. The pandemic was just one big factor in the inevitable change in business trends and strategies. Over the decade, technology and its byproducts constantly changed the usual business routine in multiple ways. 

As a result of these factors, the conventional recruitment methods are no longer optimal to select ideal candidates that will become choice employees in a company. New recruiting trends have evolved for effective recruitment to companies and businesses. In this article, we reveal 2021 recruiting trends shaped by the pandemic.

2021 Recruiting Trends Shaped by the pandemic

Here are new effective recruiting trends shaped by the pandemic: 

Virtual Hiring

COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was contagious, and countries worldwide and their citizens were forced to reduce any form of contact by staying home if possible. To cope with the change, society members used virtual platforms as a means of communication. This change also affected businesses. For instance, remote jobs became common for people to work and communicate from home comfortably. 

Relatedly, virtual hiring will become a norm in the business sector due to the several benefits the process offers. As a result of virtual correspondence emerging as a norm, platforms that support virtual hiring have been developed to assist interested companies.

 For instance, Brazen, a virtual recruitment platform, is tasked with helping companies streamline their recruitment strategy process. Research conducted by business experts at Easy Essay shows that virtual hiring helps companies save time and expenses while simultaneously providing results. However, even with the recent development of the hiring process, we humans are social creatures. At some point in time in the business world, changes may need to be made to the virtual hiring process. 

Recruiters Will Expand Required Skill Sets

COVID-19 taught marketers, recruiters, and other business specialists that for a business to continually succeed, an indispensable factor is a speedy adaptation to new challenges and problems that may arise. Unsurprisingly, adaptability is now among the required factors recruiters consider before hiring job candidates. 

During candidate selection for various job positions in a company, a required skill that is also leveraged is versatility. To be skilled in several areas comes in handy at unexpected periods. Business enthusiasts at assignment help state that people with diverse skills were able to secure jobs during the early period of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Remote work

Before the era of COVID-19, remote jobs existed, but most companies and businesses did not prioritize them.  However, after the year 2020, companies discovered the usefulness of remote work and the optimal impacts it can bring to a business. Many companies that transitioned to remote works continue in 2021, and unavoidably, the change also affects the recruitment process. 

Companies now look for individuals that can work effectively remotely without a face-to-face consultation with their coworkers and colleagues. Online interviews and other virtual hiring processes can be used to narrow down the best candidates. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has evolved over the years to aid members of society in the running of specific tasks. Through the brilliance of technology, you can resolve issues and effectively carry out specific objectives smoothly and efficiently. This also applies to the hiring process in a company.  

The conventional recruitment process has always been a critical process. However, there is room for improvement, and an effective tool that can be used for such improvement is Artificial Intelligence. 

AI is a major channel for change in the realm of talent acquisition. AI helps automate the repeatable schedules allowing hiring managers to concentrate on the sensitive and crucial parts of recruitment. Furthermore, AI can quicken the tracking process for ideal candidates for job positions. 

Project-based Contract Hiring

The usual hiring process involves recruiting candidates for a certain company position to run tasks that will benefit the company for a period that is not fixed. To this end, some individuals end up working for a particular company throughout their life if there are no hitches. However, the gig economy differs significantly in terms of process. 

The gig economy centers around project-based contract hiring that involves hiring an expert individual to run a specific project. After the job performance, the deal comes to an end. The gig economy received noticeable attention over the years, but the pandemic tripled the initial recognition level. 

Freelancers in search of projects they are best suited to are a major part of the gig industry. Hiring for one-time projects is a strategy the pandemic has put at the forefront of the recruitment process.

Employee Wellbeing

The year 2020 was a tasking year, health-wise and emotionally. Approximately 33% of workers in the US complained of feelings of depression during the first few months of the pandemic. However, to adapt to the situation, most workers became conscious of the effects of a mentally challenged workforce. So, as a result of all these factors, in the recruitment process, the mental health of candidates is now considered.  Stress is usually associated with most jobs, and it can cause several long and short-term health issues if steps are not taken to prevent such. 

