Due to the pandemic, many of us have fallen back in love with your backyards, since they were the only escape from the house. But if you take a good look at your beloved outdoor space, does it look secure to you? Is it protected from burglars and other intruders? Does it offer privacy that you crave? If one of these deserves a no as an answer, you need to boost security in your backyard. Luckily, that can be done quickly and effectively with these tips.


First things first, make sure to illuminate your space properly, since burglars don’t like well-lit spaces. The more light you have, the easier you will catch the intruder, and everyone knows that. Get moderate-intensity floodlights with motion sensors to ensure proper security. When the sensors detect motion, they turn on and stay on for a few seconds (you can program your lights how you like it) and shut off unless they continue to detect movements. Aim your sensors at all doors, deck, patio and stairway and place them from 6 to 10 feet above the ground.


Many burglars are only looking for a quick and easy loot from your backyard like ladders, power tools, bikes and such—they are not even interested in getting inside your house. If you often keep these things in your backyard in the open, it’s smart to get a few chains, padlocks and a ground anchor and secure these down. Pay special attention to your ladder, because they can be used to access other floors of the house, so they should always be secured or put away in the garage.


One of the best ways to boost security in your backyard is to get a sturdy fence. Burglars might be scared to jump over and realize they are trapped, so they will stay away from your space thanks to your fence. Make sure to find a fencing supplier with a good reputation and plenty of experience, so you know your fence will be sturdy and installed properly. With this simple move, you will add a ton of security, safety (your kids and pets will always stay safely inside), privacy and noise control to your backyard.


Outdoor cameras are also a great security feature that will give you peace of mind during the night or when your kids are home alone. The best devices have motion sensors that capture any movement in your outdoor space. Also, some cameras can automatically alert authorities if they detect someone in your backyard. And most cameras today have phone apps, so you can monitor your outdoor space wherever you are and know exactly what’s going on there.


Your choice of backyard plants can make or break burglars’ plans, so make sure to be strategic when planting and pruning. If you know how, you can easily keep intruders away with your landscaping. Firstly, tall shrubbery is a perfect cover for sketchy characters, and they can use it to hide behind and watch your home or to pry open a window or door. So make sure all your foundation plants are low so no one can hind behind them.

Additionally, keeping tall trees near your fence or your house can provide a hiding spot and something to climb on, so it’s best to remove these to ensure optimal safety in your backyard. Instead, focus on thorny plants around the fence and under windows (unless you have small kids who could get hurt). If breaking in through the window means going through a cactus patch or a rose bush, many will give up.


Did you know that one of the most effective deterrents for burglars is a guard dog? Big dogs are more successful in keeping intruders away, but even small ones can alert the owner and provide plenty of distraction for the bad guy. If you’re not ready to become a dog parent, buy a “Beware of Dog” sticker and put it on your gate, fence and doors—not many will stick around to check if you actually have a guard dog or not.

None of these ideas above are too big to be performed quickly, easily and with little investment, but the returns in security will be immeasurable. The safety of your family and property are worth every penny you spend!

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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