There are many types of trowels available in the market and people have to think about many things before purchasing a trowel. One of these trowels is notched trowels. Some of these things, which people have to consider have been described in this article. It is the best one that you can get for spreading adhesive and setting up any type of construction.


The main task of the notched trowels is to skim, mix, scoop, and spread the stucco on the surface. Besides this, trowels are also used for the installation of

membranes, backer boards, glass, and many more. A proper-notched trowel has to be purchased for the application of stucco on the surfaces. This is the reason why tile and flooring installers use the notched trowels for different sorts of applications.


People need to think about the type of trowels, which they have to use in their house. Trowels are of many types and one of them is notched trowels. Besides this, margin trowel, flat trowel, bucket trowel, trowels having round or pointed corners, etc.

Measurement of the trowels

Notched Trowels are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be small, medium, or large, as they have to be used on wide areas as well as narrow corners. The corners of the trowels are also either round or pointed.

Size of the trowel for tile installation

The size of the notched trowel should be equal or almost equal to the size of the tiles, which are to be installed. Along with size, thickness and surface type should also be considered. The size has to be considered so that the tiles can be properly installed and they properly cover the surface on which they are being installed. There are many trowel manufacturers in India and you can get the best varieties from the online portals also.  

Proper use of the trowel

The trowel and the mortar should have a good chemical bond so that applying the mortar on the surface does not become a problem. The mortar should be applied in a straight line and if needed more mortar can be added.

The mortar will also be distributed evenly if it is applied in one direction only.

Buttering of the surface may also be needed but it depends on the surface or the walls on which the tiles are to be installed.


The number of notched trowels that people have to use depends on the number of tiles and their sizes. It also depends on the preparation for the installation of the tiles.

Cleaning of the trowel

Cleaning the trowel is very easy has it can be with hose sprayer. A clean sponge and hot water can also be used after using the trowel. When mortar or adhesive has the property to become hard on the notched trowels. In such a case, an electric grinder is a good option to clean it. There is the carbon steel material that can work a long way in ensuring you get the best application techniques.

Replacement of the trowel

There are situations when the notched trowels have to be replaced and such a situation occurs when the corners become bent and worn out. If the tools are not cleaned properly, their life will be shortened. There will also be an improved adhesion possible if you have the right tools with you. The polished metallic finishes can go a long way in ensuring that you buy a better variety of items.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things that people have to think before purchasing notched trowels. Shape and size must be checked and trowels should also be cleaned properly so that their life can be increased.

Guest Contributor: Emma Smith

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