Transparency In the Recruitment Process

 Usually, in the process involving client acquisition, most employers are usually tight-lipped about details concerning their company. Transparency in the recruitment process is now being promoted in the recruitment process because it helps the candidates to be more interactive during their interview sessions. Transparency in the hiring process involves: 

●      Employee Benefits: Before choosing to work with a particular company, most candidates prefer being aware of the employee benefits. Hiring managers Being straightforward about what their company offers increases the chances of hiring loyal employees.

●      Selection Process: Informing the candidates of the selection process you will be using is crucial. For example, you can share if the recruitment is going to happen in stages. 

●      Salary Range: Stating the salary range for the job you are offering is an effective method to filter candidates in the hiring process. 

●      Timeline for Recruitment: This is the most important aspect you need to share with the job applicants. Most candidates that will apply for the job position may be out of work, so a long hiring process may not be ideal for them. Try and be specific about the length of time of the job recruitment. Let the applicants know the specifics of the situation they are entering into. 

If your actions as a hiring manager reflect transparency, the chance that the honesty will be reciprocated is high. 

Detailed interview Feedback

No company or business enjoys rejecting job applicants, but they will prioritize hiring qualified candidates. The job industry currently notes the importance of providing constructive feedback to successful and unsuccessful job applicants. When you provide detailed feedback stating the reasons for hiring or rejection, it reflects the fact that you respect the candidates. 

Additionally, it creates an opportunity for applicants who may feel unfairly treated to be aware of the reasons they were not hired. An aggrieved job applicant that feels wronged can share the details concerning your company on the internet through social media. That can spell doom for your company, so to avoid this provide detailed interview feedback as a form of justification. 

Fairer hiring process

Earlier on, we shared the fact that due to the pandemic, most recruiters will be focused on hiring diverse and versatile applicants that can easily adapt to unforeseeable situations. To solely achieve this recruiting trend, most companies usually adopt a fair and more consistent hiring process. A fair recruitment process usually includes: 

●      Training hiring managers on the interview process: Instead of relying on conventional hiring methods, hiring managers can adopt standardized methods they can use to sieve through qualified candidates. Recognized and tested templates that will help in finding the best candidates for a specific job position should be used. 

●      Create a diverse hiring team: One person should not be in charge of recruitment which is a sensitive task. No matter how impartial a person is conceived to be, a certain element of bias still resides in the person. A team consisting of multiple individuals that can make constructive decisions should handle employee acquisition. 

●      Set fair interview questions that will expose all the job applicants to the same interview experience. 

●      Consistent tests: Let the skill test you set for screening be void of inconsistencies. 

●      Maintain contact: Be in close reach with the job applicants throughout the recruitment process.

Applicant Data Protection

Cybercrime, which includes fraud and internet hacking, is the downside of technology enhancement. Personal data can be used fraudulently if one is not careful. From the start of the pandemic, the FBI recorded a shocking 300% rise in cybercrimes. The increase in remote work in the pandemic, which involves the exchange of personal data, added to the increase in cybercrimes. However, despite this setback, it appears that remote work is becoming an inseparable part of our current business world. Job applicants’ data is now being considered as a priority to safeguard them from internet hackers. 

Using Soft Skills as a Hiring Recruitment

In a company, apart from the cut-out assigned roles your qualifications can accomplish, there is another set of skills that are needed. This set of skills are referred to as “soft skills.” Soft skills due to the pandemic are now a crucial part of hiring requirements. Soft skills include leadership, adaptability, creativity, communication, among others. They assist in job performance in a company. 

Hiring Generation Z

A Gen Z member is anyone born between 1997-2012. Over the years, people from this age grade have been slowly entering the workforce. However, 2020, the pandemic year, significantly changed their work perspective. It caused a good number of Gen Z members to view the workforce in a positive light. To hire Gen Z members who are better adapted to the recent changes in the business sectors, unlike the millennials hiring managers should: 

●      Solely concentrate their actions on selling the role. 

●      Include technology in your hiring process. 

●      Include remote work.  

