Now that it’s finally fall, your wait to participate in seasonal activities is over! You can host plenty of fall festivities from the comfort of your own backyard. All you need is some refreshments and a few activities to keep adults and children alike occupied during the event. Try out these fun suggestions to make yourself and your backyard the talk of the town.


As the weather cools down, many people celebrate holidays that bring families and friends together. Some people in your community may not have families or friends to go to for meals and celebrations. In that case, you could consider hosting a potluck where every guest brings a dish or contribution of some sort.

By involving yourself in the community you live in, you could change people’s lives or how the community is run. Reaching out to others when loneliness is all-consuming, especially for those who don’t have anyone with them on holidays, can help you make new memories and put smiles on others’ faces.


If you don’t mind potentially tearing up the grass in your backyard — or if you have a larger driveway than most people — you can host a “trunk or treat” where families can go trick-or-treating around to the trunks of different cars.

This event leaves most of the decoration up to the owners of the individual vehicles who participate, so you can relax and only worry about acquiring candy and decorating your own trunk for the Halloween season. For families who don’t participate in Halloween but still love the concept of trick-or-treating and dressing up, this opportunity could be a wonderful tradition.


If you want to spend time with friends and family outside, consider transforming your outdoor space into an environment prime for partying. Hosting a game night outside is akin to hosting a house party, so you have to be sure you’re ready enough for the people who might attend.

Consider allowing people to RSVP to the party, either by mail or digitally, so you have an accurate headcount of who will be attending and how much of everything you’ll need. You can guess how much each guest will eat, but the best method is to make sure you have one pound of food for every guest.

 Once you have the menu and music sorted out, think of what sort of fall-themed games you could host on this game night. Consider buying small prizes to award the winners of games to motivate people to play. If you want a modern twist on bobbing for apples, consider blindfolding contestants and allowing them to reach into a pail of water and apples using just their hands. You could also host a costume contest and give awards for the most creative or best costumes.


What could be better than cozying up with some snacks and watching favorite fall movies? Whether you choose to go the spooky route or find something milder that reflects the season, you can host a successful movie marathon from the comfort of your backyard.

The most important thing you’ll need is a projector. From there, you can either have a collapsible screen, an inflatable screen, a white sheet, or something else that you can use to project the movie onto. Be sure to make plenty of snacks to keep all your guests satisfied. 

Consider creating a fire pit in your backyard ahead of this occasion. While you might have blankets to ward off the chill of the night, they can’t compare to the warm glow of a fire. Aside from providing your guests with much-needed warmth, a fire pit can also set the mood for the season.


If you’ve been through a corn maze, you know just how thrilling it is to get lost in nature and finally find your way out. You can build a similar maze in your backyard using bales of hay. While it might not be as challenging as a corn maze, it could still provide your guests with the excitement and triumph of emerging victorious. Just make sure your yard is large enough to hold a labyrinth!

Instead of buying fake haybales, consider supporting a hardworking farmer or other local hay-grower. Make sure to put your order in early, well in advance of the party, to make sure you’ll have the quantity you want, as hay is regularly in high demand. Get other members of your household to help you build the maze, and you’ll have an activity that will keep people talking about your festivities for years to come.


It would be a shame if you let the season slip by without celebrating. Why not round up your closest friends and family, or your entire neighborhood, to take part in the fun autumn festivities with you? Planning something can get you in the right mindset for the holidays, and when all the planning is done, all you have to do is sit back and watch it all come together.

Guest Contributor: Rose Morrison

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