Having daily showers is part of most people’s routine. A good shower can do wonders for your mind and body. Cold showers can increase alertness, help with muscle recovery, and even improve our immune system, while hot showers can aid in detoxing your body, repair cells, and ease anxiety. 

The typical shower habits that cause damage to our plumbing are probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you turn the knob to get the water going. Still, the way we get ready every morning can significantly affect our plumbing system. These ordinary shower routines might be beneficial, but they might also affect your plumbing. Here are some of the lousy shower habits that you should avoid. 

  1. Ignoring Small Plumbing Issues

Many plumbing problems come with different warning signs before accurate disaster strikes. It is especially the case in the bathroom, where your shower is likely to give you a fair bit of prior warning if all is not well. The constantly dripping faucets or showers may not seem like a significant problem, but it could be a hint that you need to adjust water pressure before you ruin the plumbing. 

Similarly, hot water not lasting as long as you hoped is not only annoying, but it may also be a sign of a severe problem with your water heater. It’s always better to call a plumber as soon as you notice the minor problems than to ignore and risk them escalating. You can consider installing louvered access doors and panels for you to have easy access to your plumbings during minor check-ups. 


2. Leaving Puddles on the Bathroom Floor

We might often forget to drain up small water puddles in our bathroom, especially if we’re in a rush. Leaving water on the floor of your bathroom is a recipe for disaster. That water could cause mold growth, ruin your base, and can potentially cause much more widespread problems. Investing in a bath mat and cleaning up water spills after a shower will help to prevent severe water damage. 

3. Not Removing Falling Hairs From The Drain

Obstruction in your pipes is one of the most dangerous things for your plumbing system. As time goes by, hair that accumulates in your drain can slow and eventually block the drain completely. Use a drain cover or another hair-catching device like filters, then remove the hair after every shower, so it doesn’t create potential problems in the future. 

4. Not Removing Calcium Deposits 

You might not notice it, but it can leave deposits overtime when hard water dries, blocking the showerhead nozzle and reducing water flow. But you don’t have to worry; this common issue has a straightforward solution! You can add a little white vinegar, and it can easily remove calcium deposits, improving the function and appearance of your shower head in less than minutes. 

5. Staying in the Shower for Too Long

If you enjoy taking long showers, you might want to rethink that habit because it is one of the main reasons your bathroom may be a perfect place for mold growth. The steam that builds up in your bathroom during long showers can result in mold, which is unsuitable for your family’s health. Mold can quickly spread to every edge of your bathroom if good ventilation is not present. Shower curtains and loofahs are also breeding grounds for mold and bacteria and may need regular cleaning if you’ve noticed signs of decay. 

One way to eliminate mold growth is by reducing the temperature and length of your shower. You can also increase ventilation and reduce mold by opening a window or installing an exhaust fan. 


6. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners 

If you’ve noticed a clog in your drain, whether from hair or other debris, using a chemical cleaner is the worst thing you could do for your health and your bathroom. Chemical cleaners may eliminate the clog, but they could leave you with a more severe problem. Not only are chemical cleaners bad for the environment, but they’re also harmful to your plumbing. These harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes, which can cost more than cleaning a simple clog. 

These bathroom habits may be simple, but you sure don’t want to ignore them, for it can open to more severe issues that can cause you a lot more repairs. Always remember to have your plumbings regularly checked by trained professionals. 

Guest Contributor: Chris Jackson

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