Final Thoughts

The first crucial step that leads to the running of a successful company is the recruitment process, where you have the option of selecting qualified candidates that will assist in achieving company goals. The conventional methods used by the workforce were changed by the pandemic resulting in new hiring trends highlighted in this write-up.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Harper


Winter is a time of fun and celebration, but to many people, it’s also dangerous. Many accidents can occur due to frigid weather, such as slipping on ice or facing burst pipes. While those occurrences are tragic, in most cases, they are also preventable. As long as you know how to winterize your home, you’ll be able to ride out the season in joy, just as you should.


Weatherstripping lines most doors and windows and allows the air outside to stay there. Over time, this material can lose functionality or start to rot, leaving your home more exposed to the elements. Improper weatherstripping can account for nearly 40% of heating issues in the winter.

Check your doors and windows before winter sets in. If you notice weatherstripping is torn in any place, replace it immediately. Having functional material in place could stand between you and a hefty electricity bill.


Your attic and basement might be the coldest places in your house. Because the temperature in your attic isn’t regulated like the rest of the house, it can only do so much to keep out the heat and cold in their respective seasons. 

Adding insulation can also protect your home against moisture that could seep in through the attic at any point in the year. Insulating this area protects your walls and home’s interior from massive damage.


When the snow has fallen and ice is everywhere, you won’t be able to pinpoint any issues with your roof other than by sight. You should have your roof checked out before it becomes too slippery so professionals can still climb on it and look for weak spots or missing shingles.

If you have it in your budget, consider installing a “hundred-year roof,” which is durable enough to last through even the harshest of winter storms.You can replace shingles yourself, but make sure you avoid any hazards that could come from climbing up there in cold weather. When in doubt, rely on a professional.


Pipes need insulation, too. You may let your faucets drip when the weather is below the freezing point, but your pipes might also need an extra boost to stay warm. Luckily, you can find pipe sleeves pretty easily and secure them with duct tape. 

 You want to make sure your pipes stay warm throughout the cold winter months, or they may burst and force you to pay for repairs. You’ll have to repair the burst pipe and deal with any water damage that happens as a result. When in doubt, wrap your pipes up to fight against the winter weather.


If your fan has multiple settings, consider switching the direction before the cooler temperatures set in. Most fans have two modes you can use depending on the temperature outside. The winter setting will enable your fan to rotate the opposite way, thereby pushing the warmer air down to the floor where you are instead of bringing it to the ceiling. This way, if you run your fan in the winter, it won’t be as cold as it could be in the summer.


 If you winterize your home before the cold weather or drastic snowfalls set in, you won’t have much to worry about throughout the season. While others may be concerned about burst pipes or potential damage, you’ll have peace of mind because you already took care of the pressing matters.

Winterizing your home doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s an easy process that can be done in a weekend and save you so much time and money in the long run. You can take care of your household all winter by preparing for bad weather in advance.

Guest Contributor: Rose Morrison


Do you know a single person that would be excited because of the need of calling a plumber? Commonly, people associate plumbers with not really pleasant people who more likely will destroy plumbing or pipes, make a mess in your house, and leave them alone with their breakages. Consequently, it is quite a challenging task for plumbers to provide their customers with great experience and deliver the service their clients expect and demand.

Mostly, it happens for two reasons – poor skills of plumbers or initial misunderstanding between the client and the executor. The first thing is quite easy to avoid. Before calling a plumber, make sure he or she is a real professional with high ratings and works for a trusted company that is long on the market. The second thing depends on the skills of a plumber too but the skills related to communication with the clients. 

However, the ability to clearly understand and communicate with potential clients comes from experience, no matter if we talk about a single plumber or for the whole organization.

Therefore, here is a top list of useful tips that will help plumbers to organize their business and get the successful results of their work. Your success doesn’t depend on the range of your service. It is better to offer fewer services but at more reasonable prices and the highest quality compared to your competitors.


People learn, widen their experience, and develop their professional skills during their whole life as there is no limit to perfection. It is important to care about the skill level of the plumbers within your company and it also concerns the workers themselves. Each plumber must be interested in personal growth and development as their career and earnings fully depend on it. Provide regular training and practical learning courses for plumbers to be 100% sure of their competency and deliver high-quality service to your clients. 


