Home selling is a big project, even if you keep your home in good shape. Not only do you have to find an agent to help you stage and list your home, but you also have to renovate it so that it is as profitable as possible. Among many renovations, plumbing fixes tend to be those people dread the most and sometimes avoid altogether. To help you tackle your home selling with due care, we’ll list all the plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house.

Why is it important to repair your plumbing before selling your home?

When you see how complex and costly plumbing repairs can be, you might consider avoiding them altogether. After all, if you plan to move to another city, why should you go through the trouble of repairing your plumbing? Among hiring movers for your long-distance relocation in Illinois and preparing your items, you probably have enough on your plate. Well, as it turns out, top-notch plumbing is a necessity for a successful home sale.

No matter how beautiful it looks, there are likely some plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house.

Most home buyers will hire a professional to perform a thorough home inspection before even considering a purchase. During that inspection, your plumbing issues will pop up. And the buyer will either forgo the purchase or expect you to cover the cost of fixing the plumbing. Now, there is a minority of buyers that won’t perform a home inspection. But keep in mind that they expect you to lower the price because they aren’t requesting one. To make your deal satisfactory for the buyer, you will likely have to reduce the cost more than it would cost you to repair your plumbing. So, all things considered, fixing your plumbing issues is a must for a decent home sale.

List of plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house

In the following paragraphs, we will list the most common plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house. Keep in mind that your home may require different, less common repairs. So, do the smart thing and have a professional check out your home, even if you think you know the potential issues.

Pipe leaks

Leaky pipes are arguably one of the most dangerous issues you can have with your plumbing. The reason for this is that they can easily go undetected for a long period of time. You may not even hear any dripping or see any visible issues for months while your pipe keeps leaking water. The water that leaks out can cause considerable damage over time, especially if it is near a wooden surface. Even if it isn’t, the increased moisture can easily attract pests. So, do the smart thing and carefully check your piping for leaks.

Dripping faucets

At first glance, a dripping faucet might not seem like a big deal. You lose a bit of water every now and again. And if you can suffer the noise it makes, there isn’t much reason to fix it, right? Well, if you take the time to measure just how much water a dripping faucet wastes, you will soon see that repairing it is well worth your money. Furthermore, a dripping faucet can be a symptom of a more severe issue with your faucet cartridge or the washer. Luckily, fixing these issues is relatively straightforward. So, you might not even have to hire a plumber.

You should always address a dripping faucet.

Clogged or slow drains

Keeping drains functioning properly is easier said than done. Both shower drains, kitchen sinks, and toilets get clogged or have reduced flow simply due to their use. Hair, oily products, soap particles, etc. – these can easily clog up your shower drain and prevent water from running freely. The best prevention is to put a drain guard or a drain trap. But, even those cannot save you from occasional clogs.


By a similar token, kitchens sinks are pretty prone to get clogged. Food remnants can easily clog up a well functioning sick and prevent water from running. Again, drain guards and traps do help, especially if they are of better quality. But, no guard or trap is 100% efficient. Fatty, grainy food remnants will easily go through and contribute to your drains getting stuck. So, what can you do?


The easiest solution is to have a plunger, vinegar, and baking soda at hand. A plunger will mechanically help your drain breathe and help push the issue through. Meanwhile, vinegar and baking soda will dissolve the problematic particles and help loosen up the tricky part. You can also use chemicals tailor-made for unclogging drains and pipes. Just make sure to carefully follow their instructions.

You can likely fix a clogged drain on your own. If not, call a professional.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is often a symptom of a more serious issue. It can be a symptom of leaking pipes or corroded installments. Or it can be due to a buildup of sediment on aerators. If there is an issue, aerator, there is a relatively straightforward fix. Simply soak the aerator in a vinegar solution. Also, soak the showerhead. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you might have to replace the parts.

Final thoughts

When it comes to plumbing fixes to have done before selling your house, it is vital to understand their importance. We suggest that you start tackling plumbing issues as soon as possible, as finding reliable plumbers might not be easy. While moving companies have websites like Verified Movers, plumbers tend to have a smaller online presence. So, don’t put yourself in the difficult spot of having to look for a plumber on short notice. Instead, study your plumbing carefully and see what issues you can fix. For all the rest, hire a professional.

Guest Contributor: Sophia Perry

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