The plumbing market is constantly changing and adopting the latest innovation in it like eco-friendly and energy-saving techniques. To keep up with the competitors, you should be aware of the latest trends in the modern plumbing market to correspond to the expectations and requirements of your customers. That’s what helps you save your reputation despite any changes in your industry.


These days marketing is an inevitable part of business in any industry and specialization. Moreover, it is vital to offer your target audience the services they are willing to offer. The way you present your services is also important as the ads should be attractive and engaging for your potential client using the marketing channels they tend to use more. Your potential clients can also find the available information about your company on the paper writing services reviewsso ensure that the reputation of your company corresponds to your advertising.

Hey! You can also find out more about how to define your target audience and attract potential customers on social media by the following link. 


You should also think of creating a corporate website to advertise your company, show the contact information and provide potential customers with the contact form to order the needed service. However, remember that software requires investment – ready-made apps or custom apps as well. The management system for a plumbing company is tasked with automating the processing of client information, orders creation, and management. It provides your company with transparency and your clients with a great customer experience. Commonly, the ready-made management systems require a month or year fee which amount depends on the range of functions and options you want to have in it. Well, the choice of the software system is fully related to the specifics of your plumbing business and industry in general. 


Due to the statistics, about 78-80% of customers are willing to return to the services or to refer the company to their friends in case of a good first impression and experience with a plumbing organization. Structure the process from the first conversation with your customer to the very end of your cooperation, meaning not only plumbing quality matters. The attitude, the way you talk to your clients and you hold the internal workflows within your company is extremely important.


The variety of successful plumbing companies is surely wide. That’s why you need to define your key differentiators meaning what services or what other features make you unique and trusted on the market. There are different ways you can promote your company on the web or within your city – social networks, paid advertising like billboards, newspapers, corporate website, different sales, promos, etc. There are numerous and best online writing services that can help you with the promotion of your service and write attractive ads that will make your company stand out.

Guest Contributor: Frank Hamilton


Whether you’ve just got the keys to your dream home, or you want to spruce up the master in your current home, being armed with knowledge and ideas when it comes to how to decorate a bedroom is the best way to achieve impressive results.

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a little place to call our own in a busy world, and for many, a busy house. Your bedroom should reflect your own unique style, offering a calming space while also meeting your needs and providing all the practicalities you need to be comfortable and able to relax at the end of a long day. Creating a space designed with care, thought and consideration is the best way to ensure your bedroom provides you with everything you need.

Your bedroom certainly isn’t just the quality of your bed. Read on to discover how to decorate a bedroom, with our 25 top tips, ideas and inspiration…

Side Note: Want to give your bedroom a complete makeover, but don’t necessarily have the budget? Check out these amazing tips from Omysa on 6 budget-friendly bedroom makeover ideas!


Subtle and simple colours work best in the bedroom, as they create a gentle and restful environment. Avoid bold primary colours, instead choosing muted tones in either dark or light shades. Darker colours will create a super cosy feel, whereas lighter yet calming shades such as lavender, blues and greens will result in a calm and serene feel. One of the first things you should do is choose your colour scheme, as this will impact many other areas of your design. As a rule of thumb, just choose toned-down versions of your favourite colours, and shades that make you feel good.


Our bedrooms have to work hard. They often provide a space for sleeping and relaxing, as well as sharing intimate moments, a place for storage, dressing and much more. All of this can be tricky to configure in a way that provides everything you need but still looks stylish, neat and tidy. The trick is to ensure you have plenty of practical storage that also fits in with your scheme.

Storage should be prioritized and considered as one of the first steps when it comes to redesigning your bedroom. Where possible, consider including built-in storage as it will become part of the room and offer the most space. The trick with storage is to include all you need, without it interrupting the flow and design of your space. This is where careful planning and consideration really pays off.

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While you might want to avoid having a TV in your room, creating a space designed specifically for relaxation aside from your bed is a great way to make your bedroom work harder for you. If you have an empty corner, add a hanging chair in lovely natural woven rattan, or a luxurious velvet armchair, complete with a bookcase and footstool.

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Lighting is really important in your bedroom, but it’s often overlooked. Lighting plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere, and in a bedroom, you may require different levels of lighting. Consider a pendant light hanging from the ceiling for brighter light, like for when you are getting ready. You will also need low-level lighting that you can use independently from your main lighting. Think lots of lovely lamps, or wall lights on either side of your bed that you can easily switch off before you go to sleep.


As it’s likely you are trying to create a space to unwind, choose a laid back style over a more formal design for your bedroom. Think lots of natural materials, soft edges and colours, minimal clutter but enough to make your space cosy instead of stark. Try a premium wool rug on the floor to add warmth and softness, beautiful linen curtains and large textured pillows on the bed. Simple details will go a long way to creating a relaxing environment.


A great way to add interest to your bedroom while keeping the look simple and calming is by using various fabrics. Think linens, wool, cotton or even velvet to create texture and softness. Different fabrics can be layered in the room – try hanging a pair of beautiful curtains, dressing the floor with a large luxurious rug, placing a wool blanket on an armchair, and linen throws on the bed.

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Making the most of your view outside of your bedroom is a great way to bring nature in. This will have a calming influence on your space and what you can see outside may even influence your scheme. Consider your window dressing carefully to frame your view, let light in during the day, but offer darkness for a restful night’s sleep. Consider shutters, blinds and curtains and think about whether you want to make a feature of the window, or simply frame the view beyond.


It can be all too easy to get wrapped up with the style of your space and overlook the practical elements. In considering how you will use the room, you can create a space that suits your needs and as a result, is easier and enjoyable to spend time in.

Think about the smaller details – do you read in bed? Then introduce bedside tables with lamps so that you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the light off when you want to go to sleep. Do you sleep better in a very dark room? Try blackout blinds or curtains. If you have hardwood floors, consider laying a bedroom rug to use under your bed to make getting up in the night more comfortable. Does clutter bother you? Install lots of storage to keep the room tidy and calm. Think about these elements early on, to create a space that suits your needs.

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Hardwood floors are a lovely feature to have, particularly when they are original. While you might not want to cover up your beautiful floors completely, hardwood flooring can be a little stark in a bedroom. Consider softening the space by laying a large rug under the bed. Not only will this help with sound insulation and general acoustics, but it will also add warmth and make for a far nicer surface to pad around on when you first wake up. Try a shaggy rugto add texture and a super soft finish to sink your feet into.


Natural materials are the perfect way to add interest to your bedroom, without the need for bright colours or fussy patterns. Materials such as wood, bamboo, seagrass and rattan all have a softness to them, but will also add warmth and character. Think a dark wood chest of drawers, seagrass baskets to store blankets in, dark wood frames for artwork and a beautiful rattan armchair.


The flow of your space plays a huge role in how you feel when in your bedroom. You should be able to move freely around the furniture, from one side of the room to the other. When the flow is disjointed, this can cause us to feel uncomfortable, irritated and even overwhelmed. When it comes to getting the flow right, the trick is to carefully plan the space. Measure up and consider where you will place furniture, move around the room and check if the placement of anything causes us to have to stop/start as you move, if this is the case, have a rethink.


Most of the time we spend in our bedrooms is spent laying down, which means the ceiling takes centre stage. However, many of us overlook this design opportunity. A painted or wallpapered ceiling is a wonderful way to add interest and will create a cosy canopy over the bed. For something striking, try a dark muted colour that extends down the walls by a metre, or go for something subtle like taupe or plaster pink and keep the colour to the ceiling. You could also try wallpaper in muted tones – a nature-inspired pattern would work well.

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When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it can be all too easy to get carried away with trends and different concepts, overcomplicating the look and feel. In order to create a relaxing space, keep everything simple. Pull back on your colour scheme, opting to include just 2-3 shades. Avoid lots of different materials, instead of focusing on natural elements, linens and wool. If you want to use a pattern, use just one and keep it to one area, such as the cushions on your bed. If you include metals, such as in your light fittings, opt for one finish, such as brass.


Just because you’re going for a calming scheme, doesn’t mean you can’t create a statement too. The bed should be at the centre of the room and the focal point, from which you can build on to create something really special. Focus on this area and allow the rest of your decor to complement the focus of your space. Try a large headboard in wood, or upholstered, place a bedside table at either side of the bed, and wall-hung lights above the table. Add a large print, or two above the headboard exactly in the centre, and finish the look with a beautiful pendant light hung over the bed.

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One of the most simple and effective ways to add character and style to your bedroom is to dress the bed. Start with beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets – if you want to go for a colour, choose something muted and calming. Next layer up throws, linen works well, or wool if it’s winter. Try placing one horizontally across the bed, and throw another on top so that it lands in an organic way, rather than organising it neatly. Next place cushions against the headboard. Two large cushions work well or try several smaller ones arranged symmetrically. This is a great opportunity to introduce a little colour and texture, adding personality to space.


Our bedrooms should feel warm and cosy. A great way to achieve this is to introduce a few elements that remind you of your loved ones or of fond memories. Framed photos will add that extra personal touch, and being able to see them first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day is a great mood booster. Try a handful of photos in matching frames to keep the look simple – think brass and glass, or simple wooden frames.


The boho trend is known for being laid back, welcoming and cosy, making it a great choice for your bedroom. You can approach this trend in many ways, including a Scandi influenced neutral colour scheme, or using muted tones such as blues lifted with the addition of pinks and terracotta. To keep the room calm, strip back the look a little – include just one element of pattern, one colour on the walls, one large piece of art hung above the bed and a large jute rug on the floor.

Author’s Note: We created, what we believe, is the ultimate guide when it comes to styling your home in a Bohemian fashion! Check out our 30 Boho style tips for the ultimate Bohemian-inspired home.

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If you want to try something different to the obvious artwork above the bed, consider hanging beautiful dried wreaths instead. Try a small collection of five in varying sizes, and stick to a simple colour palette. Introducing natural elements is a great way to add interest to your bedroom while keeping the look simple and stylish.


If you don’t spend much time in your bedroom during the day, a dark and moody colour is a great choice. A dark shade, such as deep grey, will give your room a cocoon-like feeling, making it a wonderful place to retreat to at the end of a long day. Paint all the walls in your chosen shade and create a contrast with crisp white bedding, adding warmth with wood furniture.

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Plants can sometimes be overlooked in the bedroom, but they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your space. Not only do they help to purify the air, but they also bring a little bit of the outside world in, which can be incredibly calming. Try introducing a few plants to your scheme – include a large floor standing plant, a collection of smaller plants to place on surfaces or shelving, and a few hanging plants to add interest and variety.


If your bedroom is north facing or generally doesn’t get a lot of natural light, try introducing large mirrors to bounce extra light around the room. A light and airy bedroom will ensure space feels bigger and is generally a calming place to be. Try a large gold framed mirror hung above a chest of drawers, as well as a full-length mirror opposite a window.


Regardless of whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, layered rugs can add a super cosy feel as well as introducing texture and interest. If you’ve opted to paint your walls a colour, try introducing a simple grey rug with a thick pile, and layer a smaller jute rug on top. Sheepskin rugs are also great for layering and can even be thrown over the end of the bed too.


If all-over colour isn’t really your thing, consider opting for a simple feature wall instead. A feature wall is best paired with white or very pale grey walls. The colour you choose will shape the rest of the colour scheme which will greatly influence how your bedroom looks and feels. As before, opt for a muted tone of your favourite shade to create that calming vibe.


When it comes to styling your bedroom, always follow the rule of three. As one of the most simple rules to follow in interior design, in grouping items together in three you will create more appealing displays. Don’t forget to vary height too to add interest. Try three vases of different heights on top of your chest of drawers, or group together three special items to add that personal touch to your space, while keeping the look stylish.


If you’ve decided to go for a neutral scheme, try introducing just a touch of colour with a jewel-toned rug. Think deep and rich greens, blues or even purples and let the single piece take centre stage. Place at the side of the bed for a super soft surface to sink your feet into. In an otherwise simple room, a traditional style rug works especially well to add a touch of understated colour, subtle pattern and texture.

Now that you know how to decorate a bedroom, it’s time to put the above ideas into practice. The trick is to plan in advance, and don’t try to achieve too much. Pick out a few key design features that you love to create a beautiful calming space. Remember to create a colour scheme using just a few shades, as well as space planning and factoring in enough storage. All of this will help you create a bedroom that’s beautiful as well as a joy to spend time in.

Guest Contributor:


Modern business conditions are game-changers for both online and offline, small and large businesses from different industries. Regardless of your business niche, proceeding without a digital presence, digital marketing and SEO, in particular, is no longer possible to stay competitive.

The plumbing industry is no exception. SEO promotion allows you to reach out to the target audience and create an influx of new consumers more efficiently compared to the usual marketing activities. It’s time to use plumber SEO promotion to become the top local plumbing services provider. How to get started with plumbing SEO promotion to drive quick results?  Find out the best tips next. 


Want to reboot your knowledge in promoting your plumbing services? You need the following SEO for plumbers tips and to read this post. It’s time for growing your plumbing business in 2021 and getting loyal customers with the help of SEO. Here is how.


Search engines are ultimately focused on delivering quality content to users. To gain the trust of the search engines, it is worth providing quality content. Run an active blog on your site.

Provide your site visitors and potential consumers with valuable information. For example, you can create various guides, instructions on how to choose the right plumbing, or in which case it is important to call a master and when you can solve the problem on your own.

Don’t forget about the psychology of your target audience. Since most people, when faced with any breakdowns in the context of plumbing, try to solve the problem on their own before turning to professionals. Therefore, you should both provide them with how-to tips and explain when the professional help is a must as such a content mix will be relevant for your target audience.


SEO optimization and the abundance of different strategies can be confusing for website owners. Many of them are focused on getting to the top of Google’s results, and this is a logical desire. But do not forget that some areas of business require proper promotion at the local level. It is very important for such an area as plumbing.

When creating your content, there is a need to add keywords with the city mentioned. This will allow those users who are looking for a service in a particular city to be able to find your site. The emphasis on local SEO promotion in tandem with general SEO tactics is what will bring real effect and will allow you to get loyal customers and promotion in the ranking.


One of the most effective SEO strategies is to get backlinks. The presence of such links is something like an indicator of trust in search algorithms. These sites gain a ranking advantage and rank higher.

Today there are different ways to get such links. For example, you can either buy SEO-friendly backlinks or use a guest posting strategy. When buying backlinks, make sure you get quality links. As for the strategy of guest posting, this can be done both independently and with the help of professionals. Professionals offer a complete solution regarding the implementation of the strategy and quick results. Therefore, it is worth considering ways to get backlinks to promote your plumbing services. Think over a good link-building processto get the most of this tactic. 


To reach the top of the search engine rankings, you should think about creating a high-quality mobile version of the site. Today, more and more users are using various gadgets to search for information on the Internet. According to stats, 54,8 % of worldwide traffic is mobile. There is no doubt that this trend is here to stay for the next few years.

It is worth paying special attention to this matter and creating a high-quality mobile version. Make sure your site is displayed without any errors on all devices. In the absence of a high-quality mobile version of the site, all your actions in the context of SEO may be ineffective.


Building social media to promote plumbing services is a great strategy to gain new clients and improve your position in the ranking. When providing services in the local market with a specific territorial reference, then social networks are another opportunity to get the target audience.

Notify your subscribers about all services and promotions. You can also duplicate content from your site on social networks. For example, you can write that a new service has appeared on your site or you have published a detailed guide on how to fix some problems without experts. This can force the subscriber to go to your site to view the information in more detail. This way you can generate an influx of targeted traffic that is more likely to become your customers. 


Modern SEO practices and strategies can be applied to absolutely any field of activity. As you can see, SEO promotion in such an area as plumbing is an opportunity to take your business to the next level, so get started with the simple tips we have shared above. 

 Guest Contributor:  Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.